SKU:  9301 Women’s Footwear for that Narrow and Wide foot and We have a 3 to 1 combination last that is unheard of in today’s shoe business ( this means that the heel is 3 times narrower than the ball width). •Extremely lightweight, soft Napa leather upper Categories: , , , , , ,


Introducing the 9301, part of the woman’s Comfort Collection. Designed for narrow and wide feet. The shoes have a unique shape that’s narrower at the heel and wider at the ball of the foot, providing a perfect fit.

Made with soft and lightweight leather uppers and a cushioned sole for maximum comfort. The inside is lined with smooth leather to reduce rubbing and irritation.

Double depth provides more space for your feet, and they come with removable insoles so you can customize the fit. Our shoes also have extra space in the toe area and extra support around the ankle, so your feet will feel great all day.

FREE gift with purchase – three set of custom heat moldable inserts. A $240 value included FREE!

  • 3 to 1 combination last that is unheard of in today’s shoe business ( this means that the heel is 3 times narrower than the ball width)
  • Extremely lightweight, soft Napa leather uppers with injected EVA sole
  • Seamless Leather linings to decrease friction
  • Extra-depth (8mm or 5/16″) deeper than conventional straight last shoes
  • Removable inserts for flexible fitting
  • Better accommodation for orthotics, AFO & internal modifications
  • extra-width at the toe & extra support at the ankle
  • Elongated medial & lateral counter to provide support & stability
  • IF YOU HAVE ANY SWELLING OR HIGH INSTEP then this is the best style for you because of that added depth to the shoe and the added widths
  • We’ve been compared to the “SAS” (in this style of shoe) a very high regard line of women’s and men’s shoes that are in the comfort world. We are honored to be compared but we have more depth and support and widths.
  • Extended bottoms, in all widths, where you never have any type of foot hangover in any of our shoes. That is 100 percent support, in that your feet will be standing on a solid foundation, from heel to toes and side to side support. This is unheard of in the shoe world.

Sizes: 4 1/2, 5, 5 1/2 ,6, 6 1/2 ,7, 7 1.2 ,8, 8 1/2 ,9, 9 1/2 , 10, 10 1/2, 11-15 (11 to 15 whole sizes)

Narrow                                              AA Width                                          4 1/2  – 12
Medium                                             B                                                          4 1/2 -15
Wide                                                   D                                                           4 1/2  – 15
Extra Wide                                        3E                                                         4 1/2 -15
Extra Double Wide                        5E                                                         5-15
Extra- Extra Double Wide           7E                                                          5-15

Colors: Black

Style: 9301
Price: $128.00 – $149.00

Note: Style 9301 can be special ordered in a 9E, 10E or 14E width. Special orders typically take 6-8 weeks to deliver. Special orders are NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-EXCHANGEABLE.

Women’s Length size-4 Special Order Program
Women’s Length-4 1/2 Stocked
Women’s Lengths Size-12 to 15 Stocked
Women’s 7E-Width Stocked
Women’s 10E-Width, 14E-Width Stocked
Women’s 10E-Widths, 14E-Widths Special Order program


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