Ron Heinlein

Ron Heinlein

CEO of that offers the best footwear – 4A to14E widths for Men’s and Women’s styles, 185 new styles added

Dear Ron,

This is Dr.Ahmad (Business Development & Operation Manager, Medical Care Alliance Co.). We are a private service provider for Foot care, Prosthetics & Orthotics (including customized medical insoles) and consider the biggest in this field in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, we have a sales and marketing team whom are targeting physiotherapy & Rehab. Centers, Orthopedic & Diabetologists/podiatrists to refer indicated patients to our center. Currently, we are looking for sport footwear with removable insoles and orthotic friendly as many customers always asking about the best orthotic friendly & medical footwear & sporty models.

So, I think we need your support to collaborate with you in Saudi Arabia market & to be your authorized marketing representative in this market.

Looking to hear from you soon.


Ahmad Saleh

Business Development & Operation Manager

Medical Care Alliance Co.

Mobile: 00966508838836

Ron Heinlein sent the following messages at 3:02 AM

We can provide footwear from the five best orthotic/therapeutic footwear in the USA. However, we are a middleman, and our shoes would offer to you at or below cost, and the duty should be Free (determining with your country ruling- because these are Medical needs for your patients). We have free shipping in the USA but not in foreign countries, and the cost is approx $48.00 per single pair, and the price will reduce when qualities are involved. Here is our selection of Orthotic footwear and all our styles ( found on our website) is considered extra depth footwear

We have a significant advantage over direct from the factory because we will help you with each patient and that is sizing and help to determine the proper footwear for each one of your patients. Easy return or exchange policy and guarantee a 95 percent fitting success ( if you follow our sizing technique and fill out the form and send it to us)

With five resources we give the best selection of styles, sizing 4A 2A B (Narrow for Men) B Medium for Ladies D 2e 3e 4e 5e 6e 7e 9e 10e 14e for men and women. Split sizes, charoct footwear. Healing shoes, modification if needed ( added cost factor) rocker bottoms, extended bottoms for oversize widths. Undersized 5 to 6 (selected styling)in men’s styles and 4 1/2 to 5 in women’s styling. Oversizes: up to size 20 in men’s (selected styling) and up to a 15 in women’s (selected styling). With all these services there is a service charge on each pair of shoes ( in the states, with our DPM’s offices we charge $30.00, but that number is flexible if numbers presented. All purchase or transaction will be done through the website and purchased through a credit card system. We can provide samples ( at no charge but shipping is handled on your end)

If this sounds possible, then let’s talk.

Ron Heinlein

President/Owner of personal email address

909 215 1622 personal cell

Another reply to Dr Ahmand:

7:24 AM

Dr. Ahmand,

If you work with a shipping agent and that is one on the east coast, and one on the west coast and numbers are there – you will obtain no shipping cost from us and should have no duty charges and obtain the best shipping charges found anywhere from the USA to your country.

On the most popular styles, you can receive an inventory, and this will help reduce cost and availability time.

Also, a significant factor with our services if you need appropriate training for any individual we have some training videos to create that perfect fit and video chat ( or others ) if there is a need for a one on one approach.

When there is a problem- we have all our DPM offices – text photos of the individual foot conditions and 98 percent of the time we resolve the issue and many times before the shoe ordered.

We have the best AFO footwear in the world ( especially with the extended bottoms) No one has a better Edema footwear in the world guarantee – eg 728E.

We go the extra step or mile to make sure your program is successful and when you provide footwear to a facility, our service can go with them to help them work out needs or problems. We have been used as the resolving depart for almost all our DPM office in the states, and the offices love it because the issues are being solved by experts who have been doing this for over 40 years.

When there is edema, drop arch, AFO, Arizona brace, significant bunions, claw or hammertoes, fused toes or ankles. We would like to know and direct your staff or the facilities staff to the correct style and size to put this individual into,. Again, an essential fact and that is this could be a personal person that your team is working with or a facility needing help in determining what style and size to choose.

So again our service is mobile, and we can be your resolving station. A great tool when selling your product to a new facility!

Hope to hear from you,

Ron Heinlein


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