A shoe that made my wife eyes almost leave her sockeys


“Just one of our small shoes for us – we go up to a 20 in length ” https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/just-one-small-shoes-us-we-go-up-20-lenght-ron-heinlein on @LinkedIn

Just added this to Tweeter and Facebook and Linkedin and the response been overwhelming

A photo my wife want to share to all. This was sent to one of our customers in Australia. When I opened the box and showed her the shoe, her eyes almost left her socket. A 14 length with a 14 E width, and we go up to a size 20 for men. If you have major swelling problems and need offloading around the ankles, the insteps and bunion area this is a shoe for you! We have more styles to choose from and remember the most important element for success is those 3 sets of FREE customized heat moldable inserts that come with every purchase of a pair of shoes. No one else does this giveaway, on the internet, a $240.00 value “FREE.”