We have many reasons why we are A UNIQUE website on the internet

We have many reasons why we are A UNIQUE website on the internet: Widths 4A to 14E, Lengths up to 20 in Men’s and 15 in Women’s. Inserts a value up to 240.00 giving to you FREE. Designer therapeutic/comfort line. We can (in certain styles) back order from the factory directly. We can special order, and that means bring in different colors that are not stock in particular styles (video below will explain). We have a great chance of creating duty-free when working with international customers. On certain styles, we can do the modification to the footwear. Free shipping all over the USA. Working on functional and accommodative customize inserts for a fraction of the cost. We can provide shoes and service, to the podiatrist, with a unique program and they, in turn, can bill. We guarantee you with maximum comfort with our footwear, and all found at https://www.dtfootwear.com.

Ever find a shoe that is comfortable and supportive but you can’t find it in any other color? Well, we have great news for you. With our special order program, we can take any shoe, from our stock selection, and change the color, to the upper, to make it that needed color you are looking for. Being right up front with you there is an additional charge and a four-week waiting period but it is well worth every penny and time to make a shoe that you love to have a bold new appearance. We are one of just a few companies to offer this type of service. To check out the cost and to get more details about our “Special Order Section” just go to https://www.dtfootwear.com

You don’t have to purchase our shoes just because your feet hurt! We can help with any future discomfort very easy! We want to introduce you to the world of Customize Inserts and the world of having the proper width and length that will give you that fit, support, balance and comfort that is needed to handle that full day of wear and tear to your feet and your whole body!

85 percent of our business is with people that are looking for that perfect fit, support, balance, and comfort and we have it all!

If you have foot discomfort is it located on the bottom or top of your foot? We have the solution for both areas of pain or discomfort.

We have guarantee comfort – especially with those Free Heat Moldable Customize inserts – 1 to 3 sets (if the style that you pick has a removable footbed) and a value up to $240.00 as a GIFT to you, These inserts will create the feeling of walking on a cloud all day long. Widths ( that is unheard in the internet world) 4A to 14 all found at https://www.dtfootwear.com

The MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENT in creating that maximum comfort – is the proper insert that comes with your shoes! A Heat Moldable Customized (in time) Insert is what we mean by “like walking on a loud or a pillow.” Not all shoes will allow this type of insert to use but with the correct footwear and you add these correct inserts – WHAT A WINNING COMBINATION. Remember that all our inserts (1 to 3 sets, when you purchase a pair of shoes) are giving to you FREE!! up to a $240.00 value as a gift to you an once you start using these inserts you’ll understand our enthusiasm found at https://www.dtfootwear.com

Do you know a line of footwear that offers all these width and length? 4A,2A,B.D,2E,3E,4E,5E,6E,7E.9E.10,14E and up to 20 in length for Men and 15 of length for Women?

Watch this video explaining the importance of these Heat Moldable Customize Inserts:


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