How To Head Off Drivers Foot

As the weather for most of us turns colder we will have heavier, bulky footwear which can put extra pressure on your feet, especially when driving long distances. Affectionately known as “drivers foot”, “clutch foot” or “accelerator foot”,  this annoying pain can ruin a nice drive to a from work each day, or normal leisure driving at any time.

Many people have cramps in their feet, feel the pain in either the heel of their foot, the ball of the foot around the big toe joint or across the top of the foot. The pain can be worse when you get stuck in traffic or drive for long periods as you might be holding your foot in a set position for longer than usual.

What is the best driving foot position?

This will vary, depending on your height, the size of the car and how close you want your seat to be.

However, there are some tips and good advice on where to put your feet that will help reduce aches and stiffness:

Always adjust the car seat and steering wheel to the most comfortable position possible. Driving with the seat too close to the pedals means your ankle joint gets compressed. Having the seat too low puts more pressure on the tendons at the back of your heel; take time to get in good position.

Overall, Wear comfortable, practical shoes for driving.

Plus, do the following:

  1. Check your angle – Your foot should be at a 45-60 degree angle to the pedals.
  2. Keep your heels on the floor – When I learned to drive, I remember the instructor telling me to keep my heels planted on the floor at all times.  Use your foot as a lever to press the pedal, without moving your heel.
  3. Try to drive with flat shoes – shoes with heels will increase the angle at which your foot has to bend which will lead to tension and possibly pain.
  4. Never drive in bare feet – this will give you less control over the car and the pressing of the pedals.
  5. Don’t wear slip-on shoes (like sandals or flip-flops without heel straps) – if they come loose whilst driving, it can become a distraction and possibly dangerous if they come off completely and go under the pedals.  You may also have less grip to use the pedals in these sorts of shoes.
  6. Try not to sit too close – the closer you are to the wheel, the more bent your legs will be.  This will also cause the angle at which your foot bends to be smaller.

You can buy specific “driving shoes” designed for long-term driving or a good choice is to wear a pair of Moccasins, well-fitting loafers or a good pair of trainers/sneaker with plenty of cushioning and support. Leave a pair in your car so you don’t have any excuses.

Comfy shoes, not enough? Try orthotics. The right arch support and the footbed is essential to healthy feet. Why not invest in a pair of slip in orthotics for constant comfort, on and off the road. Check out https://dtfootwear.com/why-plastozate-insert/

On a long haul, take breaks to walk, stretch and flex your feet and ankles. If possible, take your shoes off or do some fast foot exercises. At home after driving, try a nice massage to loosen up tight muscles and connective tissue.



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