What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Edema Footwear

Wikipedia has great general knowledge, but we at www.dtfootwear.com have all the advanced knowledge and length s and widths to back it up.

Dealing with all our styles, for Men and Women’s, adds a ton of new advantages to our packages.

Let’s start with one of our specialized categories for Men’s and Women’s footwear.

Edema Footwear:

There is wider edema footwear than a 6E width.
Yes, we have widths in the 9E 10E 14E for all ladies and Men that need these widths.
We have several styles in these three widths, 9E, 10E 14E, and we can make any of our 7E 9E widths into a 10E 14E width.
Found in our Special Order program.
One of the few that will do this type of program over the internet! We offer up to 3 sets of our World Famous Heat Moldable Customized Inserts in all our widths for men and ladies.
The only website in the world that offers just an offer to their customers.
Three sets of these inserts is a $240.00 value or gift to all our customers.
We have one style that has been considered the number one style for Edema, Afo braces, Bunion, and Hammertoes in the world.
Then there is having one of the most substantial midsection and heel support in the shoe world.
No Bi-Lateral movement means no added wear and tear to your foot.
On all are 9E 10E 14E, dealing with the EVA bottom, have the true extended bottom!
So, if you have a 10E bottom, it has lasted on and 11E bottom.
We offer Therapeutic/Orthopedic lasted, domestic lasting; that added comfort system makes us unique over most of our competition.
One of the fullest toe-box and heel depth in the shoe world.
Yes, we got 5 5 1/2, 6 in mens’ lengths.
Then add up to 20 in men’s lengths. WOW!
Ladies’ length, 4 to 6.
Then we have up to 15 in ladies’ lengths as well!
I can go on and on, but if you want all the reasons for our tremendous success, go to www.dtfootwear.com and learn and see for yourself.

We do a great deal of business in regular widths and lengths because most of our people are looking for the maximum comfort possible for their everyday activities.

I hope you take a look at our 1245 different styles for Men and Ladies.

You will not be disappointed with our selection and our services.

Any questions give us a call or an email and will be right there to help!


Thank you,

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