Most Comfortable Flats for Women found anywhere!

Ladies are your flats, boots, and athletic styling have any of these four elements of success?

  1. Orthopedic lasted
  2. Therapeutic constructed
  3. Advance Comfort Upper and constructed based
  4. Style, with the fullest in widths for that maximum comfort and support, e.g. of widths B D 2E 3E 5E

Therefore, if not, maybe it’s time for a change?

To obtain the fullest comfort casual flat world in the shoe world!

That has that support found in the shoe world!

However, Ladies, Is your current shoe line orthopedic with that therapeutic lasted upper?

Then, add that Advance Comfort constructed lasted upper?

Do your flats offer no bilateral movement to your feet? Where there is no added wear and tear to your feet.

This video will explain or show the differences between conventional flat or athletic footwear to an Orthopedic/Therapeutic lasted constructed upper:


Here’s a few styles that we offer in our flat and athletic selection for women:

all styles in our famous widths and lengths

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Casual Shoes, Boots and Atheltic footwear for all our Ladies

We are introducing two new concepts for DTF Footwear– lambskin uppers and 30/40 discount grouping. 

 DTF is hugely excited to roll out a line of men’s and women’s lambskin-upper footwear, which is orthopedic/therapeutic in design and provides advanced comfort.

 Generally, lambskin only offered as bedroom slippers or UGG type footwear. 

However, DTF is proud to be an industry leader in providing therapeutic, lambskin-upper footwear in trendy styles designed for casual or business wear. 

These styles come in M, W, and XW widths for men and women. Lengths for women range from 5 to 10.5 and 11. 

Great explanation of the Lambskin Upper and cute style for Ladies and Great looks for Men

 I recently received a call from a customer in Corvallis, Oregon. 

He and his wife bought a pair of the new lambskin-uppers, and here’s what he had to say about them; “these are as soft as a baby’s bottom.” 

Need we say more? The softness of these shoes just can’t be beaten! 

 They are double lambskin, reinforced uppers, including Nappa leather in the trim and base- this means better flexibility for the foot.

 Lambskin uppers are also a lightweight shoe and very breathable.  

 We’ve started a 30/40 discount club to sweeten the pot and extend this discount to our brand-new lambskin line. 

This deal won’t last! 

Once we sell through the first two containers, the discount ends, and the prices return to normal. 

As always, we offer free domestic shipping!

 Hurry while quantities last. 







Thank you, 

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