Why we are so enthusiastic about the “LAMBSKIN” uppers in our new styles that we have for Men and Women

Why we are so enthusiastic about the “LAMBSKIN” uppers in our new styles that we have for Men and Women


Here’s a view style to view:

Men’s LAMBSKIN styles,(just a few):

MEN’S  P4046 REG $124.99  INTRO PROMO PRICE 87.99

P4044   REG 130.00  INTRO PROMO PRICE $91.99

P4045  REG PRICE $130.00  INTRO PROMO PRICE $91.99







P3177   REG PRICE:  $118.95  INTRO PROMO PRICE $83.95



P3178  REG PRICE: $118.95 NOW INTRO PROMO PRICE $83.95




Let me give you a story:

Just ship a pair of Men and Ladies styles to one of our customers in Oregon, and they just send a reply back stating:

The softest upper that I have ever had on my feet and style are great and fit-out of this world.

Then the included with a statement:

“This upper got to be as soft as a baby’s bottom”     I guess that’s one way of putting it!

Let me give you several reasons: why this upper is so unique

  • LAMBSKIN uppers are the softest leather ever build for footwear
  • This upper as fuller pores that allow more breathability through the upper to your feet
  • The softer the upper, the more it conforms to every need of your foot
  • Great for bunions, hammertoes, corn, calluses, sores,  swelling and more
  • Very lightweight upper so a very lightweight shoe
  • The styles are all Orthopedic – Therapeutic – Advance comfort system constructed lasted uppers

  • You only find LAMBSKIN uppers in slippers or styles related to UGGS

  • Strongest midsection and heel counter support in the shoe business
  • Men you can put a since shining to these uppers- on all the smooth lambskin, not the nubuck lamb
  • These LAMBSKIN uppers are double reinforced, so you get the softness but also the durability as well

  • We have great sizes and widths: Men 7 to 13 M, W, XW  Ladies: 5 to 11 M, W, XW
  •  A Euro styling that creates a better toe base and more wiggle room for your feet.
  •  They look GREAT!


In Conclusion,




We are offering these styles and more to our new 30/40 DISCOUNT CLUB, and these LAMBSKIN uppers will be in this grouping for a limited time.

We want to introduce an unbelievable upper for you through incredible pricing as well.

The future of LAMBSKIN for us is hat will be added this upper to many more of your Ladies and Men’s styles

Thank you,

Ron Heinlein | President/Founder | 909-215-1622 | heinleinron@yahoo.com

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