I had already watched the video, but not sure if this means all of your shoes have a bendable for reflex
I finally got my order placed and am debating over whether or not I should have ordered a 91/2 or a 10…………..I will leave it up to you!
Thanks so much for your help!
Thank you for your prompt reply.  I am still wondering how flexible the sole is….I can not wear something that isn’t flexible.  
Ron, I think you did it!!!!!!!!
I put them on and shopped for 3 hrs……….
thanks so much for your patience.


Weeks ago I could not walk without severe pain.  I saw a podiatrist and he fitted me with an AFO style brace.  The first problem was solved, I could walk without pain, but the brace was so large that I could no longer fit into any of my existing shoes.  This was a big problem since I had previously used a 6E shoe, I would have to find an even wider shoe.  I searched the Internet and found dtfootwear.com.  I wrote to Ron and to my surprise, he said that since I lived in the Los Angeles area, he would come to my home and bring some shoes to try on.  All he initially asked was that I measure my feet beforehand.  As I explained the brace to him, he then asked me to take a picture of the brace and my foot, just so that we were on the same page.  After seeing the brace and getting my measurements he guaranteed me that he could fit me into a pair of shoes!  Sure enough, Ron pulled up to my house on time with a couple of shoes in hand.  I couldn’t believe it, he had a pair of shoes that fit both me and the brace!  I could finally walk around without pain!  I thought to myself, well I have a pair that fits me know, what about the future?  If you are like me, I find a pair of shoes that fit, only to find out in the future that the manufacturer had changed the style or just plain dropped it.  Ron told me that will never happen to him, he owns the factories and that they will always be able to make them.  So I have a pair of shoes now and will always be able to get them in the future.  What more could one ask for?  Home service in the Los Angeles area, shoes that fit now, and shoes that one can always get in the future.  I highly recommend buying shoes from Ron Heinlein at dtfootwear.com!  I even gave my podiatrist Ron’s card for his other patients!

Jeremy G, Los Angels, CA

Dear Ron
I must tell you this first – I have watched a couple of your videos and not only found it highly enlightening but also refreshingly “human” and it feels as if you are reaching out to ME and speaking to ME.  I didn’t feel as if it was all “sales talk” trying to get me to spend money at your store but rather to invest in my feet!  Thank you for taking the time to produce all those videos!

OK … here’s my problem!  I am fully aware that you don’t ship internationally.  However, I am appealing to you to reconsider sending a small shipment to me in South Africa.  The procedure is extremely simple and I will be liable for import duty and taxes as calculated by our customs officer when the parcel arrives in South Africa, based on your official invoice.  You will be debiting my VISA credit card.
I am busy dealing with a shipping agency called “MyUS.com” and this is my first shipping experience with them.  This company is what I would call a “comedy of errors” and my first shipping experience is a total disaster with so many delays and errors made by their staff!  I do not intend using them ever again.  This is after I thought I did my homework and really studied their website and went through many websites of reviews, etc.  I have since looked at other similar companies that will ship parcels internationally and they all fail miserably.  It seems that nobody is dependable.

I live in South Africa and we have zero shoes for problem feet!  I have severe osteoarthritis in my feet, knees, lower back and one hand.  I have screws and pins on my right foot (my big problem!) and have severe swelling in both feet.  In South Africa, there are NO shoes available in extra width or extra depth!  I have difficulty putting on socks and thus need to buy extra wide socks that will require less effort to get it over my swollen feet and obviously, I require shoes that have Velcro adjustable straps.

My feet measure exactly 10” in length and 3 3/4” at the widest point.  I have not taken any other measurements.
Ron – I am begging you to think about sending an order for a pair or two of shoes for me, to South Africa.  Won’t you please consider my earnest request and get back to me?
Linn South Africa

My response: 
I’m willing to try and your duty might be eliminated if we declare these shoes as medical needs.  You need to check into this concept and I can have these shoes delivered priority mail and that will be charged to you in the closing transaction of PayPal  I have shipped a great deal to Canada   Now can you text me a picture of your feet. Tell me what size you’ve been wearing?  Then I can tell your size and recommend styles for you.   Thank you for all the nice words about my videos and I do care and that is how I got my medical co to be so successful in the states and that’s dealing with this footwear that you view on our site.  Beside the screws that we need to allow support and width-we have your edema (that is no problem) and your arthritis that will take our inserts to create added support and balance   Remember, will not get rid of arthritis or edema or the screws but will help to offload these conditions – that I promise!

I had problems, for years, trying to find a correct width that would fit me. I read one of Ron Heinlein’s blog and check his website and also, contact him with an email.  Their shoes and inserts are out of this world, and the email communication to Ron was the biggest help that I could have ever received. He was so patient and understanding and lead me to my first pair of shoes, and they hit a home run!  Thank you, Ron, for your great products and your inserts and your great approach to handling people with needs.

