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The Orthofeet Granite Work Boots for men are designed to offer a combination of comfort and safety for those who need reliable footwear in their work environment. The boots are constructed with a durable waterproof leather upper and a composite safety toe, ensuring both protection and longevity. One of the standout features of these boots is the Orthofeet signature Ortho-Cushion system, which is engineered to reduce fatigue and alleviate stress on the feet, legs, hips, and lower back. This system is especially beneficial for those who spend long hours on their feet or require a 6E work boot.

Key features of the Orthofeet Granite Work Boots include:

  • Safety and Compliance: They meet the F2413-18 Safety Rating and are equipped with features such as Impact Resistance (M I/75) and Compression Resistance (C/75), ensuring that they adhere to critical safety standards in the workplace.
  • Electric Hazard Resistance: The boots offer resistance to electric hazards (EH), adding an extra layer of safety for those working in environments with electrical risks.
  • Puncture Resistance: A stainless steel midsole is embedded in the outsole for puncture resistance, providing additional protection against sharp objects.
  • Comfort and Support: The boots come with a premium orthotic insole that provides anatomical arch support. The wide toe-box design allows for a more comfortable fit, especially for those with wider feet.
  • Slip Resistance and Ladder Grab: The outsole is slip-resistant, which is crucial for maintaining stability on various surfaces. Additionally, the outsole includes notches for ladder grab, enhancing grip and safety when climbing.
  • Lightweight and Ergonomic Design: The midsole is made of lightweight, cushioning ergonomic EVA, offering support without adding unnecessary weight.

Men's Composite Toe Work Boot | Granite

Men's Composite Toe Work Boot | Granite
The Granite, by Orthofeet, is a men's composite toe work bootwas created with protection built into all aspects of this boot.

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  • Comfortable and supportive: Cushioned midsole, arch booster, and wide toe box provide all-day comfort and support, even on hard surfaces.
  • Accommodates foot conditions: Extra depth and removable insoles allow for orthotics and foot swelling.
  • Durable: Full-grain leather upper and rubber outsole resist wear and tear in demanding work environments.
  • Waterproof: Keeps feet dry in rain, snow, and splashes.
  • Safety features: Composite toe and slip-resistant outsole enhance protection and traction on various surfaces.
  • Stabilization: Firm heel counter and medial/lateral counters improve stability and reduce ankle fatigue.
  • Bulky design: Due to wider and deeper toe box, it may feel heavier.
  • Limited breathability: Leather upper might trap heat and moisture in warmer weather.
  • Break-in period: Leather uppers might require some time to soften up and conform to your foot shape.

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D, 2E, 4E, 6E

Overall, the Orthofeet Granite Work Boots are a solid choice for men seeking a blend of safety, comfort, and durability in their work footwear. The attention to detail in the design, from the safety features to the ergonomic support, makes them a valuable investment for those in demanding work environments.

Overall, the Orthofeet Granite Work Boots are a solid choice for men seeking a blend of safety, comfort, and durability in their wide toe box work footwear. The attention to detail in the design, from the safety features to the ergonomic support, makes them a valuable investment for those in demanding work environments

These boots have been widely praised for their comfort and durability. Many users mention the superior cushioning provided by the rubber sole, making it ideal for those who are on their feet all day. Some customers have even noted that the boots have helped alleviate their foot pain.

I love my Orthofeet Granite work boots! They provide amazing comfort and support for my feet, especially during long workdays. The extra-wide fit feels great, and I can even use my custom orthotic inserts with them. These boots are a game-changer for anyone in need of quality footwear. Highly recommended! ~ Teddie R.

On the other hand, a few customers have reported that the boots can feel a bit heavy, and in some cases, caused their feet to sweat due to the lack of breathability. It’s essential to keep in mind that every individual’s experience may vary, so understanding your own foot needs and preferences is crucial when deciding on a pair of work boots.

Bottom Line

The Orthofeet Men’s Orthopedic Leather Granite Waterproof Work Boots are an excellent choice for those seeking comfort, support, and style in a work boot. While not perfect for everyone, many customers have found relief from foot pain and all-day comfort when wearing these boots.

Ready to give them a try and invest in your feet’s comfort and well-being today?

Orthofeet Men’s Orthopedic Leather Granite Waterproof Work Boots Overview

If you’re searching for a reliable orthopedic work boot, Orthofeet’s Leather Granite Waterproof Work Boots deserve serious consideration. These boots offer a comfortable alternative for those in need of specialized footwear, thanks to a spacious shaft circumference and an ankle-high shaft height.

In terms of material quality, they feature a rubber sole and a leather outer layer that is both durable and waterproof. Despite their relatively heavy weight, these boots have received generally positive reviews for their comfort and support. However, it’s worth noting that some users have reported the boots being too large, so you may want to consider ordering a half size down.

To summarize, the Orthofeet Leather Granite Waterproof Work Boots are a solid choice for people who require specialized footwear for comfort and support in their occupation. Just make sure to carefully consider the size and breathability factors when making your decision.

Ergonomic Sole Technology

Orthofeet Men’s Orthopedic Granite Work Boots are praised for their comfort, especially for those who spend long hours on their feet. The ergonomic sole technology in these boots not only provides extra support for flat feet but also helps alleviate pain associated with restless legs. With a rubber sole material, users can trust in the durability and strong grip when working in various environments.

However, some customers found the boots to be heavier than expected, which might be a drawback for individuals who prefer lightweight boots. Additionally, while many reported a great fit, it’s essential to be aware of the difference between wide (2E), double wide (4E) and extra-extra wide (6E) sizes to ensure proper comfort.

