Email received today on a customer needing to know her husband’s size and the then reply back the same day.
The shoes are order and will go out Tuesday of next week:
Shoe Size Form2
  • Sheila Bauer <>,
    Sun, Feb 5 at 4:09 PM
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    From: Sheila Bauer
    Subject: Shoe Size Form

    Gender: MEN

    Net Foot Length Measurement by inches (L):
    L: 10 1/2
    R: 11

    Flat Ball Width Measurement by inches (W):
    L: 4 1/2
    R: 5

    Ball Girth (B): If you have major edema:
    L: 10
    R: 12 1/2

    Instep Girth (I): if you have major edema:
    L: 11
    R: 12 1/2

    (H): if you have major edema in your ankles:
    R: major swelling

    Give us your size from your old shoes – that are comfortable:
    10 1/2 or 11

    Sheila Bauer

    4922 Magazine Street

    New Orleans


    Phone number:

    Email address:

    Fax number:

    men’s most comfortable, diabetic, arthritis, bone spurs

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    Or email reply back to your size request:

  • Our reply back was 11 10E in style 728E

    Her reply back after receiving our email:

    Bauer, Sheila A <>
    To:Ron Heinlein
    Sun, Feb 5 at 6:50 PM

    Hi Ron,

    Thank you so much for your quick reply! Wow. 10E. Ok, I just ordered them for my husband.

    We had almost lost hope. We’ve tried so many others, but none were comfortable for him. But the jump to 10 E from 4E is probably why.

    I really appreciate you responding so quickly and giving us hope again!!

    Have a great day!

    Sheila Bauer

An  email we received today 1/3/22 form a pickleball player in Canada:

Sean James


Ron Heinlein

Thank you Ron. Love your shoes! Just played 3 hours of pickleball and one hour of tennis. Feet finally feel good!

Sean James
What one of the Administrator, for a well know pickleball club, have to say about our slippers:

Scott Nilsen

Ron Heinlein I have the slippers and they honestly saved my feet. Also to note, the number one senior singles player in the world Mattias Johansson wears them. And loves them!
Wait when he starts wearing our court shoes!!!   Well He Feel the Differences. YEP!!


What the number one single Senior paly in the world thinks about our shoes.
Mattias Johansson just won the International Tournament in Indian Wells Ca for the second year in the row.


mattias Johansson

Nov 18, 2022, 7:14 PM (21 hours ago)

to me

Hi Ron,
Just want to send a quick note – the black and grey models that i have now are awesome. They look good too – look like a pickleball shoe as well which was not the case with previous models.
Every tournament people come up and ask what shoes I wear and where they can buy them. Usually after a final, many people want something at that time – so i dont give out my code -but obviously tell them their website-  but i see a tremendous increase in interest since start wearing this model!They still wear out rather quickly but i talk a lot to the top regular pros and when the play singles – their shoes last 2 tournaments ( including mixed and doubles) and practice leading up to the event- so it is a common issue for all brands with high level players.In order to make them last longer – Im thinking of practicing in other shoes – but the issue there is all other shoes now are so uncomfortable plus I want to represent the brand at all times not only during tournaments since people do talk to me during practices as well.Shoes will last over last tournament of the year in beginning of December- after that, they are all completely worn out.Heard some issues from people about navigating your website – difficult to find what they look for. Any idea how to make that easier since these models seem to be what people want!!?

Thanks again – think this is only the beginning of and pickleball!
Talk soon!!

Mattias Johansson

You are amazing!
Ann Jardine
2:41 AM
Ron Heinlein
I am sorry I doubted you Ron!. The shoes are beautiful. These will be the only shoes we buy from now on. I am going to measure my feet tomorrow and buy my pair of your pickleball shoes! Thanks so much!!
What does the number one pickleball player say about our shoes?

Ron Heinlein

Great work and those shoe are looking good on your feet! Thank you for all the great and kind words you stated at the Atlanta open a few weeks ago about your footwear from


Mattias Johansson

Ron HeinleinAwesome shoes Ron – enjoyed finally spending some time together!! Thank you!!

Just received this comment about our court shoes:

Hi Ron,
Well, it’s that time again. I have worn my BioFit tennis shoes to play tennis and pickleball since February. So it’s time to get a new pair of shoes.  Do you have any other recommendations on the best court shoe? Especially for tennis.  I do play pickleball but mainly tennis these days.  I really enjoyed the last pair. Not sure if I should look at changing anything up.  I wanted your professional opinion. Thanks!
Wishing You Wellness,

Terri Moore
Less Weight, More Health
7 months and she plays 3 to 4 times a week.


