Just received this email this morning: WE DO TRY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCES!!

All found at www.dtfootwear.com

Hi Ron


I am not only impressed but touched by the fact that you have the character in you to devote time to your customer who is generally a patient like me, go through their issues n then suggest a shoe to the best of your ability.

Without further ado, I will proceed with buying the recommended shoe, to begin with.

I am sure you will keep in mind to provide three free inserts that are suited to my need; flat or collapsed arches, plantar fasciitis meaning pain in the arch region, metatarsal and heel

I wish to confirm I never run or jog ( I have a total knee replacement in my right knee)

I also note to walk slow n avoid fast walking

As regards the life of the shoe, your video does make sense. However, my noting regarding Dr. Zen shoe was that the rubber used on the sole was inferior in quality. For example, the soles of Nike or Adidas are strong and does not wear out quickly n have a minimum lifespan

Finally, I note you want me to go for a 10 size and 10 E width.
Please Ensure insoles supplied match with above sizes and width.

Now I will try to go online and buy this shoe. How do I assure myself that you will notice the order and take care of insoles, delivery address etc

Kind regards

Pandu Kumble

Here’s my reply back:

We are a Therapeutic/Orthotic line and means quality and workmanship and we will wear better than a Dr. Zin. When you wear the same shoe every day you cut the life of the shoe in half so remember that. Your inserts are sized for your shoe. We don’t “Mickey Mouse” our products or service.

Ron Heinlein


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