How to Treat Flat Feet and Over Pronation



As Dtfootwear strives to share information with you about foot ailments, we’ve more than once raised the point that your feet support your entire body. When it comes to your feet, nothing should be taken lightly or for granted.

A very common biomechanical phenomenon is Flat Feet, or Over-Pronation, which occurs during standing or walking, when a person’s arch collapses upon weight bearing.


There are many conditions that can cause flat feet and over-pronation. Common foot deformities and flexible muscle structure are the most frequent causes. The structure of the foot begins to collapse, causing the foot to flatten and adding stress to other parts of the foot.

Other conditions including obesity, pregnancy or repetitive pounding on a hard surface, can weaken the arch and lead to over-pronation.


Often people with flat feet do not experience discomfort immediately, and some never suffer from any discomfort at all. However, when symptoms develop and become painful, walking becomes awkward and causes increased strain on the feet and calves. Over-pronation often leads to plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, metatarsalgia, tendonitis and/or bunions. In some cases over-pronation can affect your knees, hips and even lower back because when the foot pronates (flattens) it causes the leg to internally rotate, resulting in improper posture of the entire leg and back.


Over-Pronation can be treated conservatively with orthotic insoles that are designed with appropriate arch support to prevent the over-pronation. Stability shoes that feature a firm heel counter and wide soles help reduce over-pronation, as well.


  • Rest
  • Strengthen your foot muscles through toe curls, heel raises, and other exercises to improve foot support, stability and shock absorption.
  • Do not walk barefoot – Always wear proper fitting and supportive shoes
  • Avoid running or other high-impact sports

If you still experience foot pain, and your quality of life is affected by over-pronation you should seek the help of a podiatrist.

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