Another great comment about our sizes today 5/17/23:

—- On Wed, 17 May 2023 13:15:01 -0400 Phil Biasizzo <philbiasizzo@gmail.com> wrote —
My shoes just arrived today, and I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER. The width of my feet is larger than most people’s, and ever since I was a teenager, I’ve had trouble finding shoes that fit me properly and look right as well. I always had to go with shoes that were two sizes too big, just because my feet are so wide. They all looked like clown shoes. That will never happen to me again. I just put your shoes on for the first time, and I want to cry. I’m so grateful!!! If you keep up the great quality and service, you’ve got a new customer for life!!

Thank you so much!!
– Phil

Another great comment about our boots today 5/3/23:

Hi Ron,

I got my 12 9E boots via FEDEX.  I broke them in as you recommended and after putting back in the insoles they felt so good I even thought about sleeping in them.  (The thought actually crossed my mind) One of the sets of insoles had some manufacturing defects.  There were large holes in the foam. The two other pairs were fine.
Even though I have had costume made shoes.  I can’t remember a pair that fit so well and were so comfortable.
I will wear these for a week before I order my second backup pair.  Is saddle soap the best way to care for the leather?
Thanks again for all your help!
Dr. Barnacle S. Luffy

Another nice comment about our service today 5/2/23:

Barnacle Luffy


Ron Heinlein
Display nowExternal Images are not displayed

Thank you!

I really enjoyed talking to you on the phone the other day.  I am looking forward to talking with you about my second pair after I get the first broken in.
Thank you for your fantastic service…
On Tue, May 2, 2023 at 7:18 AM Ron Heinlein <ron@dtfootwear.com> wrote:

Nice Kind Words for a New Customer from Canada (5/01/23):

Jefferson Olson <jefferson.a.olson@gmail.com>
To:Ron Heinlein
Mon, May 1 at 2:05 AM
Good evening Ron,
Your speedy and helpful reply is much appreciated.
I’ve ordered the black 0488 men’s boot in 10.5 4E and am looking forward to a new level of comfort and foot support when they arrive.
My wife (who is a very fussy researcher) and I both really enjoy your website and YouTube videos.  All the extra details and specialized knowledge you share is VERY interesting and helpful.
Wishing you good health and safety!
Jefferson Olson
Yukon, Canada

New testimonial today 3/15/23:

Theresa Morgan


Ron Heinlein

Thank you for the help on getting an exchange done on my husband’s shoes and helping with size. They fit amazing and will continue to use your shoes!!!

Theresa Morgan
On Fri, Mar 3, 2023, 10:10 AM Ron Heinlein <ron@dtfootwear.com> wrote:

Just received a very nice comment from one of our new Australian customer: 3/8/23

Andy Armstrong <Andy.Armstrong@topendrace.com.au> wrote —

Hi Ron,

Thanks for your swift replay and helpful material, I will watch it all in the next couple of days. I look forward to receiving the shoes as in Australia 6E is about the best we can get and even that can be hard due to stock shortages.
The current problem is my feet however due to the nature of the problem and a couple of other issues I have at the moment I have a medical ‘foot specialist team’ keenly interested in seeing how these turn out. They had not come across your product before and are very interested in providing their patients with additional options in this regard.
Hopefully this can provide more solutions for customers/patients in Australia and further opportunities for your business.


Andy Armstrong
Top End Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Electrical (RACE)
Ph. 08 8946 5400
Mob. 0438 153 022
Web. www.topendrace.com.au
Andy Armstrong
08 8946 5400
8 Butler Place, Holtze

 Here is my reply back:

Hi Andy,

You’re welcome!

We can covert any of our 9E shoes into a 10E and 14 E with an EVA bottom – as you see, in the 728 E style, those are based on an 11E or 15E width bottoms. They are called extended bottoms, unheard of in the shoe world! As being 9E, 10E, and 14E for Men and Ladies.


All these styles are available in 10 E or 14 E sizing, which are made in our two overseas factories.


This is handled through our Special order problem:


We are a unique website and ship all over the world!

Thank you,

Ron Heinlein  | President/Founder | Cell # 909-215-1622
            Designer Therapeutic Footwear Co.
Follow Us:| Facebook  | Twitter   | YouTube   | LinkedIn

Just got a point of view with a new customer in Australia- that we are doing unbelievable business with this country  2/13/23:

hirley yorke


Ron Heinlein

Wow, what a fast response, thank you so much.  I will attach the photos of the internal labels of two of his shoes for your information.

I don’t think I mentioned before  we live in Australia, but I have ordered shoes from the US previously.
Thanks again for your amazingly quick response.
Shirley Yorke

Another comment from a very happy customer 2/9/23:

Bauer, Sheila A <sbauer2@tulane.edu>
To:Ron Heinlein
Thu, Feb 9 at 5:48 PM

Hi Ron,

We received the shoes today! I can’t believe how fast you were. My husband hasn’t tried them on yet, but I wanted to thank you for your personal help with this! You are the best!

Sheila Bauer

Tulane University

Law School Financial Aid

Associate Director




Another nice comment about our program 1/19/23:



Footwear DT

Dear Ron,

I am so impressed with you and your company.  I am so glad I found you!
Have a great and successful new year.
John Black

Another nice comment about our program 1/19/23:

Mike Housley


Ron Heinlein
Display nowExternal Images are not displayed
Thanks Ron. My father and I both appreciate your hands on customer service. You helped me with his order a few months back and then my order Tuesday. Thank you.
On Thu, Jan 19, 2023, 10:46 AM Ron Heinlein <ron@dtfootwear.com> wrote:

Another nice comment about our Special Order program 12/28/22:

Brandon Wills

2:40 PM


Hello again ron i am loving my 9708 in 14e wide thank you so much.

I’m wondering if you can see if 9608 can for sure be made into a 14e wide also?
Hope to hear from you soon
Thanks, Brandon.

 New comment today 12/21/22 from Hawaii:

Costello Construction


Ron Heinlein
Thank you so much for your personal touch. This is the second pair of shoes I have purchased from you company and am very happy with you service.

Nice words:

Thanks for intervening and swapping in the size 7!  We’ll see how that goes.

We are very appreciative of your efforts. I’m sure we will finally be able to get her the good shoe she deserves.
Happy holidays back at you and your family!

Hey there Ron.  Just tried on my new 9E width work boots. Although there will be a break-in period ahead, these boots give me hope for the first time in a long time.

They are very well made, and should last for quite a few years.  They look great.  And, they don’t hurt my feet !
  Thank you so much !!
  Also, I received an email regarding the refund for the 6E boots that were returned. Much appreciated sir.
                                                    Take care and Happy Holidays !!!

A New Comment:

Review on Men’s Single Velcro Lycra Shoe | 728-E

RT Williams

This shoe saved my life. I have had so many problems since I had blood clots which made my feet…

Just received this nice email today:

Harriet Iwamoto

Ron Heinlein
“Thank you for your service. My father-in-law loves the slippers; they “fit perfectly and are extremely comfortable”. He is wearing them as he moves into a retirement facility today.”
On Wed, Nov 30, 2022 at 3:54 PM Ron Heinlein <ron@dtfootwear.com> wrote:

Email we just received 11/29/22:


Ron Heinlein
Thank you so much for your incredibly fast reply. I was unaware that your warehouses were closed down for Holiday. That was very nice to have that time with family. Thank you again I look forward to be comfortable at work. I plan on buying a pair of those winter waterproof boots  as well that you just came out with. They look really durable and Wide…..Lol,thanks again it is always a pleasure being able to purchase your footwear. I loved the hiker boot I bought from you,lasted  a lot longer then any other pair of shoes I have owned. Take care , Stay Safe…and Thank You ;>)

 Thank your for the nice words and we do try very hard on each customer!

You are amazing!


Ann Jardine

2:41 AM 11/2/22

Ron Heinlein

I am sorry I doubted you Ron!. The shoes are beautiful. These will be the only shoes we buy from now on. I am going to measure my feet tomorrow and buy my pair of your pickleball shoes! Thanks so much!!

