In this video, Ron Heinlein, the founder and owner of DT Footwear talks about what to look for a pickleball athletic shoes for men that is going to give your feet the proper support they need when playing pickleball.

Hi, I’m Ron Heinlein and I want to talk about the pickleball shoes on this video. Why is it so hard to find a good pickleball shoe?

  • Most pickleball shoes don’t have fullness in the toe box.
  • Don’t have the depth in the toe box doesn’t give you wiggle room that it’s very important.
  • Doesn’t have a strong mid-section

A strong mid is important as it keeps your foot from sliding in the shoe (bi-lateral movement). A typical athletic or running shoe will typically not have this extra support.

In addition to a strong mid-section, the heel of the shoe should offer extra support to keep the heel of the foot planted in the shoe. At DT Footwear we have pickleball shoes that come with a four-ply counter section to provide optimal support.

Many players end up with black toe or other foot ailments due to wearing too tight of a shoe. DT Footwear provides wide width to ensure your foot is as comfortable when you started to play as when you finish playing.

These are the elements that make a pickleball unique and different than what you normally find in a conventional athletic shoe.

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