Our New DIVISON and WE are Very Proud of it!!

If you a Podiatrist and own an office and never used the program of Diabetic Footwear for Billing Medicare then you might need us?

The reasons why not all DPM offices distributed footwear to their Diabetic patients:

Our office does not want to be involved with shoe and has no idea how to fit, how to explain

Then, how to offload problems, how to resolve an issue, how to determine the proper footwear construction for that individual patient’s needs.

Well,  we do all this for your office and help you develop the appropriate paperwork

To create the correct professional relationship with Medicare.

We have the experience of 18 years of providing footwear to patients from coast to coast!

Seeing tons of smiles cries, God bless you, you are our hero and many more great gestures.

The same gestures you’ll receive from your patients in your office.

Then billed Medicare and learn all their technical procedure when dealing with footwear and inserts.

We have 295 styles for your patients to pick and they will see the retail price and understand what you are offering them on a financial concept.

Here’s a letter we have sent to all our new  DPM offices.

We know if we can convince the Office Manager that we can make their job very easy we have conquered the major obstacle:

Attention Office Manager

Tap into a source of recurrence revenue by offering your patients quality footwear dealing with the billing of Medicare

  •  Top Quality Medicare Approved Footwear that is both therapeutic and stylish, and all at wholesale price or less.
  • View what we have to offer (292 styles).
  • The three videos tell you who I am and what are DTF Co responsibilities and your responsibility in making this program successful:


    • We provide easy to follow coordinates for accurate measurement for a perfect fit
    • We handle the fulfillment of shoe orders where there is no inventory for your office
    • Free shipping to your office and this will add additional revenue to your office
    •  We provide all the decisions of sizes and well determine if you have chosen the proper footwear needed for each one of your patients.
    • (especially if they have any ADDITIONAL FOOT CONDITIONS)
    •  If you are providing footwear to your patients, that is great
    • But,  does your supplier have 9E, 10E, 14E, or 4A, 2A, and B widths to offer to your patients?
    • Does your provider have a service in helping you in determining your width and length that is needed?
    • If you have significant foot conditioning, in front of you, can you communicate to the supplier for advice?

Please share this with your doctors I believe will be excited to learn more about this opportunity

Ron Heinlein | President/Founder | Cell # 909- 215 1622 / heinleinron@yahoo.com

A view of a  few photos of the styles of our Diabetic Footwear that is billable to Medicare




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