New testimonials we received today 10/21/22:


Dear MR Heinlein–

Your miraculously comfortable grey shoes just arrived. You are a genius. Thank you so very much for thinking outside the box into the rarefied world of wide and cute ladies shoes.  And for your company-wide search for these shoes, I am eternally grateful.  Your company is the only one of its kind no matter what the ads say.
New customer for life,
Stefne Walton

What does the number one pickleball player say about our shoes?

Ron Heinlein

Great work and those shoe are looking good on your feet! Thank you for all the great and kind words you stated at the Atlanta open a few weeks ago about your footwear from www.dtfootwear.com.


Mattias Johansson

Ron HeinleinAwesome shoes Ron – enjoyed finally spending some time together!! Thank you!!

New Testimonial about our style 728 E  the best edema, bunion, hammertoes and brace shoe in the world!!!! For Men and Ladies

R.T. Williams <rtwill@mac.com>
To:Ron Heinlein
Sat, Sep 3 at 2:38 AM

Hi Ron,

I just wanted to let you know that I got the shoes and I am so very happy with them.  I will be a regular customer from now.  I live in Japan and will be returning there on September 15, so I hope you can ship directly to Japan.
Seriously, I feel like my life has changed now that I have shoes that don’t make it so painful to walk.
Sincerely yours,
R.T. Williams
My reply:
Great news and I know the problem you have had in finding shoes to fit your swelling problems dealing with your feet.
Yes, we ship all over the world.

Hello Kind Sir,

I am shocked that both pairs in our order arrived just now. My son lives about an hour north of us and my husband is going to meet him at lunch tomorrow to bring them to him. I looked at them and they are so classy and smart looking not at all outdated for a 25 year old. I hope to have good news to share with you after tomorrow and not a return!
The summer my son was 4 years old we were at a local beach and running a head of me he jumped into a bbq coal pit that was full of coals and had no visible warning signs (it looked like a sandbox). He had massive damage done to his toes but  thanks to his little brain telling him to run for the ocean and Shriners Burn Institute in Boston, MA he did not lose his toes. The damage was extensive and my job as they healed was to constantly stretch his toes so that the skin would not grow back tight and curl them. The result was he retained full use of his toes but they are sooooo wide!!!!
Praying these are his “glass slipper”
Thank you again for the quick service and incredible speed at a time when that is unexpected.
Elizabeth Decker

Always Great to Recieve Great News:

Sandy Montoya

Ron Heinlein
Good morning,  I had ordered two pairs of your shoes for my husband back in December.  They made a world of difference in stopping his feet from hurting.  I am so glad we found them!!!   Thank you, Sandra Montoya

Another Susan, Thank You for the Kind Words:

  • Michl Hiatt

    MON APR 18 10:19 PM

I just bought shoes from your company in a 16 9E for my son who has lymphodema in his legs and feet.  He was amazed at the comfort when he had the shoes on.  He said it is the first time in years he has been comfortable in shoes.  He has no tightness or strain from the shoes and no discomfort in his feet like he did.  We so appreciate you having this product and will continue to purchase them.  As an RN I’m so happy for him and all the people who have hurting feet.  I remember those 12 hours to 18-hour shifts when I could not stand to walk.  Fitting shoes is appropriate and needed.
Thank you again.
Susan Hiatt


To:Ron Heinlein

Fri, Feb 11 at 8:49 PM
Thank you so much I greatly appreciate 🙏  these shoes…My feet are comfy and confused…lol they have Never in 50 years felt this Good!!!  I will definitely be ordering another pair of your other style and another pair of these shoes as well…Thank You and God Bless You for helping people like me with  Flinstone Feet…lol ;>) 

       Sincerely, Charles Sedenger

 erik braun <erikdbraun8056@gmail.com>

To:Ron Heinlein

Wed, Feb 9 at 1:03 PM

I just wanted you to know after doing some browsing it seems your site does have the best deal after all. The insoles seal the deal as many sites don’t offer insoles large enough. I have placed another order. Thank you!

 Hello Ron,

These shoes are so comfortable. I don’t feel the tightness around my foot like other shoe brands. They are gonna be perfect for NY. Thank you so much for working with me to find the perfect shoe. Also, superior customer service is greatly appreciated.


Stanisue    the Island of HI

Another kind word from a Happy Customer:

Hello Ron!

Just received the replacement Quilted black shoes today. Thanks again for the terrific customer service.

Another kind word from a Happy Customer:

lois miller

10:36 AM (1 hour ago)

to me
I am so beyond grateful that I was directed to your door by my Creator. You are so kind and if I could drive right now or reach thru the phone to hug you for helping me with my Dad,  I would.
I ordered the 728E in the lady in stock size of 17- 14E. I pray it works. I walked away from my life as I knew it to move here to care for my Daddy. At the end of the day when I tuck him in my heart is smiling.
I need my Dad to walk before he gets too weak to do so.
Good bless you immensely for all you do. Not only for me but others. I read your reviews,  I watched the videos,  I measured my Dad as you said.
Thank you.
You will be seeing more of me. I have bad feet too. Just not as big as Dad’s!!!!!

 New testimonial received today:

Mike Robertson <cpomike13@gmail.com>
To: Ron Heinlein
Fri, Jan 7 at 10:38 AM
I’m impressed by your customer service and communication,  can’t wait to try on your shoes

Another Great Comment from a Customer that just got her shoes yesterday!

Good Evening,
Thank you for taking my phone call last week.
The shoes you recommended arrived Friday afternoon. WOW a true miracle and I must say “you restored my feet to me”.
Thank you so much.
Wishing you and yours a nice Holiday season, as well as a Happy, Healthy and prosperous New Year.
Nancy Schondorf.

 A Very Nice Comment from a New Customer:

Steve Wahlstrom <dec2548@gmail.com>
To:Ron Heinlein
Fri, Nov 5 at 11:25 PM

Hello Ron,

I’m very impressed. Not only do you respond to emails promptly, but you are also true to your word. Receiving my shoes today was a fantastic surprise. And I doubted you. Sorry about that. You’ve gained a customer for life.
Thank you so much.
We are wishing you and yours the best of the holidays.
Sincerely,   Steve Wahlstrom

Customer got their shoes in a very fast time and their reply:

Tanesha Stewart <taneshastewart@yahoo.com>
Fri, Oct 22 at 10:51 AM

Amazing !!!

Thank u, thank you, thanx.

 Now my dad can attend his brother’s funeral.

Another Kind Words – that needs a 14 E width and lives in Australia

  • James Gilmore <jim2564@yahoo.com.au>
    To:Ron Heinlein,Ron Heinlein
    Wed, Sep 29 at 2:13 AM
    Hello, again Ron,
    Many thanks for my previous order. The shoes you made for me were the best pair of shoes I have worn since I first started having foot problems 40 years ago. I am happy to write a testament to that if you wish.

    As promised, I have placed a repeat order this time for 2 pairs of shoes as follows:

    Size 11.5
    Width 14E
    Colour White/Black
     The order number is #33520.
    I prayed my first order with you would be the answer for me and you came through with flying colors.
    I hope you and your family are well in these trying times that we live in with covid..
    Best wishes,
    James Gilmore

    Ron Heinlein <heinleinron@yahoo.com>
    To:James Gilmore
    Wed, Sep 29 at 2:24 AM
    Thank you for the kind words
    Thank you,
    Ron Heinlein  | President/Founder | Cell # 909-215-1622
                Designer Therapeutic Footwear Co.
    Follow Us:| Facebook  | Twitter   | YouTube   | LinkedIn

Another Happy Customer:

Anna Gower
I bought these shoes November 2020 and have been using them since then. They are the only comfortable pair of shoes I think I have ever owned. Definitely would purchase again even if my wallet doesn’t agree lol.

