Who Needs Slip Resistant Footwear in Widths? Yes, for Men and Lady’s styles! 20 Reasons Why We are So Unique! Number will surprise you!

  1. What are Slip Resistances Orthopedic/Therapeutic Shoes?

Athletic, Casual, Boots with a strong midsection and heel counter support.

Which means no bilateral movement.

 Then, add toe box and instep room.

Added Wiggle room all around!

Then the bottom is slip-resistant.

2. Where to buy these shoes? at www.dtfootwear.com

3. Where Can I find Slip-Resistant Orthopedic/Therapeutic shoes? 

http://www.dtfootwear.com 42 styles for men and ladies

4. Cost of Slip – Resistant Orthopedic/Therapeutic footwear?

 $95.00 to $150.00 is the norm, depending on the widths and lengths

5. Who needs Slip Reistants Orthopedic/Therapeutic shoes? 

Anybody that requires support and comfort all day long and your job need it.

6. Plantar fasciitis and Slip-resistant Orthopedic/ Therapeutic Shoes? 

The need for wiggle room in the shoe is of significant importance.

This is having a great foundation or support for the bottom of your feet.

An example is our Free sets of Triple-Layer Heat Moldable Customize Inserts for your significant support or offloads that plantar fasciitis problem.

7. Why wear Slip-resistant Orthopedic/Therapeutic shoes? 

If you want to cut that added wear and tear to your feet, bilateral movement.

Do you want and need that maximum support and balance in your footwear? 

Then it’s time for Slip Resistances Orthopedic/Therapeutic shoes.

8. Will Slip Resistances Orthopedic/Therapeutic shoes relieve back pain?

Yes, it will take that additional mileage you put on your feet while wearing conventional comfort or athletic footwear. 

But it takes these unbelievable Triple-layer Heat Customize inserts to offload the pain to the knees, hips, and back.

9. Can Slip-resistances Orthopedic/Therapeutic correct bunions? 

They will never get rid of your bunion but will help offload and not make your bunion grow.

Then add those excellent Triple-layer Heat Moldable Customize Inserts that will help offload the needs from those bunions.

10. Are Slip – resistances Orthopedic/Therapeutic shoes worth it? 

Yes, significantly if your feet hurt or you have no pain yet and want to prevent pain, and time for help is near. We have the cure!

11. Do Slip – resistances Orthopedic/Therapeutic shoes have a fuller toe box? 

Yes, and this added wiggle room creates that need for success and comfort to your feet.

12. Slip – resistances Orthopedic/Therapeutic has a firmer midsection, and is this true.? 

Yes, many of our slip-resistant bottoms have a reinforced shank or midsection support.

Which is where you run or walk 5 miles; you only put 5 miles of wear and tear to your feet. 

In conventional comfort or athletic footwear.

You go 5 1/2 miles; you put an equivalent of 7 1/2 to 8 miles of wear and tear to your feet.

13. Are there wider widths available in the Slip-resistant Orthopedic/Therapeutic styling? 

In most Slip-Resistant Orthopedic shoes, you find 4E or maybe width as the widest.

 Right with some of our styles, but a number comes in 6E.

14. Can a Slip-Resistant Orthopedic shoe be Therapeutic as well? 

Yes, all our styles are Orthopedic that deals with the last and construction of the shoes. 

Therapeutic that deals with the upper of the shoe. 

Advanced Comfort System that deals with the sole and inter support to the shoe.

 Then add our Fashionable Designer styling, and what a combination of success!

15. Does Slip-Resistant Orthopedic/Therapeutic styling have strong heel counter support? 

Yes, we need that 4 ply heel rape to create the most substantial heel support in the business.

Not allow that bilateral movement. 

16. Slip-resistance Orthopedic/Therapeutic design great for Diabetics? 


No seams to the interlining. 

Fuller spacing in the shoe to not create irritation to the foot.

 No, added bilateral movent to the foot – that means minor wear and tear to the foot.

17. Does Slip-resistance Orthopedic / Therapeutic have the support?.

 The most supportive footwear on this planet

18. Is there significant differences between Normal Slip-resistance shoe?

Conventional Slip-Resistances Athletic footwear to an Athletic Orthopedic/ Therapeutic style? 

Let this video let or show you the differences- it will make you think?  

(4) Therapeutic vs. Comfort Shoe – YouTube

Therapeutic vs. Comfort Shoe

Therapeutic vs. Comfort Shoe

19 . Can slip-resistant bottoms come in Athletic Orhtpedic/ Therapeutic lasting styling? 

Yes, go to Women’s or Men’s groups and look for the slip-resistant bottoms, and there they are all!

20. Do Slip- resistance Orthopedic/Therapeutic shoes have to look UGLY? 

NOPE, not us!

Look at Ladies styles:

Women’s Slip Resistance Bottoms Archives – DTF – Designer Therapeutic Footwear (dtfootwear.com)

Men’s styling:

Men’s Slip Resistance Bottoms Archives – DTF – Designer Therapeutic Footwear (dtfootwear.com)

I hope that some of these questions and answers help you understand what type of footwear we offer the world!

Thank you,

Ron Heinlein | President/Founder | Cell # 909-215-1622 


            Designer Therapeutic Footwear Co.

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