Orthopedic Sandals for Men that has all the widths

Men, do your sandals having any of these five elements of success?

1) Orthopedic lasted

2) Therapeutic constructed

3) Advance Comfort Upper and constructed based

4) Style, with the fullest widths for that maximum comfort and support

5) That offers these widths for you: D 2E 3E 5E?

If not, maybe it time for a change to obtain the fullest comfort sandal.

With the maximum support found in the shoe world!

Now, Men, Is your current shoe line orthopedic with that therapeutic lasted upper?

That has the Advance Comfort constructed lasted upper?

Here’s one of the styles that come in all our famous widths:

For Instance, does your current shoe line offer maximum midsection strength for your feet?

Let the video explain this concept,

In addition, does your current footwear line offer the most substantial adjustability to the upper?

A style that we offer:

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In Conclusion,

SANDALS FOR MEN  that have all the WIDTHS!

DTF Footwear has carved out a unique niche in our industry.

Helping us stand out from our competitors and snowball into success. 

 Besides top-notch customer service!

We take pride in supplying a superior product backed with proper fit insurance.  

Whether your foot ailments stem from an orthopedic nature or a therapeutic one, we have the right product for you.   

After that,  we value a product built to last and modified to suit specific medical needs. 

From added support and stabilized balance to extra toe width and heel height, DTF covers it all without sacrificing style

 NO BILATERAL MOVEMENT, in our sandals for men! 


Let’s see why 



 Thank you, 

 Ron Heinlein | President/Founder | 909-215-1622 | heinleinron@yahoo.com 

Bringing you over 50 years of industry experience- trained by the best in the business. 

  DTFootwear.com Designer Therapeutic Footwear Co. 

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