Another Nice Word:

Mark Jewell <bigdaddyjewell68@gmail.com>
To:Ron Heinlein
Mon, Aug 9 at 12:21 PM
Hey I wanted to say thank you! I received my shoes Sunday and wore them all day in the house and today took ownership and went to the store! So glad I talked to you before ordering them. You hit it perfectly! I would of messed it up.
Thanks again Ron,
Mark Jewell

 Another Happy Customer:

rebecca.kidwell07 <rebecca.kidwell07@yahoo.com>
To:Ron Heinlein
Wed, Aug 4 at 8:07 PM
We received the shoes and my husband wore them today for the first time. He is in the food industry and works for the Choctaw Nation here in Oklahoma in their Casino and Resort, so he’s on his feet all day everyday. He came home and said that the shoes were THE MOST COMFORTABLE SHOES HE HAS EVER WORN. He then said they felt as though they were measured specifically for him and that for everyone that wants to get him a birthday or Christmas gift to get him shoes from your site.
He grew up very underprivileged and had never known what size shoes he wore until after got married and I took him to get fitted at a shoes store. He was always buying size 14 or 15 shoes from Walmart and was sized to a 12 6E.
I strive to be a good and Godly wife and being able to make sure my husband is supported not only spirituality and mentally but now literally from his toes to his nose makes my heart so full.
Thank you so much and we can’t wait to order more.
Yours Turley,
Wife to a man with a happy Sole 😉

 Wow, another new comment today!!

Diane Diorio <ddiorio85@gmail.com>
To:Ron Heinlein
Sun, May 2 at 8:47 AM
Received the shoes the size is great..thank you so much..its been a pleasure doing business with you..I will definitely  be buying again..

A new comment that just came in today:

Stephen Cicco <stevecicco@centurylink.net>
Sat, May 1 at 9:26 AM


Thank you for taking the time on a Saturday to call me about Order# 32069.

I appreciate the ‘Above and Beyond’ customer service!

Again,  Thanks.

Steve Cicco

Another great thank you – from a customer looking hard to be fitted!

ReginaPontes <reginapontes@comcast.net>
Wed, Apr 7 at 4:23 AM
Hi Ron, I said a prayer and tried putting on the shoe this morning. It worked! Thanks be to God. Had it not worked, I would have been at my wit’s end! Your organization was the 6th one I had gone to and I sincerely felt it was the only choice left.
God bless!!!
Kind Words Received this Morning in our Email package:
Great Recommendation 2
  • Keith Brewer <kebrew65@gmail.com>
    Mon, Feb 8 at 11:54 PM
    Hey Mr. Ron,
    Just wanted to let you know that you were spot on with your recommendation for my ankle top boots.
    The left (larger) foot needed the size 11 just like you said. The right (smaller) foot was obviously a little looser, but an extra ankle sock added to the mid shin sock makes the right foot fit just right (excuse the pun), LOL.
    I’m getting used to the xtra weight vs the New Balance tennis shoes. I really think they are going to serve me well.
    Thank you SO VERY MUCH for designing & helping me find that just right, comfort fitting, boot with the optimal ankle support. An absolutely wonderful product !!!
    Keith Brewer
    Shuttle Driver
    Camden, TN
    Sent from my iPhone
  • Ron Heinlein <heinleinron@yahoo.com>
    To:Keith Brewer
    Tue, Feb 9 at 9:15 AM
    Great news and thank you for the kind words!
    Thank you,
    Ron Heinlein  | President/Founder | Cell # 909-215-1622
                Designer Therapeutic Footwear Co.
    Follow Us:| Facebook  | Twitter   | YouTube   | LinkedIn

Another Email received today 1/29/21

This is the customer’s 6th pair of shoes from us!

Jim Hawkes <jmh@stjohncable.com>
To:‘Ron Heinlein’
Fri, Jan 29 at 12:27 PM


Appreciate the shoes, the inserts, and great service.

(Mt. Emey  9702-1V 9E 11.5)

Jim Hawkes

402 N. Hauser Ave.

Colfax, WA 99111



Another Email We Just received today 1/15/21

Michelle Snell <msnellbpn@gmail.com>
To:Ron Heinlein
Fri, Jan 15 at 12:33 PM

I cannot believe it!!!! First time ever he has slipped a shoe on without stretching and tugging and pulling and sometimes even a bloody foot.

I think we could go down to a 9 in size.
What are our options now that we know the 10e width on that particular shoe fit?
I may want to exchange this one fir a 9 10e and then buy a regular size for his right foot. They will be good for his work shoe. Is that possible? Split size?
Thank s so much!!!! I am beyond grateful.

Michelle and Jonah. 

Sent from Michelle’s iPhone

Nice Email We Received Today 12/31/20:

Yahoo <luvpeepers@yahoo.com>
Thu, Dec 31 at 7:53 AM
David has been wearing his shoes for brief periods while walking around the house. He is up and walking!
His shoes fit him well. Thank you for your immense help in finding him the correct pair.
I am hopeful that since he feels more comfortable walking that he will stray to take off some weight and slowly regain his health.
Have a  blessed New Year,
Brenda Breece

 Another Thank You email today 12/28/20

Yahoo <luvpeepers@yahoo.com>
Mon, Dec 28 at 12:00 PM
We received David’s shoes today!!!! Just a slight delay in arriving. They fit!!!!! Thank you so much for all your kindness and helpfulness.
I am looking forward to my husband moving more and starting to regain his health.
Have a blessed New Year!!!
Sincerely and Very Grateful,
Brenda Breece

Another Happy Customer  12/23/20

Shoes arrived today and they are perfect! Thank you so much. I have searched for properly fitting shoes for a long time. Five years ago I broke my left foot and last year I broke my right foot, ankle, and leg. Couldn’t find proper shoes. Now I have.

Merry Christmas!

Email That I Received Today On 12/22/20 An Recommendation for Our Website on 12/22/20

Recommendation from Drew Carey:

Ingrid Munsterman <patingrid>
To: Ron Heinlein
Tue, Dec 22 at 5:29 PM
Great customer service. I can see why Drew Carey recommends your shoes.

Thank you.

Sent from my iPhone

Thank you Drew for the kind recommendation.

I had the pleasure of writing an article about this man and his battle with diabetes and he has WON!

Please remember, it is the shoe that protects the feet when dealing with diabetes.

But, it is the inserts ( special inserts) that helps the disease (diabetes) to escape from the foot.

We are the only website, on the internet, that will provide you with great diabetic footwear.

Then, will give 1  up to 3 sets of Triple-Layer Heat Moldable Customize Inserts ( that will keep the disease out of your feet) for FREE. Yes, We said FREE!!

A Great Story about Drew Carey and his fight and Winning battle over Diabetes/dtfootwear.com

Drew Carey fights with diabetes and how he has defeat diabetes:

Drew Carey’s weight loss did more than drop 80 pounds from his once more than ample frame: it also eliminated his type 2 diabetes.

According to the host of The Price Is Right.

The secret to Drew Carey’s weight loss is nothing mysterious: he cut out carbohydrates (although he admits he cheated a few times) he eats a lot healthier.

His one and only beverage is water, and he does lots of exercises, at least 45 minutes a day.

It’s been shown that if you are overweight and have type 2 diabetes, losing a significant amount of weight not only lowers your blood sugar and improves your overall health, it can also eliminate your diabetes and thus your need for diabetes medication.

And that’s what happened to Drew, his weight loss not only allowed him to get rid of his size 44 pants and slip into a size 33-34, it also let him get rid of his medications.

Reminder, losing weight is very important in obtaining a healthier body, but not all cases of losing weight will correct your 2 type diabetes.

But losing is one of the first important steps.

Drew Carey’s weight loss may inspire others to try losing weight the old-fashioned way: watching what you eat and exercising hard.

I tip my hat to Drew because losing weight is not the easy thing to do; especially the older you get and the harder it is to lose those added pounds.

I’m at that older age and I’m at the gym at least 3 days a week and each year it gets harder and harder to lose that fat.

I wish we could get Drew Carey in wearing our therapeutic/comfort footwear when he is working, exercising, and during the leisure time, our products would have always helped develop a healthier pair of feet.

If not so, I hope we can have the opportunity in helping everyone’s diabetic footwear needs that are reading this blog.

First, a story about Dtfootwear

I still own a Medical Company (DTF CO) that handles footwear for the diabetic’s coast to coast.  

Going for 18 years, we have had the pleasure of working with over 1/2 million patients.  

Then, www.dtfootwear.com, the website was born by having the nurses (in over 850 facilities) asking for the same footwear and inserts.  

The nurses heard and seen the smiles, happy client’s faces, God Bless you, etc.   

