The Proper Sizing Technique

How to measure your foot size at home.

For step by step instructions on how to get the most accurate foot measurements at home, please watch the instructional video and fill out the form below.
Please fill out the form below and email to our office. If we have any questions our office will get in touch with you.

Step by step instructions in ordering your shoes.
1) Go to the shoe selection and pick your style and color that you would like to purchase
2) then go to our “Proper Sizing Technique” (found on the home page) and learn how to measure your length and width the proper way- VIEW THE VIDEO.
3) fill out the form, below and send it to us. If we have any questions we’ll give you a callback and  this way makes sure we are both at a 100 percent agreement
4) Once we give you the proper size – then go ahead and order the shoes. This 4 procedure helps us reduce returns and helps us determine if the style, you have chosen, is appropriate for your feet.

Sizing Form for DTF


Measure (standing up) for length – heel to the longest toe using a soft measuring tape as shown on chart “L.” Measure by inches. (Hint: have a friend to help you in your measurements)
Measure your width with a soft tape measure (standing up) as shown on chart “W.” Measure in inches.
For more information please watch the instructional video HERE.

Net Foot Length Measurement by inches (L):

Flat Ball Width Measurement by inches (W):

Ball Girth (B): If you have major edema:

Instep Girth (I): if you have major edema:

(H): if you have major edema in your ankles:

Give us your size from your old shoes – that are comfortable:

If you have any questions in choosing the proper footwear for your conditions,
give us a call and ask for Ron. If you get voice mail please leave a name and
phone number and he’ll get right back with you.





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