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Feet Hanging Off The Side of Your Shoes?

feet hanging
Question I got yesterday from a guy whose feet are hanging over his shoes got me thinking. Are your feet hanging over your shoes? Actually, physically hanging over your shoes? Extended bottoms are something that we provide in our footwear and very proud of it. That means that a 9E shoes is on a 10E base. A 4E is on a 5E base and a 5E it’s on a 6E base. There’s no hang .

Charcot Foot Shoe Options

If you got a friend or yourself that has Charcot foot, you definitely need a specific type of shoe. Charcot foot is when the arch of your foot has dropped because of deteriorated all the bones that support the arch. You normally find it on the bottom, or the side, sometimes on the top. But usually, it’s right underneath where the arches is and it just collapse. You need a shoe that has an .

What is a Tongue Pad For Shoes?

tongue pad for shoes
How many of you know what a tongue pad is? Raise your hand. Don’t see too many hands raised. Let’s talk about what a tongue pad is in todays blog. A tongue pad is used when the shoe is too large and you’re not able to lace up the shoes any tighter because the eyelets have come together in the center. To properly tighten the shoe, purchase tongue pads and place them under the .

Steel Toe Boots Vs Reinforced Toe Boots

steel toe boot
Let’s compare steel toe box to a reinforced toe box. What is the difference between the two? A steel toe boot is something that has been availible to for years. As the names says, there is a protective steel plate in the boot that covers the toes. Depending on the work environment, these boots should be OSHA and PDAC approved. In the last five or six years, manufactures started introducing reinforced toe boots where .

Why Diabetics Need Diabetic Shoes?

diabetic shoes walking
Diabetics, do you actually need special footwear? Let’s talk. Diabetes is a disease, it’s the third most damaging disease on this planet. And the number of people with diabetes is growing and growing and growing. Because of weight, because of different situations. I’m a borderline diabetic, haven’t got that, trying to lose my weight, and everything. Diabetic footwear should be unique, it should be a little different. And that is it should have variations .