INSERTS FOR SHOES that has comfort and midsection support. (Landing Page)

INSERTS FOR SHOES that has comfort and midsection support. Dealing with one of the best over the counter insert in the USA!

Do you wear INSERTS FOR SHOES now? If not, your missing on the biggest secret in the shoe world, and if your bottom of your feet hurt – you don’t have proper support (in the plantar section) in the footwear that you are wearing now!

View a video that explains why these INSERTS FOR SHOES are so important.

What is the definition of Heat Moldablae Customized INSERTS FOR SHOES:

Heat:  These inserts create a 2 percent rise in temperature that, in turn, generates better blood flow for your feet and your body. These INSERTS are mandatory for edema individuals or diabetics.

Moldable: In a short time, the INSERT will generate a form to the bottom of your foot, and this, in turn, creates the added support in the areas that you put the most pressure on the plantar (bottom) of your foot.

Customized:  This Insert, having the three layers, creates the need support in all your areas that your foot needs the proper help. These INSERTS ae one of the tightest INSERT dealing with over the counter constructed.

What makes so unique? For Men and Women?


  1. An opportunity to find that hard size and the ONLY websites that will be dealing with INSERTS FOR SHOES  that will give you that opportunity to find that hard size.  The only website that will give 3 sets of Heat Moldable Customized Inserts for FREE  a $240.00 value (a gift to you with your purchase).
  2. Extended bottoms that create no foot (plantar or bottom) to hang over the shoe. This extended bottom unheard of in the shoe business. Mandatory for those wider widths – that is needed to create that perfect fit.
  3. 1 to 3 combination last (for Ladies) and that means more fuller forefront or ball width and that narrower fit to the heel. 1 to 3 unheard in the shoe business. Even though you might have a fuller ball width almost all women have a 3 to 1 narrow heel than the ball width. Found in no other website dealing with footwear!
  4. Fuller toe box and fuller ball width structure that creates the wiggling effect for your toes
  5. The most durable midsection and heel counter construction in the shoe business. These are Therapeutic/Orthopthic styling, and we produce no added wear and tear to your feet. Let this video explain and show you the difference of a conventional comfort or athletic shoes ( that 85 percent of the shoes found on the internet) to a Therapeutic/Orthopthic style. Then added this one to three pairs of unbelievable Customized Heat Moldable Inserts that are FREE and create that maximum support and feeling of walking on air all day long.
  6. Most styles are only 7 ounces in weight and create like wearing a feather on your feet but with all this unbelievable support and fit!
  7. FREE shipping all over the USA  (YES – Alaska and Hawaii) and we ship internationally as well and usually DUTY-FREE.
  8. Many styles that have the “AIRFLOW SYSTEM” that give added spring and protection to the bottom of the heel.


Thank you,
Ron Heinlein | President/Founder | Cell # 909-215-1622 | Designer Therapeutic Footwear Co.
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