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Wide Shoes for Men ( and Ladies). Why we are gowning to the top of the leaderboard for having one the best width selection in the shoe business. All found at dtfootwear.com

Does your shoe line offer these all these widths?

Does your line of footwear offer 4 A (Slender widths for Ladies) 2 A (Narrow width for Ladies) B ( Narrow width for Men) B (Medium width for Ladies)

Then 2 E , 3 E, 4 E, 5 E, 6 E, 7 E, 9 E (for Wide Shoes for Men and Ladies styling) , 10 E (for Men and Ladies styling) and 14 E widths (for Extra Extra  Wide Widths for ladies and Men’s styling)

Your current shoe line offers up to size 20 in length for Men?

5 to 6 length and in extra wide widths for men offered in your current line?

Does your current shoe line offer widths for the major edema problems for the ones that need it? Yes, Wide Shoes for Men and Ladies


Why are wide shoes so important? For Men and Women


Now, we at dtfootwear.com goes way past those wide widths ( for men and ladies) and I’ll let the video explain this in more detail



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