Ankle Support Design

When it comes to the ankle support design of Orthofeet Men’s Orthopedic Leather Granite Waterproof Work Boots, you’ll appreciate the optimal comfort and stability provided. These work boots feature a shaft circumference of approximately 10.13 inches and an ankle-height shaft, which contributes to an improved fit and proper support for your ankles during long hours on your feet.

The rubber sole material enhances grip and traction, ensuring you’re less likely to encounter slips or falls in hazardous working conditions. Additionally, the leather material of these boots provides durability and a stylish, professional appearance.

However, it’s important to note that some users may find the ankle support lacking in flexibility, potentially limiting your mobility in certain situations. Overall, the Orthofeet Men’s Work Boots offer a well-designed option for those seeking comfortable, supportive ankle protection in challenging work environments.

Waterproof Quality

These work boots are designed with a waterproof leather upper to ensure your feet stay dry in wet conditions. You can confidently walk through puddles or work in damp environments without worrying about your feet getting soaked.

Users have shared positive feedback about the waterproof capabilities of these boots, with many highlighting their effectiveness in keeping their feet nice and dry during heavy rainfall or when working in muddy conditions. However, some customers have noted that the waterproofing can wear off over time, especially if not properly maintained.

To prolong the waterproof quality, it’s recommended to clean your boots regularly and apply a waterproof treatment when necessary. By taking these simple steps, you can extend the life of your Orthofeet boots and continue to enjoy their excellent waterproof features. Keep your feet comfortable, dry, and protected with these reliable waterproof work boots.

Safety Rated

Work boots with an F2413-18 Safety Rating, Impact Resistance M I/75, Compression Resistance C/75, and Resistance to Electric Hazard (EH) provide a comprehensive range of benefits to ensure safety and comfort in challenging work environments. These features are essential for professionals who require dependable footwear to protect against various workplace hazards.

The benefits of these safety features include:

  • Enhanced Foot Protection: The F2413-18 Safety Rating ensures that the boots meet strict standards for protecting the feet against a variety of hazards, including falling or rolling objects, sharp objects, and hazardous surfaces.
  • Impact Resistance: Rated M I/75, the boots can withstand an impact level of 75 foot-pounds, protecting the feet from heavy falling objects. This is crucial in environments where workers are at risk from falling tools or materials.
  • Compression Resistance: With a C/75 rating, these boots can endure a compression load of up to 2,500 pounds, safeguarding the feet against injuries caused by heavy rolling objects or equipment.
  • Electrical Hazard Protection: The Resistance to Electric Hazard (EH) feature provides a secondary source of protection against accidental contact with electrically energized objects, reducing the risk of electric shock.
  • Durability and Longevity: These ratings also often correlate with overall durability and quality of the boot, ensuring a longer lifespan and better value for the investment.

Work boots with these safety ratings offer comprehensive protection, making them an ideal choice for individuals working in industrial, construction, and other high-risk environments where foot safety is a paramount concern.

Pros and Cons


  • Orthopedic comfort: Many users have praised the Orthofeet Men’s Orthopedic Leather Granite Waterproof Work Boots for their comfort, especially for those on their feet all day, such as landscapers or workers in physically demanding jobs. The boots also accommodate those with flat feet or those who need extra breathing room.
  • Waterproof: The boots are designed with a waterproof feature, providing additional versatility and making them suitable for a variety of weather conditions.
  • Durable: While some users have mentioned normal wear and tear over time, the boots have generally been regarded as durable, with customers getting extended use out of the product before needing to replace them.
  • Supportive: These boots also provide support for people with restless legs or larger builds, as they have been specifically designed as orthopedic footwear.


  • Weight: Some users have found the boots to be slightly heavier than their liking, potentially making them less suitable for extended wear or extremely active work.
  • Breathability: A few users have reported that the boots do not provide adequate ventilation, which can lead to unpleasant odors after prolonged wear.
  • Sizing inconsistencies: A number of customers mentioned size discrepancies when ordering, with some users experiencing boots that were too large even though they had ordered their usual size. It might be helpful to consider this when purchasing.

Overall, the Orthofeet Men’s Orthopedic Leather Granite Waterproof Work Boots have been well-received for their comfort and stability. However, it’s important to consider the potential drawbacks such as weight, breathability, and sizing when making your choice.

Customer Sentiments

When it comes to the Orthofeet Men’s Orthopedic Leather Granite Waterproof Work Boots, customers have quite a few opinions to share. A majority of the wearers found them to be very comfortable, especially those who are on their feet all day. They appreciate the wide sizing options, giving their feet extra breathing room.

On the other hand, some users found the boots to be slightly heavy, which might not be ideal for those involved in physical labor. A few buyers faced sizing issues but still deemed the boots comfortable enough to wear. Longevity could be a concern, as one purchaser mentioned their boots wearing out after six months.

Lastly, be prepared for the possibility of stinky feet as a few customers reported that these orthopedic boots do not breathe well enough, and this might be a drawback in the presence of coworkers. In short, these boots provide comfort but may have some weight and durability limitations – keep these factors in mind when considering your purchase.


In summary, the Orthofeet Men’s Orthopedic Leather Granite Waterproof Work Boots offer great comfort for those required to be on their feet for long periods, especially for individuals with specific foot conditions. While many users appreciate the wide fit options, some have reported that the boots can feel heavier than expected. It’s important to note that these boots may not be ideal for those who are prone to sweaty feet, as a few customers commented on breathability issues, causing odor concerns.

Despite some reported drawbacks, these work boots seem to be a favorite of those who value foot comfort in their daily work environment. If you prioritize comfort during extended periods of standing and walking, you should consider giving these Orthofeet boots a try. However, if lightweight and breathability are more important factors for you, it’s worth exploring alternative options.

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