Athletic shoes for people with edema or swelling are available in sizes up to 9E for men and 7E for women, with inserts included that may require adjustment for optimal fit. Proper sizing is crucial, and the prefab bottom of athletic shoes may limit sizing options, but special orders can be accommodated for specific needs for those needing larger widths like 10E or 14E.


What we’re asking here is we do have athletic shoes that will fit people with edema situations or swelling. Okay, we go up to 9E and our mens, like just and we go up to 7E in our ladies. Jjust remember one thing, and this is good way to introduce us, we have those inserts that I showed you in one of the videos that comes with the shoe inside the shoe. And a lot of times, there’s spacers, one or two spaces going underneath it. Take everything out, because I got people tell me, I got a Brook shoe and a 4E that I swear it fits wider than your 6E that you’ve got. And we carry Brooks, we carry New Balance. And we carry Mr. Comfort, we have all kinds of different lines. We have Orthofeet that we’re very proud of, especially in the pickleball world a great thing, but they have inserts in it that needs to be taken out. And what we’ve done is that we’ve added the insert in there and many times a spacer, and you need to take that out and then put this back in, take the spacers out. Or if you put this back in and it’s a little tight, then take this out and use one of the spacers. The spacers can be used for a month or so or whatever it takes to break in the shoe because the shoe will emulate to your foot. I don’t want it to squeeze your foot, but he have a little snugness or what we call “newness” and allow it to be and adjust it with these things.

Because I’ve got people to put them on. I had one the other day says or I put my 9, 9E, I couldn’t get my foot in it. And I said, “Well, when’s the last time you measured your foot?” And they sent me the measurements? Not even close to a 9E. There were I think what were this one was a 10E or 14E. And it was almost a size and a half off. Because our measurements will, and we go into proper sizing technique. You’ll see all the measurements and everything else from that point.

So, it’s important to understand that the athletic world also runs a little bit narrow because it’s a prefab bottom, it can’t be. A 10E and a 14E always has an EVA bottom. Now you can’t go play pickleball or tennis or basketball in it because of the bottom. But you can walk, you can go to the gym, you can do everything you want to do other than those true athletic type of sports. Our other 9E will run closer to an 8E or maybe a 7E, a full 7E or 8E because it’s a prefab. We don’t have the full extensions. We’re working on that. But it cost a lot of money. I mean more money than you guys want to hear the numbers. And as we grow and grow and grow, we’ll probably do that will. That’s the only thing we are two factors overseas. With many of our shoes and we control it we can do special orders and everything.

So, edema is important in the athletic world. And we can take that shoe and convert it into let’s say you got a shoe that only comes in a 6E. And and you’ll have to will it’s in the 900 series or anything that starts with the 9 can be converted, that’s out of our factories. We can make that into a 10E or 14E. And so we can do a lot of things that make it very important fits the needs of your foot.

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