Orthopedic Sandals for Women that is SEXY!

Ladies, are your shoes having any of these four elements of success?

1) Orthopedic lasted

2) Therapeutic constructed

3) Advance Comfort Upper and constructed based

4) Style, the base dealing with a designer styling that is sexy in appearance

If not, maybe it time for a change to obtain the fullest comfort sandal and support found in the shoe world!

Ladies, Is your current shoe line orthopedic?

Yes,  therapeutic lasted upper.

Then, that Advance Comfort constructed lasted upper?

Here’s one of the styles that come in all our famous widths:

Does your current shoe line offer maximum midsection strength for your feet?

Let the video explain this concept,

Above all, does your current footwear line offer the most substantial adjustability to the upper of your foot?

For instance, a style that we offer:

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Sexy Lady Sandals

In all our famous widths found www.dtfootwear.com.

Does anybody need extra wide widths for Women? /dtfootwear.com 

  Ladies, have you been spending your summers wearing thin-soled, flat- bottomed, very stylish sandals?

Then, wonder why your feet are causing you so much discomfort? 

Cute sandals don’t always mean comfortable

Comfortable sandals don’t have to forget style. 

But we have designer styling that is very sexy and fits like a million dollars.

 At DTFootwear, we offer a smart combination of style and comfort to pamper your feet and prolong their lives. 

Stop torturing your feet for the sake of vanity,!

After that, let us fit you with something made to make your feet happy! 

Here’s what we mean by “Healthy Happy Feet.” 


 In Addition, our women’s sandal styles include the following features: 

 – T-Bar support 

 – A padded heel cup 

 – A raised, filled arch 

 – Added metatarsal padding 

 – A Triple-Layer Memory foam padding 

  A combination of these features offers maximum support, comfort, balance, and stride protection in every step you take.  

  Now, find a wide selection of men’s and women’s therapeutic sandal designs

at DTFootwear.com.  

Do you have feet that require? Extra width?  

Or, slender or narrow widths in women’s sandal styling?

Reach out today with any orthopedic/therapeutic needs you may have. 

YES, We’re eager to help. 

Where to find these Women’s Sandals?


Thank you, 

 Ron Heinlein | President/Founder | 909-215-1622 | heinleinron@yahoo.com 

Bringing you over 50 years of industry experience- trained by the best in the business. 


DTFootwear.com Designer Therapeutic Footwear Co. 

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