ONE PROBLEM IS THAT WHEN WE RECEIVE NUMBER OF SIZES AND WIDTHS, AN NUMBER OF THESE INDIVIDUAL HAS NOT HAD THEIR FEET MEASURED IN 10 TO 15 YEARS.  Please send us measurements, in inches  – and see how we can give your proper length and width. The fit will be correct 95 percent of the time.  So if you feel you’re not wearing the correct length or width – take a feel minutes and send us the information and it will work! Then you can order the proper size and width. Takes more time but we are happy to help and we were doing this “inch measurement” for 20 years and it works!

Here the latest testimonial that always makes me feel proud: Here’s my first reply to her:

“Yes, we ship to Canada, and I need (first) the measurement of your father length in inches and width by inches and go to and follow the video and fill out the form and email it to me.

Now go to…/m…/extra-extra-wide-width-style/ and go to the first style of this page 728E ( I suggest this style) and this is perfect for any edema and will adjust to any swelling or ankle discomforted as well. If he has significant swelling can you please measure the whole ball width ( a complete circle) and enter that information on the form. Also, text me a picture of his left and right foot- especially if he has to swell (edema) in the instep or ankle.”

Pauline Brown Schlosser

“Thank You so much! I am so excited that I was able to find footwear for him…

I cannot get the fantastic service. If I ever meet anyone in the same predicament as me, I will let them know about your company”.


Now a second tensional with an added service if you live in the Los Angeles area – and bonus:

Weeks ago I could not walk without severe pain. I saw a podiatrist, and he fitted me with an AFO style brace. The first problem was solved, I could walk without pain, but the brace was so large that I could no longer fit into any of my existing shoes. This was a big problem since I had previously used a 6E shoe, I would have to find an even wider shoe. I searched the Internet and found I wrote to Ron and my surprise; he said that since I lived in the Los Angeles area, he would come to my home and bring some shoes to try on. All he initially asked was that I measure my feet beforehand. As I explained the brace to him, he then asked me to take a picture of the brace and my foot, just so that we were on the same page. After seeing the brace and getting my measurements, he guaranteed me that he could fit me into a pair of shoes! Sure enough, Ron pulled up to my house on time with a couple of shoes in hand. I couldn’t believe it; he had a pair of shoes that fit both me and the brace! I could finally walk around without pain! I thought to myself, well I have a pair that fits me know, what about the future? If you are like me, I find a pair of shoes that fit, only to find out in the future that the manufacturer had changed the style or just plain dropped it. Ron told me that would never happen to him, he owns the factories and that they will always be able to make them. So I have a pair of shoes now and will always be able to get them in the future. What more could one ask for? Home service in the Los Angeles area, shoes that fit now, and shoes that one can always get in the future. I highly recommend buying shoes from Ron Heinlein at! I even gave my podiatrist Ron’s card for his other patients!

Jeremy G, Los Angels, CA

I need to talk to the men out there. Is your 6E hurting your feet? I have received three calls this week stating that problem. A few reasons, why our 9E program, has been an unbelievable success! Oh, a note: all 3 of those men love their new 9E width shoes!

What’s so great about these Heat Moldable Customized Inserts – other than they come with three sets of inserts to YOU “FREE”- with each purchase of footwear. Also, 10 reasons why we are different from anybody else on the internet!