Why Free advice and in helping with problem feet?


Why Free advice and in helping with problem feet?

Well with the Medical Co ( DTF Co) going very strong and the 18 years (owning the company) we have work with over 300,000 patients, and I have learned how much the need for our service is required in this field and how necessary this procedure is in passing onto the internet world.

With our Medical Co we give out a great deal of advice and direction and never charge a dime, and this same philosophy will continue on the website at wwww.drtfootwear.com. Like I said before – I have two more years, and I retire, and this website will be my hobby during my retirement years. What a way to retire by helping a ton of people all over the world

Because of the great success of our website – my Tweeter following is now over 1/4 million – my LinkedIn followers is over 14,000 and Facebook business keeps growing every day

Been ask, why educational videos?

When I started my medical company, DTF Co, 18 years ago, we handle footwear for diabetics that are covered by Medicare, I wanted to help as many people that are possible and a lot of my individuals are not covered by Medicare. I have learned to help them as well with advice and direction – and this is how these educational videos came about. I want to help the world to have Healthy Happy Feet at all times, and these videos have helped a significant number of people. You don’t have to purchase a thing from us to have us try to help you!

Do you know we have 192 videos and all educational videos that will help you answer some of your questions when dealing with foot problems?


Do you know any website, dealing with footwear, that has this many videos and all being “EDUCATIONAL”? Maybe that is one reason, of many, that makes us keep growing every day on the internet?

Do your shoes give you the maximum support that is needed to help you through your busy day?

If the above paragraph is true-maybe its time for a change of footwear? If your eyeglasses don’t work any longer- don’t you look for a change? If your body changes- do you look for different clothing? Why not your shoes!
Please view this video to understand the need for more advances footwear for your feet:


We’ve been told that we only sell footwear sizes that you can’t find anywhere else? We sell only to people that have difficult sizes to find or people that have foot problems? This has a significant truth but – NO – 85 percent of our business is people looking for that complete comfort package, and that is shoes and inserts. Many runners/ walkers are not finding the proper comfort and support. Many construction workers, teachers, nurses need more added help. People that’s on their feet all day long, individuals that are having tired feet all the time, people that want Healthy Happy Feet and there are a great deal more reasons to purchase our footwear and remember the 1 to 3 set of Heat Moldable Customized Inserts are FREE with every purchase of shoes. Unheard of in the internet world!

If there is only one thing, you remember from this article and so be: If your feet hurt on the top – you have an ill-fitting shoe. If your feet are uncomfortable on the bottom (plantar), then you have no support in the shoe that your wearing – you need that corrective insert to offload (take away) those problems.

What makes our website:www.dtfootwear.com different than most footwear lines found on the internet?

All of you know about are unbelievable footwear, and that is style, widths, lengths, FREE inserts (value up to $240.00) and then add our most crucial element to success “IS OUR SERVICE.”

We now offer a shoe selection and service to all DPM offices coast to coast. This page will tell you more about this service and some of the reason why you might need us:


NO startup fee, NO inventory, FREE samples – to let your patients know you have this program (6 to 8 styles). FREE shipping to your office, 183 styles


There is FREE training for your personal, 24-HOUR service for question or needs. FREE advice on helping fit the patient, a MEASURING system (by inches) that will guarantee 95 % success rate


Will INCREASE your diabetic patient count, effortless RETURN or exchange program, all styles SEDMAC approved by Medicare. Will help in all the PAPERWORK and help create a prescription to the primary doctor to sign. This procedure will INTRODUCE you to new primary doctors in town- if needed. SPLIT sizes offered, CHARCOT footwear provided, HEALING shoes offered and additional significant advantages of having this program in your office.

Not too many, if any websites on the internet, carry the selection of widths that we offer Men and Women! That is 4A (8 styles of Slender for Women) 2A (43 styles and this is Narrow for Women), B (Narrow width for Men-8 styles to choose. B is also a Medium Width for Women). Then D, 2E, 3E, 4E, 5E, 6E, 7E, 9E, 10E and 14E widths for Men and Women.

YOU DON’T HAVE TO PURCHASE FROM US to receive a response from us. We know if we try to help all – it will always work to our benefit.

We still own a Medical company, that is doing the same thing that our website offers, and 15 years we have now seen over 300,000 individuals and 98 percent of them have loved our product and our service.

Give us a try you won’t be disappointed, and you’ll love our products ( shoes and inserts), and you’ll LOVE our service GUARANTEE!


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