The story about what the “HAPPY TRIAL” lady fought for many years: Dale Evans





Dale Evans and she battle with Diabetes.


As a boy, I remember watching the television program of Dale and Roy.

I remember signing Happy Trails around d the house and loving the harmony that they developed in their music.

Yes, I’m that old, and I’m a diabetic that wears the shoes that I believe in 100 percent.

“Shoes for Diabetic” and “Shoes Diabetic.” and I not going blogging for this company and but not wear their products and I’m a very happy customer.

Lucille Wood Smith born Oct 31.1912 in Texas, Her name was changed to Frances Octavia Smith.

Then in 1930, she changes her name to Dale Evans to promote her singing career and landed a job at a local radio station in Memphis Tennessee singing and playing the piano.

This led to a one-year contract with 20 Century Fox Studios where she gained a lot of exposure and opportunities one of which was a contract with Republic Studios.

Dale was featured in “The Cowboy and The Senorita, a western film in 1944 where she starred opposite Roy Rogers.

This would be the first of 28 films that the two would make together.

They would also develop their own production company in 1950 where they would produce their television series “The Roy Rogers Show”.

Dale Evans and Roy Rogers were married in 1947.

They had one child together, Robin, and they also took in many children that were not their own, most from orphanages or foster homes.

Unfortunately, they lost three of their children: Robin due to complications associated with her Down’s syndrome.

Debbie in a bus accident and Sandy while serving the military.

Shortly after Debbie’s death in 1964, Dale was diagnosed with diabetes.

Her mother and two of her aunts had suffered from the disease as well.

So Dale was no stranger to it.

A little less than 40 years after her diagnosis, Dale transitioned to using insulin.

Dale’s struggles with diabetes among the many other tribulations throughout her life.

This provided her the strength and inspiration, a great place to draw from creatively.

Dale Evans died of congestive heart failure on February 7, 2001.

One important thing we learn from this story is that Diabetes is a hereditary disease.

So if you have anybody in your family that has Diabetes.

Please have your blood check at least once a year and this disease doesn’t discriminate because of age.


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