A Very Nice Comment from the Number One Player in the World, Mattias Johannson, #1 Senior Singe Player:

A very humbling experience to play my first @usopenpickleball – I appreciate this world-class event – wow!!!
The community of Naples is really behind this tournament- thank you to everyone who volunteers his/her time.
Thank you, fellow competitors- congrats to fellow Swede @axel.irestedt bronze! Special thanks to my awesome friend and warrior @_paulolin for pushing me to develop my game weekly so we can continue to share the court at the end of the day. Great playing as always!!
Very special feeling to leave US Open with🥇
Congrats Beth Herr Bellamy nice pic!😊

Thank you @dtfootwearcom for your continued support. “Pickleballers” get a pair of these outstanding shoes – the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn – plus come with special inserts that your feet would love


Some updates on two testimonials:

Nancy Racine:

Playing with other Athletic shoes, and each time and every time, during playing was getting foot cramps. The toe box was squeezing her foot.
Now came along great Pickleball shoes, and guess what? After earning DTFootwear shoes, not one cramp, and that is so far wearing six times – so far!



Melaine Dalton:

I just got a reply back from her. She stated that she is so happy with her DTFootwear in playing tennis and pickleball for the last six months. Her old pair, after a match, her foot would be numb, but NOT with DTFOOTWEAR shoes. GREAT NEWS!!


Another Update on one of our very Happy Customers and she is a Tennis and Pickleball Player –  Testimonial:


Terri Moore

Ron Heinlein indeed. My shoes are awesome. Just give your website to 2 new folks that are interested!

Just received this text from her:

Ron, I really have enjoyed my orthopedic court shoes.  I played a long hard match yesterday.  I normally come off the court with tired and hurting feet. However,  this time was so different. My feet felt so much better. I felt like I could totally have played so much longer.
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We just received today, from another player on the pro pickleball circuit:

Just got this testimonial at 2:45 AM today from another pro on the circuit:
Howdy Ron. I cannot believe I’ve found a shoe that fits true to size. I’ve not worn the shoes out yet because I know they are a bit wide unless that is how they should fit. My foot has lots of room in the tow box and is just over thumb in length. hope you’re well. So I actually think I could use an 11.5 2 or 4e I so want to wear these shoes as when I wear them around the house they are soooo comfortable. I so wish you had a store I could go to hah
My reply back:
Most pickleball payers want to have a very tight fit on their shoes, on the court, and you’ll still have that comfort but we will always give you that toe box space, heel support, and the strongest midsection in the world dealing with our footwear and pickleball. Then we will add the most comfortable insert that you will ever have under your feet and the first pair is on us!

Let’s Hear What the One Single Senior Player, in the World, has to say about our Customized Foam Box Inserts:

All the inserts are very comfortable!
The custom insert is obviously a big difference feeling-wise and takes a little bit of time to get used to – but one can really feel the difference in support!
Have a great week Ron!
Thank you!!



New comment from our #1 Single Senior player in the world:

Ron Heinlein


and you play with style and class!

Mattias Johansson

Appreciate it Ron – now I got the best shoes on the market


Just send her FREE customized inserts and here is our reply back on here pickleball shoes:


Laurie Sponsler <>
To:Ron Heinlein
Fri, Mar 4 at 11:05 AM

Thanks Ron,

I am really loving the shoes!

New Testimonial:

The Moore Method <>
To: Ron Heinlein

Sat, Feb 19 at 12:13 PM

Hi Ron,

I’m enjoying wearing my new court shoes from DTFootwear. I wear them when I’m playing competitive and recreational tennis. They have so far been very comfortable. I’m still making adjustments as you suggested with the orthotic inserts. I don’t feel like I need to take my shoes off as soon as I get off the courts as I have in the past. My feet feel great after my matches are over! I do forget that with the convenience of the velcro I don’t have to untie them to take them on and off. Old habits.

I’m looking forward to playing more matches with my new shoes. I’ve been telling my friends and opponents all about these great shoes! Thanks so sharing them with me!

Wishing You Wellness,

Terri Moore

The Moore Method Health and Fitness


Just got this email from the Number 1/2 Single  Senior Player in the World for Pickleball!!!

