A number of football players don’t want to rival their shoe size? But they well rival their height and weight and we can determine their shoe size with a standard measurement scale. So Colt McCoy (was the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns) is 6’1” and his weight is 216 pounds, he should be warning a size 12 in shoe size. Some interesting information about Colt McCoy then and now career, but Yes, we carry Colt’s shoe size. We go to a 17 in men’s length and 15 in women’s length as well. Now if Colt needs a wider width – we have up to 14 E widths in our line of shoes and that is in Men’s and Women’s as well.

Colt McCoy was born in Hobbs, New Mexico. He attended Jim Ned High School in Tuscola, Texas, population 714,[ where he was coached in football by his father Brad McCoy. He achieved several distinctions as a high school player, including two-time Associated Press 2A Offensive MVP and First-team All-state selection. Over his career, he completed 536-of-849 passes (63.1%) for 9,344 yards and 116 TDs. He ranks as the all-time leading passer in Texas Division 2A high school history and is fourth overall in Texas high school history. Colt also served as Jim Ned High School’s punter as a junior and senior. During his sophomore year, Colt was also playing free safety. However, after he suffered a concussion on a tackle by 215-pound Bangs High School running back Jacoby Jones (not to be confused with the Wide Receiver with the Texans), his father decided not to let him play defense anymore. At the time Jim Ned was 8–0, but as Colt missed the next two games due to the concussion, Jim Ned’s season unraveled. Colt also played in the 2003 Texas 2A State Championship against the San Augustine Wolves. Jim Ned lost 28–7. While attending Jim Ned High School he also earned letters in track and basketball.

He is the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League. He was drafted by the Browns in the third round of the 2010 NFL Draft.

Colt was the starting quarterback for the Longhorns from 2006-2009 and won the 2008 Walter Camp Award and was the 2008 Heisman Trophy runner-up. Colt won more games (45) than any quarterback in NCAA Division I history. In his senior year, he won 13 of the top 15 major college player awards including quarterback of the year, offensive player of the year and outstanding football player of the year.

After sitting out the 2005 Longhorn season as a redshirt, Colt was the starting quarterback for the 2006 Longhorn team. On November 4, 2 006 he threw his 27th touchdown pass in a win against Oklahoma State, to take sole possession of the Texas school record for most touchdowns ever thrown by a quarterback in a single season. Subsequently, in the 2006 Alamo Bowl on December 30, Colt threw two touchdowns against University of Iowa to tie Nevada’s David Neill for second place for freshman touchdowns in a single season. Also during the 2006 season, Colt was named College Football News Big 12 Player of the Year and was named the quarterback to their “All Freshman Team”. Injuries caused him to miss portions of the final two regular-season games but was able to play for the entire duration of the Longhorns’ bowl game.

Leading the 2008 Texas Longhorn football team, Colt and the Longhorns began the season with 8 straight wins, including a win over then #1 Oklahoma, #6 Oklahoma State and #11 Missouri. His performance helped the Longhorns rise at one point to the #1 ranking in the national polls, although UT lost to Texas Tech University and finished ranked third in the BCS standings. In 2008 Colt set school records for most career touchdown passes, most touchdown passes in a season, most total touchdowns by a Texas player, most career wins, and most career passing yards. In addition to setting passing records, Colt led the team with 561 yards rushing and 11 rushing touchdowns, establishing a reputation as a dual-threat quarterback. Colt was named the 2008 AP Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year.[

 Being that Colt Mc Coy is a 12  (estimate size) in shoe sizes and we carry 5  lengths pass his size, we carry up to a 17 in length for men and for women we carry up to 15 in length. I don’t know Colt’s width but if he needs a wider width, “Extra Wide Shoes’ or “Wide Wide Shoes” then we have that for him as well being that we carry up to a 14E width and that is women’s as well.

Some more detail about our company at We are one of the few footwear lines, on the Internet, that provides all widths and that is 9E, 10E and 14E width for men and women.  We also carry AA, B, D, 2E, 3E, 4E, 5E, 6E and 7E in both men’s and women’s styles. UNHEARD OF IN THE SHOE WORLD TODAY!

Now we have all these widths, but 80 percent of our business done in the normal widths and lengths. Because of all our unbelievable added features to create perfect comfort and fit. The marriage of Pope footwear and this unbelievable Customized Heat Moldable Inserts.Hoya, that comes to you Free with every purchase that you make or a gift of $240.00!

We are a therapeutic footwear that has all the comfort in the world but has some major advantages over comfort or athletic footwear found on the internet. Let’s compare the differences between a comfort shoe and a therapeutic footwear: We’ll let the video do all the taking:

Can you men, that need a 5 to 6 in length find any shoes on the internet? Well, we have them for you. Can you men find a 20 length that is a dress shoe or casual look on the internet? Well, we got it for you. Here a view of one of our 5 lengths for men:

We have free freight in the USA and usually pay half of shipping all over the world. We have a way of creating Duty-Free in most cases. We want to create “Healthy Happy Feet” all over the world.

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Do your ankles have major discomfort because of swelling or a need brace? We got a shoe that will offload those problems. Here is the miracle shoe that is one of the only that has that lycra collar to offload any pressure dealing with hurting or swelling ankles.This style is available in men’s and women’s sizing and up to 14E :


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