Monthly Archives: January 2023

How Important Is A Strong Heel Counter?

A strong heel counter is important for providing support and stability to the heel and [...]

Why Do My Feet Hurt When Wearing 4E Shoes?

Updated: 6/15/2024 If you wear 4E width shoes and are dealing with foot pain, more [...]

Top Buying Tips For Buying Shoes To Accommodate AFO Foot Brace

If you wear an ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) or Arizona brace, buying shoes can be a [...]

How Do I Get Rid Of Edema In My Feet

Edema, or swelling in the feet and ankles, can be uncomfortable and even painful, making [...]

How To Measure You Feet For a Perfect Fit

A quick and easy way to make sure you buy the right size shoes is [...]

Do Your Feet Need A Fuller Toe Box?

Some advantages of a fuller toe box include: Increased comfort: A fuller toe box provides [...]

Can you put leather shoes or any footwear in the washing machine?

When it comes to cleaning and upkeep, leather is a delicate material that calls for [...]

Will Proper Width Shoes Correct Bunion Problems?

Wearing wide shoes may ease bunions’ pain. Proper width shoes alone won’t cure a bunion. [...]

Are Narrow Width Shoes Worth It?

Wearing narrow shoes can help your feet and legs line up better, reduce pain and [...]

Which Shoes are Best For Edema

Updated: 3/7/2024 Edema is a common condition that can affect the feet and ankles. It [...]

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