Victor Garber’s role in a lifetime was dealing with diabetes/


Victor Garber’s role in a lifetime was dealing with diabetes/

Victor Garber’s role in a lifetime was dealing with diabetes … whether on Broadway, the Silver Screen, or television.

You have probably seen actor Victor Garber in one role or another.

He played Jesus in “Godspell.” In “Sleepless in Seattle,” Garber appeared in a hilarious, movie-stealing scene with Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

Garber was seen every week on the hit television series “Alias.” And, he was the Titanic’s designer in the highest-grossing movie ever of the same name.

A professional actor since the age of 10, Garber, now 60, is no stranger to juggling the demands of busy schedules and responsibilities.

His biggest “role,” however, came at the age of 12 when he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

Living the part of a person with Type 1 often required him to do the seemingly impossible; balance his hectic daily acting schedule with the rigorous challenges of injecting insulin and managing blood glucose with limited technology.

Back in those days, Garber had to test his urine four times a day in addition to taking insulin shots.

But even with diabetes, he always kept focused on his career.

A great actor and person, who had the pressures of success on the stage and the screen, also had to learn how to handle survival at a very young age.

Medical science has come a long way since those early years.

Thank you, Mr. Garber, for your story, and I hope his story inspires others to keep in mind that your drive and inner strength is what will propel you toward success.

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