We are the only ones on the internet that will convert stocked shoes into widths that you need.

We are the only website on the internet, yes the only one on the worldwide internet that will convert stocked shoes into widths that you need!

Into widths that we usually do not find on the internet. 7E 9E 10E and 14E widths for Men and Ladies

For example, you need a 9E for men or ladies, and the style you love only comes in a 5E or 6E, and we can make that shoe in your required width.

Through our Special Order Program– found on our homepage, at ww.dtfootwear.com, on the top dealing with the main menu

Men if you need a wider width than a 6E we have it for you and all our styles found in the Men’s 9E section can be converted into a 9E 10E and 14e width


We have plenty of styles for Men and Women that can convert into additional sizes.

Ladies, if you need a wider width than a 5E and we can convert these styles for you into a 7E 10E or 14E width:


Here’s an email we send to a potential new customer about our special order program:

Great News.

We don’t stock a 9e in an athletic high-top upper.

Yes, we can covert a high – top athletic footwear that carries in a 6E to 9E, and that is a Special Order:

Two styles that can convert for you:

552-1 MEN’S THERAPEUTIC HI TOP OXFORD ATHLETIC FOOTWEAR and Supra (double) depth – DTF – Designer Therapeutic Footwear (dtfootwear.com)

551-1 Men’s Triple Velcro Athletic HI TOP and Supra (double) depth – DTF – Designer Therapeutic Footwear (dtfootwear.com)

We can make the tie or velcro high-top in solid White and in a 9E upper with an EVA bottom.

There’s an additional $95.00 cost for this procedure and takes 6 to 8 weeks to get to you. 

Made in one of our two factories, that we own, overseas!

 Interested – now to order:

1) Place an order 9702 L in the length that you need and 9E width – this gives us the proper pricing for the 9E width and places it on the cart

2 Go to Special Order, on the main menu.

Push the click bottom to order, and that will add to your cart as well $95.00

3) When it asks, on the information formate, if you are using the same address as your credit information.

That is true – then a note section will pop open – fill this section the following information for us:  

Special Order and style 552-1 or 551-1 Solid White then the length and 9E

When your order is complete and once it has gone through successful – you’ll see an order number and the total amount

Thank you,

Ron Heinlein | President/Founder | Cell # 909-215-1622 


            Designer Therapeutic Footwear Co.

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