How To Soothe Your Itching Feet and how to control EDEMA or SWELLING in your feet

How To Soothe Your Itching Feet


Ron Heinlein

Ron Heinlein

How To Soothe Your Itching Feet

Itchy feet can drive you NUTS! I vividly remember having Athlete’s Foot from all my time spent at the swimming pool, and the itch was just awful! I wanted to round up some info for you on what may be causing your foot itch, and most importantly what you can do to STOP it!

Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s Foot is one of the leading causes of itchy feet. This fungal infection thrives in moist, dark environments, making feet and shoes the perfect place for it to linger. Athlete’s foot can be picked up easily by walking barefoot in common areas like locker rooms, pools or bathrooms. Athlete’s foot usually starts as a red, itchy rash between the toes which can lead to blisters or dry, peeling skin. These kinds of infections can usually be cleared up with over the counter anti-fungal Athlete’s Foot sprays. If you notice the OTC treatments are not effective, see a dermatologist or podiatrist for additional treatment.


Eczema is a medical term that is used to describe itchy and inflamed skin. It can appear as a red rash on pretty much any part of the body, including the feet. The best way to soothe eczema is to clean up your diet (sugar, gluten, and dairy can be known triggers) and to be sure to keep the area clean and dry, but properly moisturized. I personally really like manuka honey for soothing itchy, dry eczema. You can apply it to the irritated area and cover with gauze so it doesn’t stick to your socks or clothing.


Psoriasis is an auto-immune condition that causes skin cells to grow overly fast and accumulate on the skin. The dry, scaly areas can build up into a silvery/white color patch that may look like a lesion. Toe joints or heels are most susceptible to psoriasis. Manuka honey can also be helpful for psoriasis, as can light therapy. There are also several over the counter creams and lotions you can try.

Contact Dermatitis

An itchy rash on your feet can also be a result of contact dermatitis, which is essentially an allergic reaction to something you have come into contact with. Exposure to irritants including soaps, detergents, lotions, cosmetics, or even dyes in socks can cause an itchy, allergic reaction on feet. If you are experiencing itching that you think maybe a result of a potential allergy, be sure to wear white socks (ditch the dyes), get rid of any detergents or soaps that contain artificial fragrances and be sure to give your feet adequate time in the fresh air!

How another problem we see every day is EDEMA or SWELLING in the feet and here are ways to help control this problem.

We at www. provides up to 3 sets of these Heat Moldable Customized Inserts, a $240.00 value FREE, and the only website on the internet that has this type of offer. These inserts are what helps control, in many cases, and decrease the  EDEMA in your foot and ankles

Here are a few more reasons why you should consider as your shoe line of choice.

Does your shoe allow you to have wiggle room in your toes? mandatory for that perfect fit for EDEMA conditions

Does your shoe give you that full arch support?

Does your shoe have one of the strongest mid and heel section in the shoe business? No Bi-lateral- movement.

Why the lack of bilateral movement in your shoes so important? This helps create less wear and tear to the foot and the lack of wear and tear can help control any EDEMA  problems.

Do your shoes create no hangover for the bottom of your feet?

Do your shoes offload or take the pressure off your areas that are hurting you?

Do your shoes have a fuller toe box or fuller instep support? Mandatory for the perfect fit dealing with EDEMA

Does your shoe supplier give you up o 3 pairs of Heat Modalble Customized Inserts that will create a feeling of walking on a pillow all day long? OH YES, these Inserts are FREE with each one of your purchases! These inserts will create added heat, of 2 percent, and this, in turn, creates a better circulation to your feet and will help control EDEMA as well.

Does your shoe have a steel shank?

Does your shoe have a removable footbed? This is need to replace the original insert with those GREAT Heat Moldable Customized Inserts!

Do your shoes come with spacers to help control the fit of your shoe? Mandatory usage when adjusting the wide for your EDEMA.

Does your shoe line have all the needed widths for everybody on this planet?

Does your shoe line offer 4A 2A B D E 2E 3E 4E 5E6E 7E 9E 10E, 14E in widths for Men and Ladies? Now, some of these widths are NARROW, MEDIUM, WIDE, EXTRA EXTRA WIDE WIDTHS and SUPER WIDE WIDTH WIDES.

Does your shoe line offer up to a 20 in length for men?

Does your shoe line offer up to a 15, in length, for ladies?

Does your shoe have a protective layer that protects your foot from the ground?

Does your shoe line have an An “AIRFLOW SYSTEM” – IN THE HEEL to help protect you from the outer surfaces when running or walking?

Does your shoe allow an offloading system for heel spurs?

Will your shoe help prevent calluses or corns to your feet?

Does your shoe have a split-gill system to offload the pressure for a bunion?

I just talk, today, with an old shoe dog that been running his shoe store for 45 years and I ask him about a 9E, 10E, 14E and he has never heard of these widths before and he has some great shoe lines in his store.

I told him we just shipped an 18 14E width to a young man in Australia. He stated I can not comprehend such a size and this is an old shoe person. Young men as an EDEMA situation.

We at can answer Yes to all these statements above!

Maybe it’s time to look at very seriously!

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