We have had a 98 percent satisfaction rating with our service and products. 

Now, we are working on having one of the top footwear lines on the internet.  

Dealing with widths, lengths, sizing, fitting, major support issues  

Second Question:


If not, it time to change!

  1. Orthopedic lasted
  2. Similarly, Therapeutic constructed.
  3. Advance Comfort Upper and constructed based
  4. Most substantial Midsection, in the shoe world, that means no added bilateral movement to your feet. A video that shows the differences between conventional comfort or athletic footwear an Orthopedic/Therapeutic design footwear:

5.Styles, with the largest selection of widths for that maximum comfort and support, e.g., widths 4A 2A (first two widths for Ladies) B D 2E 3E 5E 6E 7E 9E 10E 14E.

 6.Dealing with the regular price footwear, you’ll get one to three sets of these UNBLEVIABLE Triple-Layer Heat Moldable Customized Inserts for FREE. An $80.00 to $240.00 gift to you! 

7. If the top of your feet hurt, we have the solution. If the bottom of your feet hurt, we have the answer as well!

In Conclusion,

Having three sets of Heat Customized Moldable Over the counter Inserts.

  Yes, The only website on the internet that will give up to 3 sets of these inserts FREE.  

 At Dtfootwear.com will always want to give you information to help you deal with your feet in your everyday experiences.  

Then, Lengths (15 for women and up to 20 for men).  

 We make your everyday experience pleasant but, in our world today! 

 We are one of the only footwear lines that offer smaller sizes for men and ladies in wider widths 4 E 6 E 7 E 9 E 10 E 14 E.  

Yes, we handle Edema, Braces, Split Sizes, Undersized, Oversizes, Foot Conditions, or the Need for a Great Comfortable Pair of Shoes for your Everyday Needs!

Thank you,

 Ron Heinlein | President/Founder | Cell # 909-215-1622 | heinleinron@yahoo.com

DTFootwear.com Designer Therapeutic Footwear Co.  

 Follow Us:| Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | LinkedIn 

I just send an email to one of our new customers today 12/22/20:

  • On Dec 22, 2020, at 12:16 PM, Ron Heinlein <heinleinron@yahoo.com> wrote:

    Hi Ingrid,
    Thank you for your order for 9212 Black in an 11 3E and we checked our 6 warehouses and we are out of stock at this moment.
    Now, we have an 11 5E, 1 pair left, and the tan color we have in stock in an 11 3E
    We checked when the next container coming with an 11 3E and that is scheduled to arrive end of Feb
    Now, we can back order the size and style, from our factory overseas, and it will take 6 to 8 weeks to reach you
    Please let us know what you would like to do?
    We want to wish you and your family a very Happy Holidays!
    Thank you,
    Ron Heinlein  | President/Founder | Cell # 909-215-1622
                Designer Therapeutic Footwear Co.
    Follow Us:| Facebook  | Twitter   | YouTube   | LinkedIn

 Her reply back:

Ingrid Munsterman <patingrid@aol.com>
To:Ron Heinlein
Tue, Dec 22 at 12:31 PM

Hi I’ll take the black 5E. Thanks for the personal care. 

Sent from my iPhone

An Email That We Just Received Today 12/22 20

Kathleen Flanagan <akashickmf@gmail.com>
To:Ron Heinlein
Tue, Dec 22 at 10:13 AM
Hi, I first want to thank you for your proactive communications and for your great selection of shoes and shoe types — so I really appreciate your site and am excited to be shopping with you.
I am happy to wait for the hiking boots — we do want them so the back-order until late January delivery is fine with us.  Kathy

Kathleen Flanagan

An email we just received today

xhasmine io <xhasmin@hotmail.com>
To:Ron Heinlein
Thu, Dec 17 at 7:48 AM
Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate the customer service your company has provided.

Just received this email today 12/16/20

Wed, Dec 16 at 11:14 AM

Hi Ron,

Just a quick note – the shoes you sent me arrived about an hour ago.  I couldn’t wait to try them on.
They are awesome!!!!   First shoes that I have worn in over a year that did not pinch my toes.
It is exactly like you said — the ladies size14 fits me perfectly.  They look good too.
Thank you so much.
Tom Miller

Just received this email today 12/4/20:

WOW! What fantastic customer service! I will certainly be letting all my friends know about this awesome company!
As for my order, it’s okay to just wait and ship the original order the end of January. There is no rush because it is not a gift for the holidays.
Thank you so much for your attention to my personal order.
Janis Pflieger


reyesmkoy@gmail.com wordpress@dtfootwear.com via mail.wpengine.com 

9:22 AM (4 hours ago)

to DTFwidefootwear3
Corinna McKoy
Thank you again!!! Interested in another pair of shoes
Hello Ron,  My husband and I wanted to thank you again for your incredible assistance in making sure that my husband (Chris) had shoes to wear for his father’s funeral (Invoice ID: DTF-28665, Transaction ID: 3DM54953PF2334535) .
The extra effort you went through truly shows the goodness in your heart!!! It meant so much to us and we will always be so grateful!
The shoes fit and he was comfortable all day!!
Now my husband would like a pair of athletic shoes so he can begin walking for exercise. We would appreciate your advice. The 728-E Men’s Double Velcro Lycra Style (size 13 but I can’t remember the width) are a little big in the back but we had no problem getting his foot in (so roomy) and closing with the Velcro.
Do you have recommendations on an athletic shoe?

May God bless and protect you, Corinna McKoy


Ron Heinlein

1:54 PM (0 minutes ago)

to reyesmkoy

Hi Corinna,

Great news and I’m sorry for lost to the family.
Yes we can make him athletic footwear and this is how it is done;
I would keep in a 13 10E because athletic footwear runs smaller in construction
We take an upper 9702 V White and Black or any style that is seen in the Men’s 9E section can be made into a 13 10E
We build the upper on a 728 E 13 10E last
It is done in our factories overseas and takes 6 to 8 weeks to get to us and then off to you.
There is an additional charge of  $95.00 for the modification of the style
More information about the special order program
So for you to order athletic footwear in a 13 10E is: (this is illustrated in the special order section as well)
1) palace an order for the 728 E in a 13 10E- this shows us the lasted need and the correct price for the 13 10E
2) then got to the special order section and click the order bottom once and a charge of $95.00 will be added to the cart
3) When giving us your information, then the second column will state- the shipping the same- once you show it is the same – a pop up of additional information will show and I need you to write the style # Color and the size of 13 10E in this section
That is it, and I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving

Thank you for the very kind words

Ron Heinlein  | President/Founder | Cell # 909-215-1622
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  • Melissa Lubbers <melissa.dorn6714@hotmail.com>
    To: Ron Heinlein
    Thu, Oct 29 at 2:12 PM
    Thank you so much. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. The personal attention you provide is impeccable. We will definitely be doing business with you again in the future!

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  • Ron Heinlein <heinleinron@yahoo.com>
    To: Melissa Lubbers
    Thu, Oct 29 at 3:22 PM
    Thank you for the kind words
    Thank you,
    Ron Heinlein  | President/Founder | Cell # 909-215-1622
                Designer Therapeutic Footwear Co.
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Stephen Weiss <towtonfield1@gmail.com>
To: Ron Heinlein
Fri, Aug 14 at 2:48 PM
Thanks very much, Ron! I’m so glad I found your company!  As we discussed, once I try the shoes I’ll call you and we’ll make further arrangements.
My goal is to initially order two pairs in white, plus a pair in black, all stretchy walkers with high toe boxes (insteps) in casuals or athletic shoes for desert wear with velcro closures; no laces, please.
Stay well and thank you for your time and patience with me today!  I apologize if I frustrated you, but I will be a great customer if all works out!
Gratefully, Steve W. in Palm Desert.

Why we give our inserts away for FREE?

It introduces this type of insert to a great many people that had never experienced these inserts and here’s an example that we get almost daily on reorders for these inserts:

 Dear Ron,

I would like to purchase 3  “Heat Moldable Customize Inserts.”

9702   11.5 9E

Is that possible?

