Shank is once a steel shank but now replaced with a plastic shank because of more flexibility and more forgiveness to the arch of the foot. Now, most shoe manufacturers do not use a shank at all, and this is where you get all that flexibility. This flexibility creates “lateral movement,’ and this motion adds up to one to one and 1/2 times more wear and tear on your foot.

Now, we had one more enforced item to our footwear, and that is the 4 ply leather wrap around our counter of our shoe or the heel of our shoe.

So, you walk 3 miles in our shoes. You’ll obtain only three miles of wear and tear to your feet. If you walk in a conventional walking shoes, comfort shoes, or traditional athletic footwear you received approximately 5 to 5 1/2 wear to your feet.

So, us being a therapeutic/orthopedic footwear design footwear we have created added support in our footwear to create no additional wear and tear on your feet.

So, let’s start cutting out the tired, hurting, sore feet after your run is over,  or walk is over, or when the workday is over!

Here a video that gives you an illustration of a shank’s found in some styles in our footwear today:

Now, here is more information that makes our shoes so much more advantages than a standard walking shoe, comfort shoe, dressy shoe, or regular athletic footwear.

Protection and support are what is needed in determining excellent footwear! But 80 percent of individuals that purchase shoes from us have not given us the correct length and width!.

Remember when your bottom of your feet hurt – you need the proper support to offload this pain, and the only way is triple-layer heat  moldable customize inserts to create that needed support!! Yes, we give (FREE) 3 sets of triple -layer heat moldable customize inserts on every one of your purchases of footwear. 

Correct sizing is the most important element in having a successful pair of shoe being comfortable.

Even with all the great elements that dtfootwear shoes have – if your not fitted in the proper width and length your wasting your time

Do you remember a time when you were taught how to measure your feet correctly?  At DTFootwear, we’re here to show you how.  Once you have the correct measurements, DTFootwear will determine your correct width and length, fitting you with a shoe aimed at successfully supporting your foot and treating your ailments.  We boast a 95% satisfaction rate and are proud to say we offer this service at NO COST to you: no obligation, no cost, proper fit, and a high-quality product all at DTFootwear.com.  Visit us today, and let’s get your feet on the road to recovery. 

As we age, our bodies change, and that doesn’t exclude our feet.  I used to wear a size 8 1/2 shoe, and currently, I’m wearing a size 10.  I also used to wear a 30” waist in pants, but now wear a…well, we won’t get into that much detail.  I’m sure you get the point. Just as our waistlines expand, so do our feet.  On average, we find that sixty percent of men and women size their feet incorrectly, both in length and width.

Using only a soft tape measure, DTFootwear teaches you how to measure your feet accurately.  We’ve created two educational videos showing you the proper technique.  This first video explains two more commonly known methods of measuring your feet and then talks about our soft tape measure technique.  We’ll explain why we don’t use Ritz sticks or Brackets. The second video briefly reviews a key point mentioned in the first video.  It’s imperative to watch both videos in their entirety before filling out our sizing form.  Once you’ve completed the sizing form, hit send, and we will carefully review your measurements.  If we feel there are any discrepancies, we’ll reach out to discuss our findings.  Ultimately, we’ll land on an accurate length and width to suit your feet.  Again, it’s important to note that filling out the form and requesting a size and width from us NEVER OBLIGATES you to purchase our product. 

The purpose of DTF Footwear is to create a perfect fit, optimal support, stable balance, and energized feet. We’re on a mission to create happier, healthier feet all over the world!  Let’s kickstart your journey today.

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