In this article, we will discuss the importance of proper leather footwear maintenance, focusing on a specific winter boot model, the 9707. While the 9707 is an exceptional leather winter boot, it requires special care to ensure its longevity, especially when exposed to extreme cold or snowy conditions. We will explore the significance of treating leather, the ideal products to use, and the recommended frequency of treatment.

The Delicate Nature of Leather

Leather is a natural material known for its softness and suppleness. However, when subjected to very low temperatures or exposed to excessive dryness, it can become brittle and prone to cracking. This is particularly relevant for the 9707 winter boot, which features numerous leather components instead of synthetic alternatives, offering superior flexibility, breathability, and overall comfort.

The Importance of Regular Treatment

To maintain the quality and condition of the leather on the 9707 boot, it is crucial to apply appropriate treatments. One highly recommended option is mink oil, which acts as a moisturizer and helps prevent cracking. Another viable choice is a neutral or natural leather cream, devoid of oily elements that may dry out the leather. It is crucial to avoid using any liquid-based products, as they can have a detrimental effect on the leather’s longevity.

Frequency of Treatment

To ensure that the leather remains soft and supple, regular treatment is necessary. As a general guideline, it is advisable to treat the leather of the 9707 boot every two weeks or even more frequently, especially in harsh weather conditions. By adhering to a consistent treatment routine, you can protect the leather from becoming brittle and prolong the lifespan of your footwear.

Maintaining Leather in Cold Areas

When using the 9707 boot in cold regions, it is vital to be particularly attentive to leather care. The cold weather exacerbates the risk of cracking, making treatment even more critical. By diligently applying mink oil or a neutral leather polish, you can restore moisture to the leather, preventing it from drying out and cracking over time.

Synthetic vs. Natural Leather

While many boots opt for synthetic materials, the decision to use genuine leather for the 9707 model has proven to be highly beneficial. The natural leather offers enhanced softness and suppleness, making it a preferred choice for those seeking optimal comfort. However, it requires regular treatment to maintain its exceptional qualities.


The 9707 winter boot is an outstanding choice for cold weather conditions, providing unparalleled comfort and flexibility. However, it is essential to remember that leather requires consistent care and maintenance. By using mink oil or a neutral leather polish and avoiding liquid-based products, you can prevent the leather from drying out and cracking. Regular treatment, ideally every two weeks or more frequently, is key to ensuring the longevity and softness of the leather. By following these guidelines, you can enjoy your 9707 boots for years to come, while maintaining their pristine condition and preserving the quality of your footwear investment.


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