Thank you,

Jim Hawkes

My Reply Back:

Ron Heinlein <heinleinron@yahoo.com>
To:Jim Hawkes
Sun, Jul 12 at 10:36 AM
Hi JIm,

Yes, just go to The All Important Men’s and Women’s Inserts – DTF – Designer Therapeutic Footwear

 then pick your length and width add to the cart and fill your information out and off it will go to our office- then we will mail them to you
Thank you,
Ron Heinlein  | President/Founder | Cell # 909-215-1622
            Designer Therapeutic Footwear Co.
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He just order 3 pairs of inserts  7/12/20

Note the inserts work unbelievable in giving you that added comfort and support to your feet, and we see this reordering at least 3 to 4 times a week!

Another email that I just received from one of our new customers from Singapore  ( the same individual that send his first email on 7/8/20)


  • birdingable <anwarkhairul14@gmail.com>
    To:Ron Heinlein
    Sat, Jul 11 at 9:50 AM

    Hi Mr. Heinlein,

    I would like to personally thank you for kindness, advice and time.
    Words can’t express my gratitude to you. I truly appreciate it.
    Thank you again.
    Take care and stay safe.
    Best regards,
  • Ron Heinlein <heinleinron@yahoo.com>
    Sat, Jul 11 at 10:04 AM
    My pleasure,
     I hope we have a great future in doing business together and please tell your friends and love ones about us- that will only help us grow and to add new styles as well.
    Thank you,
    Ron Heinlein  | President/Founder | Cell # 909-215-1622
                Designer Therapeutic Footwear Co.
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Just received this email 7/08/20 – shoes going to Singapore

Hi Mr. Heinlein,

Thank you for your reply. Anyways i am looking forward to your shoes arrival.
Thank you so much for your advice and help. Words can only express my gratitude. Please stay safe and take care.
P.S Please do not forget my extra insoles as well.
Best Regards,

Just received this email on 7/6/20

Email: sbca…………
Subject:Shoe Sizing
Message:Hi Ron,Firstly, I’d like to thank you for the abundant information you’ve provided so many people! I’ve been binging your videos (I never thought I’d love videos about wide feet so much)I wanted to email you because I think my case is slightly unique. Firstly, I am not diabetic, and I am in my twenties so I’m probably younger than your target audience. I have always had wide feet growing up, and it has always been a huge struggle to find shoes that are comfortable. I tend to wear athletic sneakers or Crocs (not the fashion styles but just the original clogs), and even sneakers are often too narrow. I tend to buy myself a 9 in shoes, and they’re typically too narrow and too long.
Dress shoes are the hardest because if they are too long they simply fall off. I just purchased a cheap pair of 8 1/2 W shoes from Walmart (haha) in hopes to get me through a few days at my new job while I search for better shoe, but alas they were way too narrow and unsupportive. I was in so much pain, as you can assume! I stand all day at my job (sometimes for 10 hours) as a bank teller. So I must look professional, but I also need comfort.

Email just received on 7/4/20

Susan butler <sgaylebutler@hotmail.com>
Sat, Jul 4 at 12:11 PM

Hi Ron

First off thank you for personal response to my email about shipping options to Canada – a truly amazing example of customer service!
I sent off my foot measurement on the form attached to your response and below are pictures of my feet (together, then Left foot and I step and Right foot and I step). I am 4 weeks post op 5th metatarsal bone surgery in the right foot so pictures and measurements are taken flat footed but not weight bearing.
I am a few days in responding as had an appointment with a foot specialist to evaluate healing and footwear options. He was a proponent of orthotics of which I have used on and off for many years but is now supportive of minimalist footwear so discussed that with me.  I am still very interested in seeing what shoe recommendations you can suggest for me from your footwear given my measurements as I have pressure points on the bottom of my feet (5th metarsal head, heel area) so really want to see what options are available for me moving forth after recovery from this surgery. I am very active and am most interested in a good pair of shoes for lots of walking, hiking, biking as well as athletic sandals for same.  My husband is retiring and we are looking forward to hopefully traveling when things open up and I need good comfortable footwear to keep up with him! 🙂
Also, is your footwear only available online or do you have stores in California as I’d love to come try some on in person when travel is back on.
In closing I just want to say THANK YOU again for the amazing customer service!

Hope you are having a great July 4th weekend.  Given it’s a holiday I look forward to your response when you are back in the office and time permits.

Thanks – Susan Butler



Wow, thanks so much Ron! I appreciate the time and effort, on your part,  and l really like the shoe selection and quality of your site, especially for the hard to find extra wide / extra depth shoes.
Have a great day.

A New Email that I just received today 5/20/20

EE width composite king toe work boots/shoes

Katherine Sigismondi 

I am having a great deal of difficulty finding work shoes/boots that fit and are comfortable. Appreciate your help! Kathy S. 3029819173.

Ron Heinlein <dtfwidefootwear3@gmail.com>
10:45 AM (4 hours ago)
to Katherine

I don’t have slip resistance or water proof in a 8″  Men’s boot.  I have a boot that is unbelievable an only 8 ounces in weight. An  8 1/2 4E  should fit you great and then you get these great ( 3 sets ) triple-layer Heat Moldable Customize inserts for FREE- once you start wearing these- you’ll never go back to conventional inserts. But it is water resistance for the outsole but not for oil or grease and not waterproof, but can be scotchgard

Style # 6506

Thank you,

Ron Heinlein  | President/Founder | Cell # 909-215-1622


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Katherine Sigismondi
11:55 AM (2 hours ago)
to Ron

Will check out the styles! Awesome customer service assist, Ron!


  • Chris Curras-santana <curras_santana@yahoo.com>
    Mon, May 11 at 3:04 PM
    Dear Mr. Heinlein,
         I have never been more impressed with the quality and workmanship of a shoe company that is not as well known as it should be.  Being a large active man all my life, I’ve gone through countless brands of different shoes (even professional brands like Redwing) but I have always ended up unsatisfied with the product and customer service if there was any even available. I would like to thank you personally as well as all the factory workers and employees who take obvious pride and care in their work. It’s a breathe of fresh air doing business with you! Looking forward to my next purchase! Emoji

    My Reply Back:

  • Ron Heinlein <heinleinron@yahoo.com>
    To:Chris Curras-santana
    Mon, May 11 at 3:10 PM
    Thank you for the kind words and this well go into are testiomal section
    Again,Thank you,
    Ron Heinlein  | President/Founder | Cell # 909-215-1622
                Designer Therapeutic Footwear Co.
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Just received this email on my article about Walter Payton a great football player;

Stacey Cornelius
Hello thank you for such a moving and well written piece.Walter was my uncle. My mum Pam was his sister. i am the oldest Payton grandkid…thank you again

Just got this order today and I want you to see that  we go the extra mile to make everything to be successful!

  • Hi Sarah,
    Sorry for the delay, but we are not automated for order response and with the virus we had to cut our hours back to make the state happy and our employees safe.
    We check the W0902 in 10 Medium in Brown and we check our 5 warehouses and this is style that been replace and we have inventory but after checking today I notice it was a bit lean and we did not have your size in stock.We just took the style out of our website.
    Now, here’s the newer styles that replaced the W0902
    We have these three styles in your size:
    WSX093l  and Licorice is the closes to Brown
    WS0003L   and Khaki the close to tan or brown coloring
    WSX113L  and the oyster is in the Tan coloring
    If you like any of the 3 and if the price is lower will refund the differences – if the price is higher, then what you paid, we’ll consider that an even exchange
    All 3 styles can leave our warehouse on Monday and go out Priority Mail 2-3 day to you
    If you don’t like the 3 suggested styles – we’ll issue credit to you
    Let us know what you would like to do,
    Thank you,
    Ron Heinlein  | President/Founder | Cell # 909-215-1622
                Designer Therapeutic Footwear Co.
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  • senoia brantley <senoiabrantley@yahoo.com>
    To:Ron Heinlein
    Sat, Apr 25 at 11:01 AM
    Hi Ron.
    Thanks for your reply!
    I will take the item in the snapshot below:
    Thank you Kindly.

    Inline image

    WSX113L Women’s Soft Napa Leather Upper PU Insole With Gel Heel Pad And Cushioning Ridges And Arch-Supporting EVA Midsole With Rubber Outsole For Durable Wear And Traction.

