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I want you to hear this from the owner of!

Our 9E’s in Men’s athletic footwear run small!!

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The reason is that our bottom is a prefab bottom, and they do not have the entire extended bottoms as the Eva bottoms that you find in all are other styles dealing with the 9E 10E and 14E widths.

I talked to a customer today and explained this to him, and he had a better understanding of what to do.

1) We do not manufacture athletic bottoms, and so the 9E is a 7E to 8E, and when you add our triple-layer inserts, it will be closer to a 7E.

We are looking into manufacturing are our bottoms, then all our 9E widths will fit the same, but the cost for a true Athletic bottom in our widths and sizes is out of this world!

2) I told the customer that most orders come from our 7 warehouses directly to him and we have asked them to pull the white spacers out of the shoes before sending them to the customer. In fives years, that has not been done.

So, I told the customer to pull the white spaces out, put the original insert back in, and see how that fit.

Then take the original insert, put the white spacer, and try the shoe on.

He did that and felt great.

So, I told you to wear it this way for a while and when you have broken the shoe in ( usually a few weeks), then put the original insert back, and all should be fine.

3) We all change in our sizing over time, and all styles have a different fit concept.

For example, in my late teens, I wore an 8 1/2 in length in a pair of shoes. 

Now, at 74, I wear a 10 in length.

In my teens, I wore a 30 in a pants size (waist) and now I wear – will that information I’m not going to be giving out, but I guarantee you that is not a 30 waist!

Now to change width for my costumer:

I told him we could go up a size or 1/2 size to pick more room. There are only 1/16 inch differences in 1/2 size and 1/8 in total full-size differences.

He was happy in rearranging the inserts.

The customer told me the reviews were great – other than the 9E (Athletic footwear) is running small.

I hope this makes things more transparent?

If you have questions on your width and length, go to our sizing produce and fill out our cart. Have to view the first two videos, and that is before filling out the cart, and will give your size and width information by that same day.

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