He mentions that he is 45 years old and has to go into a shoe store and purchase up to 13 in length to have any chance of fitting his feet because of his width.

Then, asks several stores if they carry any wider than a 6E, and they all look at him as those he is crazy!

We all our surprises, he just purchased two pairs of shoes in a 9E width and called him before placing the order about one item, and he told me this story.

I blew his mind when I told him that we could make these two styles in 10E or 14E, and his comment was, “I Can Not Believe That”!

Tne I told him we have Men’s styles up to 20 in length and women up to 15! WOW!

Remember, we are the only website on earth that will convert a number of our styles into wider width and 7E 9E 10E 14E, and it takes 6 to 8 weeks to reach you.

More about our Special Order program:

Styles that we can convert for Men:


Styles that we can convert, for Ladies, into 7E 9E 10Eand 14E widths.


A video that talks more about this unbelievable Special Order program:

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