  • Ron Heinlein <heinleinron@yahoo.com>
    To:senoia brantley
    Sat, Apr 25 at 11:21 AM
    The order was just placed to our Seattle warehouse and should go out Monday and once we receive the tracking number we’ll pass that onto you.
    Order of WSX113L Coral 10 M (B)
    We owe you $24.00 and our billing and receivable department is closed for the weekend- to speed the mater –  I’ll put in the mail today, from my personal account, a check of $24.00 written to Sarah Coleman.
    Thank you,
    Ron Heinlein  | President/Founder | Cell # 909-215-1622
                Designer Therapeutic Footwear Co.
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  • Ron Heinlein <heinleinron@yahoo.com>
    To:senoia brantley
    Sat, Apr 25 at 11:36 AM
    Check just put in the mail for $24.00
    Thank you,
    Ron Heinlein  | President/Founder | Cell # 909-215-1622
                Designer Therapeutic Footwear Co.
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  • senoia brantley <senoiabrantley@yahoo.com>
    Sat, Apr 25 at 11:54 AM


    Thanks for an awesome customer experience.
    I’m  looking  forward  to making more purchases.
  • Ron Heinlein <heinleinron@yahoo.com>
    To:senoia brantley
    Sat, Apr 25 at 11:55 AM
    Thank you,
    Again, Thank you,
    Ron Heinlein  | President/Founder | Cell # 909-215-1622
                Designer Therapeutic Footwear Co.
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Just received this email this evening and here’s the email  and my reply back 4/11/20:

  • Regi Milan (ideationink@gmail.com) is not on your Guest List | Approve sender | Approve domain

    Hi Ron,

    First off, I really appreciate your website. I learned a lot. I don’t know that I ever experience the overhang you talked about, but then, I don’t think I’ve ever really had the proper fitting widths to begin with. Looking forward to it.

    I watched your videos and have had my feet measured. I was going to use your form online, but didn’t see anywhere to note sizing with AFOs. Recently, I got some which have obviously increased the size of my ‘feet’ and the shoes I’d need. If I give you the measurements, can you tell me what size to get? I found three different styles of shoes on your site that I like. On HealthyFeet.com, my size is coming up 9 or 9-1/2 (I’m right in between), 7E/8E for women. My old shoes that were fine in the length were 9. That fancy device shoe shops use showed I needed a size 10, 2E. I bought two pairs and found them a bit too long (feel like I’m wearing boats) and definitely two narrow. So, I’m returning them and trying again.

    Here are my measurements:
    Normal (w/o AFO’s):
    Left: 9-5/8″ x 4-1/8″
    Right: 9-11/16″ x 4-3/1″
    (Used both the tape measure method and the outlining method and got the same results.)
    With AFOs (measuring widest part of the AFO):
    Left & Right: 9-7/8″* x 4-3/8″
    *Reads as 10″ if measuring the outside edge of the magic marker used to create the outlines. 9-7/8″ is measuring the inside edge. I took a pic of the outlines we drew of my feet when measuring them. They’re attached.

    Here are the styles I’m interested in:




    I really appreciate your help on this. I get that I need to pay through the nose for shoes that will fit me as I can’t just buy off the rack anymore. So, I need to make sure I get it right, this second time ’round.

    Oh, and just know, yes, I do have issues with edema and swelling. I am a heart-failure patient and have fluid issues regularly. I also have small fiber neuropathy throughout my body, so it’s already painful to wear shoes at all. I hope that helps.

    Thanks again!


    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    4375 Weber River Drive, #15
    Riverdale, Utah 84405


    Author of:  Principles of Healing

  • Ron Heinlein <heinleinron@yahoo.com>
    To:Regi Milan
    Sat, Apr 11 at 8:25 PM
    Hi Regi.
    First of all, you did a great job
    9 7/8 length is a 9 length
    4 3/8 is a 7 E in width
    Now, on your selection and we can fit you in 9212 and 9220 but that’s in the future because the widest width that we stock is a 5 E and both are more conquer and we’ll need to put you into a 7 E for sure or maybe a 9 E and both widths are a special order procedure.
    Our first pair I would like to work out of stock and that would be 9301, 9302, 9106, 9108 or 9202 and those come in a 9 7 E because they can be returned or exchanged.
    I would like to see a text photo of both your feet , weight bearing and with the AFO’s on your feet. text to 909 215 1622 my cell.
    When you get the shoes in, if your wearing a full brace then the insert and spacers will all go out and make sure the brace lays in flat and then you foot into the shoe- using the brace as a big shoe horn. This is the secret how to fit a brace
    Thank you,
    Ron Heinlein  | President/Founder | Cell # 909-215-1622
                Designer Therapeutic Footwear Co.
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New testimonial from a customer and friend that just bought her second pair of shoes form us size 8M. She loves her first pair or I’ll let her tell you that information:

Janie Frazier Haven’t assessed the therapeutic value yet, but the pair I have is the lightest and most comfortable shoe for walking. Just in time for 4th of July, I received my second pair today- bright red-luv them💥
Here’s my reply back to her:
  • Ron Heinlein Thank you, Janie, and please help us by telling all your friends and loved ones about us. The word of mouth has been unbelievable growth element for www.dtfootwear.com
  • Ron Heinlein The benefit of the Therapeutic design is to create less wear and tear on your feet and not to create a tired foot.

Some testimonials from DPM offices:

“I have been using Dtf/Ortho Orthotic footwear and foot orthotics for my patients for over 15 years, and I can attest that they offer the best solution for people with sensitive feet, including those with foot pain, diabetes, and arthritis. These shoes are designed with unique ergonomic features that cannot be found in any other brand. My patients love them, and in fact, I wear them myself daily, as they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.” ( note found in the Orthotic section)

— Steven Gershman, DPM

“I have been offering patients Dtf/Ortho Orthotic shoes for 6+ years and my patients, both diabetics and non-diabetic, have found them to be comfortable and stylish. My patients have found the Velcro straps to be very easy to use and adjust, especially those with arthritis in their hands. I have appreciated the constant updating of the products with new offerings and improvements to the line every season and look forward to continuing to offer the shoes to my patients for many years.”   ( Note found in the Orthotic section)

— Jeff Gewirtz, DPM

“I was very impressed with how sturdy and well made the 0422 shoes are. I was even more impressed when I wore them with the customized heat moldable inserts. These shoes gave my feet a quality feeling of comfort and support that I haven’t felt in a long time!”  (note found in the orthotic section)

— Dr. Todd Hovermale, DPM        

Amazing shoe! This shoe offers amazing stability particularly for someone with Arthritis and Neuropathy.The easy closure with the pull tabs is truly a gift for people with arthritic hands. It looks like a well styled normal shoe, something I thought I would have to give up years. Really amazing shoes.

— Manny Kornbluth

I love how they stretch. My left foot is really swollen with my Neuropathy, and I finally have a pair of shoes that I can wear. Thank you so much

— Betsy Meyer

These shoes are just what I needed. They hug and cushion my feet and have great arch support and cushioning for my heel. I have Plantar Fasciitis in my right foot, and the design of this shoe makes walking 3-4 miles every other day a dream!

— Bonita Bailey

These shoes are great. They are like walking on clouds. They support my foot and I don’t feel any pain. I have severe spinal arthritis and heel spurs so I live with pain but now my feet are not part of the problem.

— Debra Daniel

Struggle with heel pain for years. No more thanks to these shoes. Felt wonderful from the moment I put them on.

— Mary Dorr

These shoes are amazing! I have already ordered a pair of running shoes for work. I wore these shoes all day and had no foot pain. I have plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia and neuropathy, and had no pain all day. The arch support is perfect, much more comfortable than my $400 orthotics. When they came in the mail, I immediately tried them on, couldn’t believe when I stood up– it was heaven! I am a nurse. I have been telling everybody I work with about these shoes.

— Kathy Beaumont

Such a relief for my feet. I experience foot pain pretty constantly and have struggled to find shoes that would help me alleviate the pain. Well, I have to say that I have found them. They fit well. They have reduced my heel pain as well as my fasciitis symptoms. I can walk much easier and longer now. So happy I got these shoes! They do the job!

