When I state “therapeutic or orthopedic” construction everybody has the concept of “UGLY – GROSS- HIDEOUS”​

When I state “therapeutic or orthopedic” construction everybody has the concept of “UGLY – GROSS- HIDEOUS”​ in APPEARANCES

My sister-in-law made a statement before her, and my wife left for Spain.

“I watch your Facebook posts, and I love a number of your new styles that you been posting.”

Thank you, for the nice compliments, and then it made me realize that a “photo” has a deeper impression than words.

So, for the time being, I’m going to post the same verbiage and then add new styles in a few future posts on Facebook.

Few styles of Men and Women that are all Therapeutic/Orthopedic.

Therapeutic/Orthopedic get a wrong rape about not been a stylist in appearance.

Interesting point, If you need to know what is the difference of a Therapeutic/Orthopedic footwear compared to a Conventional Comfort or Athletic styling – then a take 3 minutes and view this video will open your eyes.


Why the need for diabetic footwear?

View these two videos that will explain the reasons for the demand for proper footwear to diabetic and the lack of having correct inserts in your shoes as well.




One thing this video left out and that you have to have a shoe that has no inter seams (if your diabetic) and all our footwear, related to diabetic usage, has no seams.

What is seamless? If you have a shoe that has several inter seams and being a diabetic – your more receptive to obtain sores or wounds, and in turn, these wounds can turn into ulcerations. A seamless shoe helps these sores, wounds in not occurring.

Here ia a few of our UGLY shoes for Men and Ladies:





DIABETIC SHOES that are Orthopedic/Therapeutic lasted and molded construction

In this video, I will explain some of the reasons why our shoes are great for Diabetics.

First of all, our selection of sizes is one of the best on the market today. People who are looking for an extra-wide width or length will find that we will have the size you might need.

We carry up to 14E for widths, and lengths vary from extra small to extra-long, which most companies don’t carry.

Then, our craftsmanship is excellent, and you will find our shoes have leather linings, no seams inside the shoes, full toe boxes, deeper heel counters, stronger midsections as well as great adjustability over the instep.

On top of all this, we provide three sets of the best Triple-Layer Heat Moldable Customized inserts that we provide to you for FREE. 

Let me show you a few of our Diabetic styles that are “UGLY”




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