What’s at the Sole of Footwear Ergonomics?

What’s at the Sole of Footwear Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the study of improving human interactions with the environment, particularly our physical relationships with products, equipment, and systems.

The goal: optimum performance, comfort, and health. This fascinating science draws upon engineering and psychology to improve our lives at work and at home.

Ergonomics has also improved the way we wear shoes. Research has found
that ill-fitting or worn-out footwear put more stress on the feet, taxing and stressing the entire body. This can cause injury, related physical problems, and even psychological stress.

Another fact of life that ergonomics addresses: as we grow older, our foot size changes, with our feet commonly becoming longer and wider with time and wear. As well, the fat pads on our heels and on the balls of our feet dry up and decrease in size as we age. Therefore, as we get older, ergonomically designed footwear becomes increasingly important for our wellbeing.    Ergonomic soles,

  Ergonomic soles, like DTF’s lightweight, cushioning soles with Ergonomic-Stride design, soften the impact of our step, alleviate stress on our joints and help facilitate foot motion – without compromising comfort.

Here are four ways that ergonomically designed footwear enhances comfort and mobility:

  1. Returns your feet to its proper and better functioning condition. This includes excellent support for flat feet, which is a common problem. Age and wear make our feet flatter, which causes pain, injury, and walking issues. An ergonomically designed shoe, which includes anatomical arch support, will keep your feet in the proper position and shape to be fully functional and pain-free.
  2. Absorbs shock. Ergonomic soles help reduce pressure on the heel and avoid shocks on the entire body, helping alleviate long-term foot, back, and knee pain.
  3. Relieves fatigue. The material in the ergonomic sole provides greater support and prevents the feet from tiring out, which will also keep you from tiring out. This system also increases blood circulation and reduces muscle strain. Overall, it replaces the energy you may have lost with an old or poor quality shoe.
  4. Resists mold, fungus, bacteria, and odor. High-quality fabric lining with anti-bacterial materials helps wick away perspiration and eliminate foot odor.

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