— Robert Way

Work on my feet all day with no pain. 2nd pair of sneakers that I use at work, on concrete floors….. no pain!

— Richard Pepin

So Comfortable. I have several foot issues (bunions, hammertoe, pronation, and neuroma) and it is hard to find a shoe that I can walk in all day. Well, finally I did! I have the grey and red pair and they look and feel terrific and have great arch support. Will definitely look into purchasing another pair.

— Monica Johns

I have a bunion, hammertoes, wide front foot and narrow heel, low arches but none of that matters with the construction of these shoes. I used to have pain in my heels and balls of my feet but no more. Yesterday I walked 7 miles and didn’t come home with that “I can’t wait to get these shoes off” feeling you get with other brands. They start off comfortable and stay comfortable. Thank you!!!!

— Vivian Imperiale

These are the most comfortable sneakers I have ever had. I have severe hammer toes and have no pain wearing these shoes.

— Lynn Smith

Love these shoes! I have spent hundreds of dollars trying to find the right shoes for my feet. I have a hammertoe and the ball of my foot is large, regular shoes fit well but soon start hurting my feet. These shoes fit perfect, a little stiff the first day but wore well right out of the box, a very little break in. I no longer have foot and leg cramping at work and they never flare my gout!!! Highly recommend this shoe if you have odd feet lol.

— Trish

These have honestly saved my life!I could barely walk for the pain in my ankles and knees. Bought my first pair and I couldn’t believe the change. Now I’m almost pain-free…

Nancy Ann Lindsay

Great for my arthritic knees and hip. I have serious arthritis in both knees and one hip–large, wide feet with some swelling. There’s room for my foot in these shoes, the support (arch support) is great, and I noticed some reduction in pain after wearing for just a few days.

The laces-with-tabs feature makes it easy to get the shoes on in the morning (bending on one side is very hard). These shoes have more comfort and support (and are lightweight!) than shoes I’ve bought at twice the price.

— Mysti Berry

Knee solution! Since I’ve started wearing the Avery Island shoes my knees have gone from hardly able to walk to pain-free. I’ve spent years trying to find a solution to my knee problem and so far these shoes have been the answer. I wore out two pairs and just received two more pairs. I wear them as a dress shoe, work shoe and even fishing and hiking shoe. Thank you!

— Robert Vincent

I love them! I had some severe knee and foot pain and now I am free of pain! I am able to go up and down the stairs without going down one stair at a time! I would highly recommend the Dtf/Ortho product!

— Yvonne Andersen

Below is an actual email exchange between myself and  a customer from Australia  The reason I have posted it is to show you what kind of customer service we like to offer here at DTF

Customer’s Question:

Thank you for your urgent reply to my request from Australia I have measured my ball /underside of my feet in inches they are both left and right 5 inches also the circumference of my feet at the bunions is 11 and a half inches.
The length from toe to heel is 10 inches, I may have confused you in my email I have tried new balance in a 6E and they hurt my question is how much wider is your 9E?
Your 9702 is there a photo of this on your website?
I am trying to send you a photo of my feet as requested but am having trouble but will keep trying.
Thanks again for your wonderful service,
William Barr 

Our Response:

Hi William,

The 9E is wider than a 6E dealing with a New Balance but with athletic bottoms we are restricted dealing with the base and that means it is a 9E upper but on a 8E bottom ( that the widest that any bottom manufacture develops in the Athletic world ) so the 9702 ( you can find a photo of this style and others at https:wwww.dtfootwear.com and go to Men’s 9E section on the menu.) is an 8 E width, in reality, This is only true on the Athletic bottoms that you see in the 9E section. Now with a 5-inch ball width, you need a 9E for sure and with a 10-inch length- you’re on the borderline of a 9 1/2 to a 10 and I would recommend a 10 in length and 9E for sure for width. We have been doing this inch program for the last 25 yrs. and it works 98 percent of the time in determining a person true width and length. There is only 1/16 inch difference between a 9 1/2 and 10 and you’ll have the Heat Moldable Customize Inserts (FREE a $240.00 value) these take some additional room as well. But once we get these inserts under your feet you’ll never leave without them.

9702 Lace or Velcro is a great running and walking shoe. I need you to measure your feet by inches and that is the length and ball width. Go to the “proper technique for sizing” and watch the video and fill out the form (below)and click send and will come directly to us. I need the left and right length in inches and I need a ball width by inches for the left and right foot as well. I see you have a girth of 11 inches and you been wearing a 9 6E (so you need not fill out this information on the form involving these two categories). I would like a text photo of your left and right foot (without socks) and you standing up or what we call weight bearing – my cell # 909 215 1622. With all this information we’ll be able to determine the correct size and length. Great chance of having a “Duty-Free” delivery. Being this a Therapeutic footwear and used in the Medical field for diabetic and foot conditions – this information will be included in the Duty forms.

Now to show you the importance of this information – here’s a story I just blog this weekend and shows how changes can occur: One more story, this just happen yesterday, and my wife received a call from her mother in WI, and we just send her a new pair of shoes. It’s the same styles we gave her 2 years ago, and that was an 8 1/2 5E ( 628E style number). She needed a new pair but I had her brother measure her feet, by our inch program, and she now is wearing a 9 10E size in the same shoe. WOW what 2 years can do to our feet and body. SHE CALLED TO STATE – “SHE LOVED THE FIT!!”

I’m sorry for the added procedure. but I want to be sure we hit a home run the first time out of the box! Every brand has a different construction last and once we do the procedure the first time and there are no major changes in the future – we can order, your size, over and over and don’t need to go through the fitting procedure.

Ron Heinlein | President/Founder | Cell # 909-215-1622

Customer Response:

Hi Ron
I have this day ordered a pair of 9702 runners size 10 9E and am looking forward to receiving same I will then be seeking your advice re casual walking shoes but will wait until receipt of the shoes.
Once again can I thank you for your urgent advice and service I will be certainly recommending you and your company to my many friends with similar foot problems?
Best regards,
William Barr

I’ve lived in pain most of my life due to poor genetics with my feet and ankles. I’ve suffered from flat feet my whole life and found standing for long periods of time excruciating! I’m working very long hours and walking about 10 miles a day, so having comfortable shoes that don’t cause pain are nonexistent – Until now…..
I bought these almost a week ago and after the first day, the swelling in my ankles have all but disappeared
After purchasing these shoes, I NEVER WORK ANOTHER POSITION WITHOUT A PAIR OF DTFootwear!
— Donni

“These shoes are great. THEY ARE LIKE WALKING ON CLOUDS but they support my foot and I don’t feel any pain.
I have severe spinal arthritis and heel spurs, so I have lived with pain, BUT NOW MY FEET ARE NOT PART OF THE PROBLEM.” 

–Debra G


They are THE GREATEST, and now I own numerous pairs including their excellent slipper. I have even purchased these shoes for friends because I feel so strongly that THEY WILL HELP ANY INDIVIDUAL.”
— John F

 I had already watched the video, but not sure if this means all of your shoes have a bendable for reflex
 I finally got my order placed and am debating over whether or not I should have ordered a 91/2 or a 10…………..I will leave it up to you!
Thanks so much for your help!
 Thank you for your prompt reply.  I am still wondering how flexible the sole is….I can not wear anything that isn’t flexible.
Ron, I think you did it!!!!!!!!
I put them on and shopped for 3 hrs……….
thanks so much for your patience.

Weeks ago I could not walk without severe pain.  I saw a podiatrist and he fitted me with an AFO style brace.  The first problem was solved, I could walk without pain, but the brace was so large that I could no longer fit into any of my existing shoes.  This was a big problem since I had previously used a 6E shoe, I would have to find an even wider shoe.  I searched the Internet and found dtfootwear.com.  I wrote to Ron and to my surprise, he said that since I lived in the Los Angeles area, he would come to my home and bring some shoes to try on.  All he initially asked was that I measure my feet beforehand.  As I explained the brace to him, he then asked me to take a picture of the brace and my foot, just so that we were on the same page.  After seeing the brace and getting my measurements he guaranteed me that he could fit me into a pair of shoes!  Sure enough, Ron pulled up to my house on time with a couple of shoes in hand.  I couldn’t believe it, he had a pair of shoes that fit both me and the brace!  I could finally walk around without pain!  I thought to myself, well I have a pair that fits me know, what about the future?  If you are like me, I find a pair of shoes that fit, only to find out in the future that the manufacturer had changed the style or just plain dropped it.  Ron told me that will never happen to him, he owns the factories and that they will always be able to make them.  So I have a pair of shoes now and will always be able to get them in the future.  What more could one ask for?  Home service in the Los Angeles area, shoes that fit now, and shoes that one can always get in the future.  I highly recommend buying shoes from Ron Heinlein at dtfootwear.com!  I even gave my podiatrist Ron’s card for his other patients!