Jim, Dallas Tx

If 6E is not wide enough. Then go to DTF’s 9E width and find that comfort that you’re missing!! My 6E width shoes I was still finding my feet hang over the bottom of the footwear. Thanks to DTF for introducing those 9E widths, and you have a very nice selection and then added those great inserts what an unbelievable combination. I’ll be a customer for life.

Sam, Atlanta Ga

Just wanted to drop you note to say that I have been wearing DTF footwear for the past 5 years and have owned a number of pairs.  I have been very happy with the shoes and the inserts, and I would recommend both to those who need added support and comfort.  I’m a diabetic and the shoes and inserts have decreased the problems I’ve had with my feet with regard to my diabetes.  Very happy with DTF and I have talked to Ron a few times and have had great conversations.

Norman, Mobile AL

I suffer from extreme edema and I wanted to let you know that the shoes provided by DTF are wonderfully comfortable and the extra wide width is exactly what I needed in a shoe.  I always had difficulty finding a shoe that would fit across my high instep, and these shoes do.  With the extra long Velcro strap, I can easily fit the shoe to my foot comfortably.  I no longer have to kick off my shoes after having them on for a short amount of time due to the pressure they caused.  I’m glad I found you DTF.

Rose, Antigo WI

Having small feet was never a problem when I was young but when I began to develop foot problems, finding shoes in my size that would allow for my issues became very difficult.  Most of the shoes I found in stores were not stylish and were very limited in colors.  My daughter and I began looking online and DTF was one of the sites we visited.  I was very surprised at the selection and size range.  Knowing that I could return them if I wasn’t completely satisfied, I ordered a pair; and I have since purchased a second pair.  Thank you DTF for keeping me out of shoe stores.

Jennifer, Chanute KS

No one really told me that wearing 3-4’ heels every day to work for 35 years was bad for my feet.  Sure, people would ask “how can you wear those shoes all day long?”  I wore them because they were trendy!  Then I began having severe pain in both feet whenever I wore them, which I ignored for quite some time.  When the pain became a real problem, I saw a podiatrist and learned that I have peripheral neuropathy. I was told to “get down off those heels.”  That was 3 years ago.  I now find comfort in wearing shoes ordered from DTF because their staff was able to figure out just what I needed in a shoe for my condition.  Happy Feet customer!

Kathy, Chicago IL

 Being a machinist requires you to be on your feet most of your working day and it really takes a toll after 40 years.  Steel toed shoes are tight and the lack of circulation is what caused some of my foot problems according to my doctor.  Many people probably haven’t heard of Morton’s neuroma but that is one of the things I suffer from.  With the help of the team at DTF, I was fitted for a pair of shoes that make standing and walking less painful. I would recommend to anyone who also has this condition to look for DTF online.

Joe, Buena Vista VA

Just talk to Ron today and he stated that they are adding a new 9E width section for men’s styles. I have purchased two pairs of 9E widths shoes from DTF Co and LOVE THEM BOTH!!!  Besides loving the shoes, I love the communication that  I received from Ron, especially in my first pair of shoes. When I purchased my first pair, they were a little thigh. So I email Ron, and he called me back and told me to take the insert that was in the shoe out and replaced it with one of the lighter inserts. I did and what differences. He told we also to wear this lighter insert until the shoes were broken in and then replace with the thicker insert. I did and wow what a differences and this inserts now works great.  Thank you, Ron, forgoing the extra step, to help. So how having that width, that I cannot find anywhere else and having a person that can and is willing to help me – Wow what a great combination.

Johnny, NY

I can not find 9E widths, in Men’s shoes anywhere!! I was told, by a friend, about DTfoorwear.com. I order my first pair of 9E widths footwear and what a difference. Especially with the FREE 3 sets of great inserts. Now my feet have the comfort and space and then add those great moldable inserts- there is no better combination on this earth. Please if your feet are hurting, at least, look at DTF Co and if you have questions. As I did, ask them, and they are great in returning with a great answer.

Steve J, Boston MA

I been working out in the gym for the last ten years and when I get back from the gym, my feet usually are hurting. The treadmill is my main source of exercising. I saw one of the DTF blogs, on Facebook, and check the tennis shoes out. I had a few questions and email, Ron, and got a great reply back the same day. My question was “why my feet are hurting”? He asks what athletic shoes that I was wearing now? Then his comment was that the shoes are very good but have no midsection support. He leads me to one of his videos; that explained the midsection support and why my feet were hurting. Purchased my first pair of athletic shoes and NO after pain with my feet. Have purchased a few more pairs since and because of the support, of the shoes and the added inserts support- what a great combination.

Nancy, Alta Loma