Why Foot Width Matters

In this episode of “Feel the Difference,” we discuss the crucial relationship between foot health and footwear. Ron Highlight, the founder and CEO of DT Footwear will address the common misconception about foot widths and foot problems, and how wearing wider shoes can significantly alleviate these issues.

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Let’s start by examining some common foot problems and their connection to foot width. Corns, which typically develop between the toes, indicate that you are squeezing your feet into shoes that lack sufficient toe box space. Calluses on the bottom and sides of the foot are a result of constant pressure and inadequate foot freedom. Bunions, characterized by a calcium buildup near the big toe, are caused by prolonged squeezing of the foot over time.

The Solution: Wider Width Shoes

To address these foot conditions, it is essential to wear shoes that provide the necessary width and support. Conventional shoes often fall short in this regard, while therapeutic orthopedic shoes offer the required depth and toe box space. These shoes have a raised and fuller toe box, providing ample room for the foot. By opting for wider width shoes, individuals can alleviate a range of foot conditions, such as plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, arthritis, gout, diabetes, and neuropathy.

Inserts for Better Foot Support

DT Footwear stands out from other footwear companies by offering one to three sets of inserts that generate circulation and raise the temperature in the foot. These inserts provide crucial support for conditions like planner fasciitis, arthritis, gout, diabetes, and neuropathy. By addressing the root cause and providing necessary support, these inserts offer relief and prevent further progression of foot conditions.

The Impact of Age on Foot Width

Our feet naturally widen as we age, often causing discomfort when wearing narrow shoes. People tend to overlook the fact that feet, like other body parts, change shape and size over time. It is crucial to acknowledge these changes and choose appropriate shoe sizes accordingly. While some may assume that a larger shoe size will suffice, this is not the case. Lengthening the shoe size only increases pressure on the narrow midsection of the shoe, worsening foot discomfort. Opting for wider widths specifically tailored to individual foot measurements is the key to finding a comfortable fit.

Addressing Calluses and Bunions

Calluses can be seen as an early indication that the foot needs protection and is widening naturally. However, without addressing the root cause, calluses will persist. Applying Vaseline to soften calluses can provide temporary relief, but it is essential to offload the pressure by wearing wider shoes. Similarly, bunions develop over time due to constant pressure, and while they cannot be cured completely, using wider shoes and relieving pressure can prevent further growth and alleviate discomfort.

Determining the Right Size and Width

For those purchasing shoes online, it can be challenging to determine the correct size and width. DT Footwear addresses this issue by providing a comprehensive sizing technique. By using a soft tape measure, customers can measure their feet accurately, focusing on key areas that determine width and length. By completing a form on the website, customers can provide additional information, such as swelling or braces, enabling DT Footwear’s experts to recommend precise measurements. With over 50 years of experience, DT Footwear has maintained a 95% satisfaction rate in matching customers with the right size and width.


Wearing wider shoes is crucial for foot health. By opting for therapeutic orthopedic shoes with appropriate width and support, individuals can alleviate common foot problems and prevent further progression of foot conditions. It is essential to acknowledge the changes that occur in foot size and shape as we age and choose appropriate sizes accordingly. Through accurate measuring techniques and expert guidance, finding the right size and width becomes an accessible solution for online shoe shoppers. Remember, prioritizing foot health leads to happier and healthier feet.

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