Jeremy G, Los Angels, CA

Dear Ron
I must tell you this first – I have watched a couple of your videos and not only found it highly enlightening but also refreshingly “human” and it feels as if you are reaching out to ME and speaking to ME.  I didn’t feel as if it was all “sales talk” trying to get me to spend money at your store but rather to invest in my feet!  Thank you for taking the time to produce all those videos!

OK … here’s my problem!  I am fully aware that you don’t ship internationally.  However, I am appealing to you to reconsider sending a small shipment to me in South Africa.  The procedure is extremely simple and I will be liable for import duty and taxes as calculated by our customs officer when the parcel arrives in South Africa, based on your official invoice.  You will be debiting my VISA credit card.
I am busy dealing with a shipping agency called “MyUS.com” and this is my first shipping experience with them.  This company is what I would call a “comedy of errors” and my first shipping experience is a total disaster with so many delays and errors made by their staff!  I do not intend using them ever again.  This is after I thought I did my homework and really studied their website and went through many websites of reviews, etc.  I have since looked at other similar companies that will ship parcels internationally and they all fail miserably.  It seems that nobody is dependable.

I live in South Africa and we have zero shoes for problem feet!  I have severe osteoarthritis in my feet, knees, lower back and one hand.  I have screws and pins on my right foot (my big problem!) and have severe swelling in both feet.  In South Africa, there are NO shoes available in extra width or extra depth!  I have difficulty putting on socks and thus need to buy extra wide socks that will require less effort to get it over my swollen feet and obviously, I require shoes that have Velcro adjustable straps.

My feet measure exactly 10” in length and 3 3/4” at the widest point.  I have not taken any other measurements.
Ron – I am begging you to think about sending an order for a pair or two of shoes for me, to South Africa.  Won’t you please consider my earnest request and get back to me?
Linn South Africa

My response: 
I’m willing to try and your duty might be eliminated if we declare these shoes as medical needs.  You need to check into this concept and I can have these shoes delivered priority mail and that will be charged to you in the closing transaction of PayPal  I have shipped a great deal to Canada   Now can you text me a picture of your feet. Tell me what size you’ve been wearing?  Then I can tell your size and recommend styles for you.   Thank you for all the nice words about my videos and I do care and that is how I got my medical co to be so successful in the states and that’s dealing with this footwear that you view on our site.  Besides the screws that we need to allow support and width-we have your edema (that is no problem) and your arthritis that will take our inserts to create added support and balance   Remember, will not get rid of arthritis or edema or the screws but will help to offload these conditions – that I promise!

I had problems, for years, trying to find a correct width that would fit me. I read one of Ron Heinlein’s blog and check his website and also, contact him with an email.  Their shoes and inserts are out of this world, and the email communication to Ron was the biggest help that I could have ever received. He was so patient and understanding and lead me to my first pair of shoes, and they hit a home run!  Thank you, Ron, for your great products and your inserts and your great approach to handling people with needs.

Jim, Dallas Tx

If 6E is not wide enough. Then go to DTF’s 9E width and find that comfort that you’re missing!! My 6E width shoes I was still finding my feet hang over the bottom of the footwear. Thanks to DTF for introducing those 9E widths, and you have a very nice selection and then added those great inserts what an unbelievable combination. I’ll be a customer for life.

Sam, Atlanta Ga

Just wanted to drop you note to say that I have been wearing DTF footwear for the past 5 years and have owned a number of pairs.  I have been very happy with the shoes and the inserts, and I would recommend both to those who need added support and comfort.  I’m a diabetic and the shoes and inserts have decreased the problems I’ve had with my feet with regard to my diabetes.  Very happy with DTF and I have talked to Ron a few times and have had great conversations.

Norman, Mobile AL

I suffer from extreme edema and I wanted to let you know that the shoes provided by DTF are wonderfully comfortable and the extra wide width is exactly what I needed in a shoe.  I always had difficulty finding a shoe that would fit across my high instep, and these shoes do.  With the extra long Velcro strap, I can easily fit the shoe to my foot comfortably.  I no longer have to kick off my shoes after having them on for a short amount of time due to the pressure they caused.  I’m glad I found you DTF.

Rose, Antigo WI

Having small feet was never a problem when I was young but when I began to develop foot problems, finding shoes in my size that would allow for my issues became very difficult.  Most of the shoes I found in stores were not stylish and were very limited in colors.  My daughter and I began looking online and DTF was one of the sites we visited.  I was very surprised at the selection and size range.  Knowing that I could return them if I wasn’t completely satisfied, I ordered a pair; and I have since purchased a second pair.  Thank you DTF for keeping me out of shoe stores.

Jennifer, Chanute KS

No one really told me that wearing 3-4’ heels every day to work for 35 years was bad for my feet.  Sure, people would ask “how can you wear those shoes all day long?”  I wore them because they were trendy!  Then I began having severe pain in both feet whenever I wore them, which I ignored for quite some time.  When the pain became a real problem, I saw a podiatrist and learned that I have peripheral neuropathy. I was told to “get down off those heels.”  That was 3 years ago.  I now find comfort in wearing shoes ordered from DTF because their staff was able to figure out just what I needed in a shoe for my condition.  Happy Feet customer!

Kathy, Chicago IL

 Being a machinist requires you to be on your feet most of your working day and it really takes a toll after 40 years.  Steel toed shoes are tight and the lack of circulation is what caused some of my foot problems according to my doctor.  Many people probably haven’t heard of Morton’s neuroma but that is one of the things I suffer from.  With the help of the team at DTF, I was fitted for a pair of shoes that make standing and walking less painful. I would recommend to anyone who also has this condition to look for DTF online.

Joe, Buena Vista VA

Just talk to Ron today and he stated that they are adding a new 9E width section for men’s styles. I have purchased two pairs of 9E widths shoes from DTF Co and LOVE THEM BOTH!!!  Besides loving the shoes, I love the communication that  I received from Ron, especially in my first pair of shoes. When I purchased my first pair, they were a little thigh. So I email Ron, and he called me back and told me to take the insert that was in the shoe out and replaced it with one of the lighter inserts. I did and what differences. He told we also to wear this lighter insert until the shoes were broken in and then replace with the thicker insert. I did and wow what a differences and this inserts now works great.  Thank you, Ron, forgoing the extra step, to help. So how having that width, that I cannot find anywhere else and having a person that can and is willing to help me – Wow what a great combination.

Johnny, NY

I can not find 9E widths, in Men’s shoes anywhere!! I was told, by a friend, about DTfoorwear.com. I order my first pair of 9E widths footwear and what a difference. Especially with the FREE 3 sets of great inserts. Now my feet have the comfort and space and then add those great moldable inserts- there is no better combination on this earth. Please if your feet are hurting, at least, look at DTF Co and if you have questions. As I did, ask them, and they are great in returning with a great answer.

Steve J, Boston MA

I been working out in the gym for the last ten years and when I get back from the gym, my feet usually are hurting. The treadmill is my main source of exercising. I saw one of the DTF blogs, on Facebook, and check the tennis shoes out. I had a few questions and email, Ron, and got a great reply back the same day. My question was “why my feet are hurting”? He asks what athletic shoes that I was wearing now? Then his comment was that the shoes are very good but have no midsection support. He leads me to one of his videos; that explained the midsection support and why my feet were hurting. Purchased my first pair of athletic shoes and NO after pain with my feet. Have purchased a few more pairs since and because of the support, of the shoes and the added inserts support- what a great combination.

Nancy, Alta Loma

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