Mr. Jerry Mathers control is Diabetes through losing weight. Some interesting facts about him!




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A great childhood actor and he was one of the eye elements of ‘Leave to Beaver, 1957 to 1963 and this is one of the few shows that showed the family values need in America then and now.

A classic series that I watch all the time, and yes this show my age, but I’m very proud of those early years.
I just read an article about Jerry and I want to share some of the comments that very interesting and how strong Mr. Mathers develop to be successful with his diabetes.
A friend of Jerry, who happened to be a doctor, took note of Jerry’s weight that he gained in early in 1997. The doctor made him take a physical examination. When Jerry did, he discovered that he had blood sugars in the excess of 500 mg/dl.
His bold sugars where running around 540 mg/dl all of the time, and his blood pressure was running around 160 over 130 mmHG. He was told that he was on a collision of death, because of his condition. For the next three to five months, he tried everything and weighed 230 pounds and had a 44 inch waist size.
Jerry was not to concern about the Type 2 diabetes and though he could dead no breakfast and small lunch and a little more at dinner and this did not work.
So a friend introduces Jerry to Jenny Craig and with their program and with exercising he went to 230 to 180 pounds and waist of 44 to 32 in four months. Jerry blood sugars were table at 120 mg/dl and he has been taken off all oral type 2 medications.

Great job Jerry and we all can do the same if we have the desire, drive and understanding for the need to help control our diabetes.
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