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Pickleball shoes need to have four things (1) they need to be comfortable (2) they need to have good support (3) they need to be durable (4) and they need to look good

Our styles have all of these and we are different because we offer Orthopedic/Therapeutic/ Advance Comfort System constructed and lasted upper and best selection of width found on this earth.  We are the only shoe line on the internet that offers special order privileges and that is making styles in our stock program in any color or width that you need and yes for men and ladies

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Pickleball/Tennis Sports Club

Why wear DTF Pickleball shoes

Pickleball shoes need to have four things (1) they need to be comfortable (2) they need to have good support (3) they need to be durable (4) and they need to look good

Our styles have all of these and more:

  • Our shoes are orthopedic/therapeutic lasted and constructed uppers which means there is no bilateral (side to side) movement which lessens the wear and tear on your feet, knees, legs and even your back. They help with the overall health of your whole body
  • Most pickleball/tennis shoes only offer two to three widths while we offer up to five widths to choose from in both men and women’s shoes
  • Our styles offer removable footbeds so you can put your customized inserts inside our shoes. Most pickleball/tennis shoes have a permanent insert that will not allow you to put any other inserts into the shoe
  • Our styles have a deeper toe box which allows more room for the toes which helps avoid black toenails We also have a deeper cushioned heel support system. This all allows more room for inserts
  • Many of our styles have an airflow heel system which adds support and balance for your heel with every movement you make on the pickleball court
  • Not only do our styles come in wider widths but we also have sizes up to 17 for men and 15 for women. Larger sizes that will still offer you great support and comfort

The best way to save $money$ on our shoes

What is the DTF Sports Club?

Most all pickleball players are looking for the perfect athletic shoes. Once they find the right pair they will usually look for the best price. Well, we know that our DTF pickleball shoes are the best shoes out there so we created a way for you to get the best possible price. To do that we started the DTF Sports Club. It’s a club that offers you great savings on what you would normally pay to buy new shoes and inserts (once they have worn out) every year. Take a look below to find out what is included in the Sports Club and how much it cost to be a member.

What is included in the DTF Sports Club?

  • Every year you will choose two (2) pairs of our Orthopedic/Therapeutic lasted and upper constructed athletic shoes from our special selected inventory. A $260.00 VALUE
  • You will receive one (1) pair of customized inserts made of “thermocork-A” custom inserts, with a poly fabric moldable customize upper. These customized inserts are formed from a mold of your very own feet so they will have the best possible support. Normal cost can range from $275.00 to $450.00 A $330.00 (averaged Value)
  • You will receive four (4) pairs of our famous heat-moldable inserts that form to your feet by applying heat. These inserts can be used to supplement your customized inserts. A $320.00 Value
  • You will get free shipping (with no handling charges) on both pairs of shoes and all your new inserts during the year. A $40.00 Value

    The cost for all of these items would be …………… $950.00 a year

     The cost to join the DTF Sports Club is only ………. $375.00 a year

This is a savings of over ……………………………….. $575.00 a year

 The DTF Sports Club cost only $375.00 a year

That is just a little over a dollar a day to keep you supplied in the very best pickleball shoes and specially made inserts that are customized to fit your feet. Both these items offer your feet, and your whole body, the great comfort, and support you need out on the pickleball court.

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What Pickleball players are saying about our shoes?

I have played tennis most of my life and have spent the last twelve years playing in city leagues in the Atlanta GA area. Through the years I have had a problem with many of the major brands of shoes causing my feet to fall asleep. I recently started playing pickleball and I discovered the DTFootwear pickleball/tennis shoes. Their “O” series has alleviated this problem because of its support system and larger toe box which allowed more room for my toes. My other shoes had too much bi-lateral movement which I found caused more wear and tear on my feet and legsMelanie Dalton

As a Pickleball coach, I teach people the importance of taking care of their feet. As a Pickleball player, and being in my 70’s, I’ve come to realize the shoes and inserts I chose can have a great impact on the health of my entire body.
Like most players, I have been looking for athletic shoes that have all the attributes of a good Pickleball shoe. These shoes need to have proper support, comfort, durability and must look good too. Through the years I have tried most major brands but they all come up short.
Then one day my brother Ron, who just recently started playing pickleball, approached me about trying some of his athletic shoes. He has owned and operated DTFootwear Co for several decades. But because he just started playing pickleball he’d come to realize that his shoes fit the requirements for a good pickleball shoe.
So I agreed to try them and he sent me a couple of pairs along with some custom inserts. After some time with numerous rec games, practice sessions and several tournaments played I have to say that these shoes are keepers.
I think the determining factor was comfort. These shoes are built with room in the toe box which allows more space for the different inserts that most players now add to their shoes. I have to say that I do recommend these orthopedic/ therapeutic shoes to any age player, whether young or old… or let’s just say older.
  Gary Heinlein

Our first Sponsored Players

DTF is proud to sponsor our first two Pickleball players. They are Mattias Johansson, who is ranked #1 (Global) in Senior Pro Singles. Mattias comes from the tennis world and has just started his professional career in pickleball. He has already made a great impact in the professional tournament circuit with a number of Gold medals. You’ll be hearing a lot more about Mattias Johansson in the months and years to come.

Our other sponsored player is Gary Heinlein who comes out of racquetball and tennis. He has only been playing pickleball for a couple of years but has already taken Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals in numerous tournaments.

Some of the extras of the DTF shoes 

Additional videos for healthy feet

The differences between conventional athletic footwear and our Orthopedic/Therapeutic design and construction:

Let’s show you the comparison of standard inserts to our Great Triple-Layer Heat Moldable Customized Inserts:

Airflow system found in all our “0” series: