In a previous video, Ron talks about how 85% of the shoes that DT Footwear carries are seamless and why this is important for people with edema. Edema is a condition where the body retains fluid, causing swelling in various parts of the body, including the feet. In this article, we will explore the significance of seamless shoes for people with edema and other conditions.

Seamless Shoes and Edema

When a person has edema, the more they swell, the more likely they are to experience irritation in areas where there are seams in their shoes. For people with diabetes, neuropathy, or any major form of edema, this irritation can lead to wounds and, in some cases, ulcerations. Seamless shoes are, therefore, crucial for preventing irritation and potential wounds in people with edema.

Additional Features of Seamless Shoes

Apart from being seamless, the shoes offered have other features that make them suitable for people with edema, such as:

  • Leather lining in casual shoes for added comfort
  • Soft material inside athletic shoes that absorb moisture
  • Unisex design, allowing for size flexibility

Availability of Seamless Shoes

Currently, DT Footwear has access to 10 warehouses and a constant inflow of new shoes, ensuring that there is sufficient inventory to meet customer demands. Additionally, the company offers a wide range of sizes for both men and women, including wider widths to accommodate swollen feet.


In conclusion, seamless shoes are essential for people with edema and other conditions that cause swelling in the feet. They prevent irritation and potential wounds that can lead to serious health complications. When shopping for shoes, individuals with edema should consider purchasing seamless shoes with other features such as moisture-absorbent materials and leather lining for added comfort.

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