A testimonial I’m very proud of:

Yes, a testimonial I’m very proud of:

A testimonial I’m very proud of:

Dear Ron

I must tell you this first – I have watched a couple of your videos and not only found it highly enlightening but also refreshingly “human”, and it feels as if you are reaching out to ME and speaking to ME. 

I didn’t feel as if it was all “sales talk” trying to get me to spend money at your store but rather to invest in my feet! 

Thank you for taking the time to produce all those videos!

OK … here’s my problem! 

I am fully aware that you don’t ship internationally ( note we do how). 

However, I am appealing to you to reconsider sending a small shipment to me in South Africa. 

The procedure is extremely simple, and I will be liable for import duty and taxes as calculated by our customs officer when the parcel arrives in South Africa, based on your official invoice. 

You will be debiting my VISA credit card.

I am busy dealing with a shipping agency called “MyUS.com”, and this is my first shipping experience with them. 

This company is what I would call a “comedy of errors” and my first shipping experience is a total disaster with so many delays and errors made by their staff!

  I do not intend to use them ever again. 

This is after I had thought I did my homework and studied their website and went through many websites of reviews, etc. 

Then, I have since looked at other similar companies that will ship parcels internationally, and they all fail miserably.  It seems that nobody is dependable.

Yes, I live in South Africa, and we have zero shoes for problem feet!  I have severe osteoarthritis in my feet, knees, lower back, and one hand.

  I have screws and pins on my right foot (my big problem!) and have severe swelling in both feet. 

In South Africa, there are NO shoes available in extra width or extra depth! 

I have difficulty putting on socks and thus need to buy extra wide socks that will require less effort to get over my swollen feet and obviously, I require shoes that have Velcro adjustable straps.

My feet measure exactly 10” in length and 3 3/4” at the widest point.  I have not taken any other measurements.

Ron – I am begging you to think about sending an order for a pair or two of shoes for me, to South Africa. 

Won’t you please consider my earnest request and get back to me?

Linn South Africa

My response: 

I’m willing to try, and your duty might be eliminated if we declare these shoes as medical needs.

 You need to check into this concept, and I can have these shoes delivered priority mail, and that will be the charge to you in the closing transaction of PayPal.
I have shipped a great deal to Canada.
Now can you text me a picture of your feet?
Tell me what size you’ve been wearing?  Then I can determine your size and recommend styles for you.  

Thank you for all the sweet words about my videos and I do care, and that is how I got my medical co to be so successful in the States, and that’s dealing with this footwear that you view on our site.

 Besides the screws that we need to allow support and width- we have your edema (that is no problem).

 Your arthritis will take our inserts to create added support and balance.

  Remember will not get rid of arthritis or edema or the screws but will help to offload these conditions – that I promise!

We are called Designer Therapeutic/Orthopedic Footwear.

Fashionable Wide Width that looks great, but they are Shoes that help prevent arch pains. 

 What To Do About Arch Pain!

 The term arch pain (often referred to as arch strain) refers to an inflammation and burning sensation at the foot’s arch.

There are various potential causes and treatment options to help you manage your arch pain and get back to feeling great on your feet.

NEED, Wiggle Room

More wiggle room that you have creates less wear and tear to the foot and creates a better circulation channel to the foot and legs. A good example is Dtfootwear Worldwide Orthopedic/Therapeutic Comfort Shoes.

WHAT, Cause

Many different factors can cause arch pain. A structural imbalance or an injury to the foot can often be the direct cause.

However, most frequently, the cause is a common condition called plantar fasciitis. The plantar fascia is a broad band of fibrous tissue located along the foot’s bottom surface that runs from the heel to the forefoot.

Excessive stretching of the plantar fascia, usually due to over-pronation (flat feet), causes plantar fasciitis.

Damage from inflammation

The inflammation caused by the plantar fascia being stretched away from the heel often leads to pain in the heel and arch areas.

The pain is often extreme in the morning when an individual first gets out of bed or after a prolonged period of rest. If this condition is left untreated and strain on the longitudinal arch continues, a bony protrusion may develop, known as a heel spur.

It is essential to treat the condition promptly before it worsens.

VERY IMPORTANT, Treatment & Prevention

Arch Pain, a common foot condition, can be easily treated.

 If you suffer from arch pain, avoid high-heeled shoes whenever possible.

Try to choose footwear with a reasonable heel, soft leather uppers, shock-absorbing soles, and removable foot insoles.

When the arch pain is pronation related (flat feet), an orthotic designed with a medial heel post and proper arch support is recommended for treating the problem.

This type of orthotic will control over-pronation, support the arch, and provide the necessary relief.

How significant these Orthopedic triple-layer heat moldable customized inserts?

I want you to understand that with this great Orthotic or Triple-Layer Heat Moldable Customize Inserts that you’ll receive 1 to 3 sets from us FREE!

These insert mold to your arch and give you all the needed protection, support, balance, and pain relief from your foot.

Now let’s talk in more detail about the ten reasons that make orthopedic/therapeutic footwear the better choice for the health of your foot:

In Conclusion

World’s strongest midsection

1) Orthopedic/Therapeutic shoes have the strongest mid-support in the shoe business, preventing bilateral movement, and a midsection depth that gives you support.

Plus, the full room available in the footwear world.

2)They also have the most solid heel counter in the business, working to prevent the bi-lateral movement of your foot.

Fuller Toe Box

3) In an orthopedic/therapeutic shoe, you’ll also find a taller/fuller toe box creating more space and wiggle room for your toes.

4)  Extended bottoms give you the fullest width and support, more than any other shoe company out there.

Lightweight only 7 ounces, in many cases, and that is Men’s and Ladies styles.

5) they’re lightweight shoes causing less wear and tear on your feet, without skimping on support.

Mandatory removable footbeds

6) Removable Arch support, or customized insert, create a more advanced support system for your foot.

The next time you buy a pair of shoes makes sure they have a removable footbed.

With a removable footbed, you’ll be able to use your custom made inserts, which offer far more support and comfort than a standard factory footbed.

Approximately eighty-five percent of athletic shoes have zero support in the factory-made inserts. It’s beneficial to your foot to use an insert explicitly molded for your foot, but you can not stack a custom insert on top of a factory-made footbed.

Ensure the shoe’s footbed is removable before making a purchase. For more information about our triple-layered, heat molded, custom inserts, and how to get THREE pairs for FREE, visit www.dtfoowear.com.

7) Women’s styles have a 3 to 1 combination for better fit and support for your heel.

8) A fuller forefront in the construction of the footwear creates a more comfortable, supportive fit.

9) The deeper heel counters promote better balance and support of the heel.

10) Leather lining creates more flexibility and breathability for the foot.

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Thank You,

Ron Heinlein | President/Founder | Cell # 909-215-1622 | heinleinron@yahoo.com

Been in the footwear business for over 50 years and been trained by the best in the Therapeutic/Orthopedic world.

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  1. Are you in the US and about how long does it take you to ship. I have ordered from places that say they are in US only because they come in on ship from China then are in US frustrating!!!! Then it takes weeks and it is a rip off

    1. We have 9 warehouses in the USA, and they are stocked – if the shoes are in stock (and should be) it will take 5 to 7 days to reach you and 10 to 12 days to reach internationally.

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