Simple Toe Exercises To Build Stronger Feet. Now with these stronger feet how do we protect them every day?

Simple Toe Exercises To Build Stronger Feet. Now with these stronger feet how do we protect them every day? Can having WIDE WIDTH SHOE CONSTRUCTED UPPERS AND OUTSOLES AND HAVING THOSE 9E WIDTHS FOR MEN AND LADIES?


Ron Heinlein

Ron Heinlein

Simple Toe Exercises To Build Stronger Feet

The feet often don’t make it into a typical person’s fitness routine. However, without strong feet, even simple activities like walking can become a burden on your body since a strong foundation is required to function properly and safely.

Strong healthy toes are important for maintaining proper body alignment and allowing your feet to propel themselves forward. Toe weakness leads to pain and bad posture even in other parts of your body like in the ankles, knees, and back.

Here are a few simple exercises & stretches you can do to keep those toes strong & flexible:

  • Standing or seated, place your feet flat on the floor so that they are facing forward. Once in a stable position, lift and spread your toes. Repeat this motion 10 times.
  • Get a small object that you can pick up with your toes. Pencils, pens, and marbles all work well for this exercise. Pick up the object and drop it back on the floor, using only your toes. Do this 30 times on each foot 2-3 times a day.
  • Seated or standing, lift the big toe while keeping the littlest toe down flat on the ground. Repeat 10 times. Then, try the opposite: lift the little toe while keeping the big toe pressed down.
  • To stretch the toes, use your hand to push them up while seated. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds before pushing them back down in the opposite direction, holding that position for an additional 30 seconds.
  • Standing with one foot firmly placed on the floor, lift the other foot and bring the top of that foot down on the floor. Press down on the top of the foot lightly until you feel a stretch at the top of the foot.

Remember to start slowly to avoid straining your feet and wear proper footwear as found offering enough support & cushioning during the day to keep your feet protected.

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