Now’s your stomach well be feeling great, what about your feet to be “HAPPY FEET”

A receipt for a Chutney-Beef Panini that is a great diabetic receipt and helps control  your weight one of your fashional athletic footwear for women

Delicious Panini sandwiches can be made using leftover slow-cooked beef brisket layered on whole-grain bread slices with mango chutney and provolone cheese.

The toasty Panini sandwiches can be cooked on an indoor grill, griddle, or skillet over medium heat.

You can also use a Panini sandwich maker, which is an appliance specifically designed for this purpose.


1/2 cup mango chutney
12 slices whole-grain bread
6 slices provolone cheese
chilled brisket*
olive oil or melted butter


Finely snip mango chutney. Spread chutney evenly on one side of bread.

Thinly slice the brisket; arrange on half of the bread slices. Top with cheese

Cover with remaining bread slices, chutney sides down. Brush bread with olive oil or melted butter.

Preheat indoor grill, griddle, or skillet over medium heat or heat according to manufacturer’s directions.

Place sandwiches, a few at a time, on the hot grill or griddle or in a skillet.

If using a covered indoor grill, close the lid and grill for 5 to 6 minutes or until bread is toasted and cheese is melted.

(If using an uncovered indoor grill, griddle, or skillet, place a heavy plate on top of the sandwiches.

Cook for 2 to 3 minutes more or until toasted and cheese is melted.)

Makes 6 sandwiches.

Health is the number one priority for any person but especially for a person who has diabetes.

Intake of proper food creates better weight control and helps control diabetes.

We also want to create the proper health for your feet, and done by appropriate footwear and the suitable insert.

The following information you’ll be reading is needed to obtain this perfect health for your feet.

Now, if we can get you in the proper footwear and hopefully, you’ll allow these two items to be part of your lifestyle.

These items will be working towards this success of keeping the disease out of your feet.

At, we can show you the proper footwear and the need to have adequate inserts to keep this diabetes out of your feet.

Footwear is to have fashion (that we have), but the shoe is to control upper support and off-load any problems you have on the top of your foot.

Are you having problems with the bottom of your feet?

Then, it is the job of the properly removable insert to correct these problems.

Everybody feels that it is the shoe that solves all the problems for a person with diabetes.

Or a person who has significant foot problems.

That is not true.

It takes two majors elements to off-loading, corrections, significant added support, and develops added circulation that needs to keep this disease out of your feet.

All diabetic shoes need not have inside seams to create irritation.

Number one item: Proper shoes need to be a Therapeutic/Comfort (please!).

Not Comfort shoes (that many diabetic suppliers furnish in this business today).

Number two is Customized Heat Moldable Plastazote Insert.

Besides generous support, added off-loading advantages, develops a better balance for walking or running and the added two percent that raise the temperature of the bottom of your feet and develop added circulation to keep the disease out of your feet.

What added pleasures and advantages in just one item.

Oh, yes, these inserts are provided by us, FREE, when you purchase a pair of shoes – unbelievable!!!!

A Comfort shoe is usually not an Orthopedic/Therapeutic shoe, and a Comfort shoe usually has very little midsection support.

The lack of the Mid Section support allows your feet to be moving forward and lateral at the same time.

These two movements add a great deal more wear and tear on your feet. If you need a view of all our styles, please go to our site

Thank you,  

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