How To Combat Cracked Heels and what is the major cause  “Shoes with poor support dealing with the upper and plantar support” and correct widths and needs for certain foot conditions like Extra Wide Running Shoes for Men and Women.

How To Combat Cracked Heels and what is the major cause.

  “Shoes with poor support dealing with the upper and plantar support” and correct widths and needs for certain foot conditions like Extra Wide Running Shoes for Men and Women.

You need inter support and that is Triple-Layer Heat Moldable Customize Inserts and outer support that does not add additional wear and tear to your feet!

Your feet need the maximum wiggle room, as well, to not create any additional irritation to the feet/

Cracked heels, also called “heel fissures,” are a fairly common foot condition.

For many people, they are merely a nuisance or a cosmetic problem, but if the cracks are deep, they can be painful when you’re on your feet.

Cracked heels may also bleed.

Cracked heels generally are caused by dry skin (xerosis) and are more difficult to treat if the skin around the rim of the heel is thickened or callused.

In severe cases, cracks or fissures can become infected.

The problem is more severe among women, who report the condition at a rate more than 50 percent higher than men.

Visual symptoms usually are obvious – cracks or fissures in the skin in the heel area that may cause discomfort or pain and bleeding.

Bacteria may enter through the breaks in the skin, resulting in infection.

Signs of infection include redness/red streaks, swelling, and warmth to the touch.

In addition, the area may be painful to the touch, or when more pressure is applied.

Well, designed footwear can help prevent heel cracks.

Good solid heel in the rear of the shoe or boot helps protect the heel.

Avoid open-heeled shoes.

What Causes Dry Cracked Heels?

While one of the main causes of dry, cracking skin is the arid winter air, other factors can impact heels.

Common problems that contribute to heel fissures include but are not limited to:

  • Shoes with poor support (a website that you’ll never receive non-supporting footwear) Shoes with lack of width or corrections for certain foot conditions like Extra Wide Running Shoes
  • Age
  • Psoriasis or other skin-related conditions
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney disease
  • Thyroid disease
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Excess weight

Skin loses its ability to stretch with age, so cracks are more common as you get older.

Best Ways to Prevent and Help Repair Cracked Heels

Conservative treatment of dry, cracked heels is easily prevented by wearing adequate supportive shoes and with regular use of moisturizers. Ideally, the goal is to prevent cracks from first forming.

  • Topical creams and heel balms are documented to be the best treatment. Creams that use keratolytic and humectant agents containing urea, salicylic acid, alpha-hydroxy acids, saccharide isomerate, and petroleum jelly may all be successful.
  • Pumice stones can remove some of the excess dead skin
  • Bandages or coverings allow moisturizing agents to work more effectively, prevent moisture loss, and act as a barrier against bacteria growth.
  • Insoles ( like that great triple-layer heat-moldable customize inserts- that we give away FREE) can also redistribute pressure abnormalities on the heel.

If healing is slow, your podiatrist or another healthcare practitioner may decide to remove specific callus tissue to help the healing process.

Pay close attention to your feet daily and ideally, you can avoid this from day one!


Just received my 8th call this week seeking a 9E width for men and being that their 6E is just too tight.

The company that they have been getting there 6E has changed the style ( created a tighter fit) or drop the size altogether.

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If he has significant swelling can you please measure the whole ball width ( a complete circle) and enter that information on the form.

Also, text me a picture of his left and right foot- especially if he has swelling (edema) in the instep or ankle.”


Pauline Brown Schlosser
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I need to talk to the men out there. Is your 6E hurting your feet?

I have received three calls this week stating that problem.

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Second, if your feet hurt on the bottom, it is because they lack of support and this is what these heat moldable customized inserts do for your feet.

More foundation and they mold to the plantar(bottom) of your foot and creates that maximum support, balance, and comfort.

The question I get is “what does this have to do with the working environment?”

Besides this being an interesting story and you as a reader to understand the need of proper length and width for your feet to be 100 percent comfortable.

The fewer distractions and the better health, in your life, the more output and outlook you’ll have towards life and especially towards work.

Meaning that you gain a better status in your working environment, and your total daily production is not at risk.

If your shoe is too large, too tight, too heavy (in weight), no support, wow what a comfort problem!!



Then you have an injured employee, and production is the guarantee to be at a lower rate!

Health is the number one priority for any person but especially a person who has diabetes or has foot conditions.

We also want to create the proper health for your feet, and this will occur by proper footwear and the correct inserts.

This following information, you’ll be reading, is what is needed to obtain this perfect health for your feet.

Now, if we can get you in the proper footwear!

Hopefully, you’ll allow these two items to be part of your lifestyle and what a significant change to your way of life.

These things will be working towards this success in keeping the disease out of your feet.

We, at, can show you the proper footwear and the need to have the proper inserts to maintain this diabetes out of your feet.

Footwear as to have fashion (that we have) but the shoe is to control upper support.

Then,  off-load any problems that you have at the top of your foot.

Now, if you have problems, on the bottom of your feet?

It is the job of the properly removable insert to correct these issues.

Everybody feels that it is the shoe that solves all the problems!

For a person with diabetes or an individual who has major foot problems and that is not true.

It takes two majors elements to off-loading, corrections:

Significant added support and develops combined circulation

Which needs to keep this disease out of your feet.

All diabetic shoes need not have inside seams to create irritation.

Number one item:

Proper shoes need to be a Therapeutic/Comfort (please!), not Comfort shoes (that many diabetic suppliers furnish in this business today).

Number two:

Customized Heat Moldable Plastazote Insert.

Beside excellent support, added off-loading advantages, develop a better balance for walking or running.

Then,  added two percent that raises the temperature of the bottom of your feet and produces combined circulation to keep the disease out of your feet.

What added pleasures and advantages in just one item.

Oh, yes these inserts are provided, by us, FREE when you purchase a pair of shoes – unbelievable!!!!


 Thank You, 

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