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New Balance Shoes

Established in 1906, New Balance began as an arch support company in Boston, Massachusetts. It shifted to running shoes in the 1970s, quickly earning a reputation for comfortable, high-quality footwear that catered to both athletes and non-athletes.

New Balance is founded on the core values of integrity, teamwork, and total customer satisfaction. The company is renowned for its commitment to “Made in the USA” and “Made in the UK” products, which reflects its dedication to excellent craftsmanship and support for local economies.

With innovation as a driving force, New Balance incorporates advanced materials and technology in its footwear, consistently producing shoes that offer superior fit, performance, and comfort. The company provides a variety of sizes and widths, a rare feature in the industry, which shows its commitment to fit every customer perfectly. This inclusivity extends to its business practices, promoting a diverse and inclusive environment.

New Balance shoes also provide numerous health benefits, like good arch support, cushioning, and stability that can help prevent injuries. As a company, New Balance is committed to more than just shoes, it focuses on promoting healthy and active lifestyles, making it a trusted brand worldwide.

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