Mattias Johansson <>

To: Ron Heinlein

Mon, Feb 7 at 4:42 PM

Must say that both models are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn!! I’m Super impressed and every pickleball player should have a pair of these. 

We just received this testimonial:

From the Desk of Gary Heinlein Payson AZ

This gentleman can play pickleball and is rated four plus.

“Yes, they are comfortable.

I wore them in yesterday’s tournament where I won bronze – in Mesa, AZ.

Just won two golds in my last tournament with these shoes.

I have a custom insert, from and like playing on a pillow with major support!

Great toe space, great midsection support, and great balance and support that you’ll find in no other footwear dealing with Pickleball or Tennis.”


From Melaine Dalton,

 Have played tennis most of my life and have spent the last twelve years playing in city leagues in the Atlanta GA area.

Through the years I have had a problem with many of the major brands of shoes causing my feet to fall asleep.

I recently started playing pickleball and I discovered the DTFootwear pickleball/tennis shoes.

Their “O” series has alleviated this problem because of its support system and larger toe box which allowed more room for my toes.

My other shoes had too much bi-lateral movement which I found caused more wear and tear on my feet and legs.

Great feel, support, comfort, and then having the shoe give me wiggle room for my toes is outstanding

 Melanie Dalton


This testimonial is from the Owner of

I played tennis in high school and college and loved the sport.

Slow down several years ago and just moved our corporate office to Canton, GA, and started playing Pickleball, and what a great game!

Before Pickleball, I would work out in the gym 3 to 4 days a week.

Then came Covid 19, and all gyms closed. So, I started walking 4 miles a day, 5 to 6 days a week.

I did not wear our excellent athletic footwear and wore shoes ( two major brands) that I had purchased before and used as my walking shoes.

In 3 week period, I had two black toenails on the large toes. It was so bad that I lost the complete toenail on my right big toe!

Then, I decided to get one of our Athletic footwear, which I’m using as a pickleball shoe- the Most Comfortable Athletic Footwear I have ever worn.

My toes are back to their normal color, and this shoe has cut the added wear and tear to my feet.

These great inserts have taken the pressure off my heel and the metatarsal area of my feet.

Now, I never worry about my feet on the court- only worry about my play!

One more added point:

The other day I wore one of these well-known brands of Comfort Atheltic, not Orthopedic/Therapeutic lasted uppers, for a day, and I had three different occasions of my feet cramping up?



Marylin Malone

Super comfortable

This line of shoes is the most comfortable shoe I have found to date. No complaints.


Beatrice Huskey

Wide toe box which I need. Very comfy



 Andrea Vartabedian

No More Foot Pain….can you believe it…

Excellent support, had the shoe in wide, looks like a normal shoe. Couldn’t say enough good things about my experience.


G. Lingerfelt

Walking on a cloud

These are by far the most comfortable tennis shoes I have ever worn! They truly feel as though I’m walking on clouds which is great for arthritis in my feet. They’re easily adjustable and don’t bind too much when my feet and ankles swell. Thank you!



Love these shoes

These are the most comfortable sneakers I have ever owned. Normally I can’t wait to take my shoes off. They always hurt my feet. With these, I forget I am wearing them.


James Bennett

0521 stretch

A very comfortable shoe I like the extra toe room and the ability to customize the fit


James Gato

excellent sneakers

The products are excellent, very well made with great width, perfect.


Richard Gunn

I give them 5 stars because the shoes are unbelievably comfortable but supportive too!


Michael Fazzio

Great Sneakers

These are extremely comfortable sneakers and I have been wearing them often.

I highly recommend these sneakers especially if you are playing Pickleball or Tennis!


Hal Childress

The most comfortable shoe I’ve ever had

I am a very wide 6E with a high arch area and the shoe fits perfectly with plenty of room to spare for using the orthotics that Dtfootwear provided to me FREE!


James Gardiner

Comfort Plus

Most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever owned. I’ll be a customer for life.


Michael Grubbs

Best shoes ever

These are the best feeling shoes I have purchased in a long time!!!!


Ed Cox

Every step is a foot massage!

I love these shoes!

From the very first, they felt comfortable. Now that I have worn them a couple of weeks and played a number of sets, I can say that every movement is as if my foot is getting massaged.

Besides the shoes, these inserts are out of this world!

And my wife complimented me on my good-looking shoes.


David Choplin

Comfort shoes

Good rooming shoes I like the room you have around the toes very comfortable.