No More Foot Pain: Is It Possible? Is that possible with Dtfootwear shoes and inserts? YES!

No More Foot Pain: Is It Possible?

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Unlike many other bodily pains and discomforts, it’s often difficult to locate the exact cause of foot trouble; even more frustrating is determining exactly how to treat it.  The sad answer: foot pain can be caused by a number of complicated and hard-to-pinpoint reasons. To add insult to injury, The University of Maryland Medical Center reports that 75% of Americans will experience foot pain at some point in their lives, with pain ranging from mild to severe.

One of the purposes of this blog is to explore the many causes of foot pain and discomfort, but even more importantly, to share solutions that help relieve and even heal these issues. We also hope to help educate you with preventative measures so you can avoid trouble in advance.

With this post, we’ll start with some simple and sensible tips that can help you either reduce foot or heel pain that already exists, or prevent you from having issues in the future.


These may be the most important exercises you can do for your foot and ankle, and they should be done regularly:

  • Passive Stretch for Ankle. Gently grasp foot and bend ankle and foot up and down. Hold 30 seconds.
  • Passive Stretch for Toe Flexion / Extension. Gently grasp big toe and straighten it to feel stretch in the bottom of a foot. Hold 20 seconds.
  • Stretching for Calf Muscle w/ Straight Knee. Stand with right foot back, leg straight, forward leg bent. Keeping heel on the floor, turned slightly out, lean into wall until a stretch is felt in right calf. Hold 30 seconds. Complete on opposite leg also.


You would think that going barefoot is part of a healthy and relaxed lifestyle, but the painful truth is that going shoeless puts a strain on your foot and can lead to plantar warts and athlete’s foot. Limited compromise: flip-flops, but they should be used rarely. In fact, avoid flat footwear, which can cause heel pain, tendinitis, and stress fractures (especially if you have flat feet).

Another alternative, for indoors: slippers, but make sure they offer good orthotic and ergonomic support. Our recommendations: Charlotte (for women) or Asheville (for men).


Non-negotiable: give your feet and toes enough breathing room. Kick cramped shoes to the curb. “Dtfootwear” gives you the option of widths that fit your feet, from narrow’s to a 14E wide for Men and Women styles.


Thick toenails may not occur to you as a problem, but 65% of people age 65 and older have this condition, which leads to common foot problems. Why? Once nails thicken, they separate from the toe bed, and this causes pain. The reason is usually traced back to athlete’s foot (the scientific name: tinea pedis), which can lurk in your shoes for years before making itself known.

Another huge source of foot pain: ingrown toenails. This happens when the edge of your toenail grows into the skin around the toe. Preventative solution: always cut your toenails straight across, with clean, sharp nail scissors. Don’t round the corners to match the shape of your toe. Many people think this is the proper way to cut nails, but now you know better.


In the fashion world, high heels refuse to go out of style but buck the trend. Deep in your heart, you know that a five-inch spike heel is not going to be doing your feet, your knees, or your spine any favors. What heels do: force all of your weight to the front of your foot – this is what causes the pain. High heels are also the fastest way to develop bunions, corns, and other problems.

Are you a slave to fashion? Well, at least try a shorter heel. How about if you compromise: if you wear a two-inch heel, we’ll look the other way – but you have to promise not to wear them every day. And if you have flat feet, choose chunky heels instead of skinny ones.

Some more information about these “Dtfootwear” products and how they help prevent foot pain


Let this video explain what a therapeutic design or construction is all about dealing with footwear. Therapeutic/Orthotic consider an extra depth construction.

We are a therapeutic line, and the explanation between a conventional comfort line and our’s found in the video below

Now let’s talk, in more detail, about the ten reasons what makes Therapeutic footwear so much superior to a Comfort Shoe:

1) The strongest mid-support in the shoe business. No bilateral movement view the video above for illustrations and a midsection depth that gives you support and the maximum room in the footwear world. One of many reasons why therapeutic is considered extra depth

2) The strongest heel counter in the business that helps create no bi-lateral movement and the tallest heel counter in the footwear world. A reason whey therapeutic footwear considered extra depth

3) A taller toe box to create more wiggle room and space for your toes a reason why considered an extra depth footwear

4)Extended bottoms to give you the fullest width and support than any other shoe line anywhere

5) A lightweight shoe for less wear and tear on your feet but with all that great added support

6) all removable arch support to put a more advanced support system or a customized inserts

7) Women’s styles having a 3 to 1 combination last for better fit and support for your heel

8) Fuller forefront in the construction of the footwear to create more comfort and room for that maximum support and comfort and a reason why considered extra depth footwear

9) Deeper heel counter to build more balance and support to the heel section of the foot and other reason why consider an extra depth footwear

10) Leather lining that creates more flexibility and breathability to the foot

We have 4A (Slender width for Ladies) 2A (Narrow width for Ladies), B ( Medium width for Ladies and Narrow width for Men), D (Medium width for Men and Wide width for Ladies), 2E, 3E, 4E, 5E, 6E, 7E, 9E, 10E, 14E widths in Men’s and Ladies styles

We carry up to 20 in Men’s styles, and 15 in Ladies dealing in lengths

We have 5 to 6 lengths, in selected styles for Men and 4 to 5 in Women’s length

Some additional information and explanation of this type of footwear for all the Ladies out there:


We have all those wide widths that are needed but with our 32 new styles of women’s footwear that we will be offering a 4A (Slender) 2A (Narrow) B (Medium) D (Wide) 3E Extra Wide) 5E Extra Extra Wide, 7E Full Extra Wide 10E Extra Full Wide, 14E (Superior Extra Wide Width) widths for you ladies- that is unheard that is offered by one website.

Why having this 3 to 1 combination last is so important in creating that perfect fit for all our ladies. What does 3 to 1 combination mean? The heel counter is 3 times narrow than the ball width of the shoe. Okay, big deal? Well, this is a critical factor because a women heel structure is a great deal narrow than a Men’s and if we made all our Ladies footwear as the same last of a Men’s style- the ladies heels would slipping all day long or have a terrible fit!

Having these 1 to 3 Customized Heat Moldable Inserts ( that is Free and remember that the shoe has to have a removable footbed for these inserts to work. Not all AA widths have this, but we’ll state, on our descriptions if you can receive 1 to 3 pair of these inserts FREE- up to a $240.00 value) will make that perfect fit, comfort and support experience out of this world — especially for those NARROW FEET!.

If you know someone (Ladies) that needs sandals, casual footwear, athletic footwear in a 4A (slender width) or AA (Narrow) width- let them know we have then and a great selection as well.

All new Slender (4A) and Narrow (AA) widths for ladies- look out we will have a ton for you to choose. New Dress Boots, up to 14 inches in shaft height, for women, Dress boots and new dress styles for Men as well. All Weather Footwear and Boots for both Men and Women. Some new dressy footwear for Men and women.

All our new and old styles are therapeutic/comfort that has the best fit and support in the shoe world.

It’s nice being called the “King Of Widths”, again 4A to 14E widths, on the internet, and all found at


Thank you,

Ron Heinlein | President/Founder | Cell # 909–215–1622

Designer Therapeutic Footwear Co.

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