Here’s proof of how we will take time to answer all questions, in as much detail as possible to all our customers, We get 2 to 5 emails, of this nature, a day.

Here’s proof of how we will take time to answer all questions, in as much detail as possible to all our customers, We get 2 to 5 emails, of this nature, a day.

Your prompt and detailed response is much appreciated.  I am a male aged 64.
With your guidance, I hope I will be able to get shoes that give me comfort and painless walk. Pardon me for writing this lengthy mail. Idea is to give you a full history of my feet and take your assistance in getting the right shoe and right insole/s.
I have very wide feet (hereditary, my mom has and her dad had) with bunions. I did neglect and always wore uncomfortable shoes and suffered pain. Because I followed a sedentary lifestyle in the past and did not walk much, I suppose I could manage. However, with advancing age the pain worsened in the last 3 to 4 years. I have changed my lifestyle and began to walk regularly in June 2016. Walked almost 8 kms a day. My right foot bunion began to pain lot, developed hammers toe and Morton’s neuroma. Stopped walk and went for an op for removal hallux vagus and other problems. I have an implant in right big toe with 7 screws. I must say I am not too happy with the post-op recovery. I have decided not to go for the op in my left foot.
My left foot is a little wider than right post op.  However, I would like to wear the same wide shoes as my left feet which are wider.
Currently, my feet pain when I get into footwear, entire sole pains particularly in the arch and metatarsal region, also heel when I wake up.  In other words, I have plantar fascia
All I want is to be able to walk some 4 kms in the morning and 3kms in the evening.
I realized that if I can get a really suitable shoe, my feet are pain despite bunions and very wide feet. I also realize a proper insole to suit my problems is required.
I assume my feet are exactly 6E wide. Sometimes, I feel a 6.5E would have been too comfortable. OR THE CORRECT THING WOULD BE WIDE 6E IS RIGHT BUT AS YOU HAVE POINTED OUT SHOES MUST PROVIDE MORE TOE DEPTH, MIDSECTION DEPTH!
I did buy a shoe from Dr. Zen USA 9.5, 6E wide. The insole supplied did not support the plantar fascia and the shoe though fits in terms of width, the shoe quality is very poor. The sold got worn out in less than 3 months. I would need a shoe of better quality.
Net foot length measurement by inches (L): 10.4 inches   (R) 10.4 inches
Give us your Flat Ball Width measurement by inches (W):
L: 5.25 inches    R: 5 inches
Above measurements are actual without socks, kindly note.
Based on my above information and some of the pictures I have attached, I will look forward to your recommended shoe and insoles. I note that you provide 3 insoles free with each pair of shoes bought. I hope you will supply these 3 as per my need.
Initially, I would like to buy the walking shoe with 3 insoles free and then others.
thanking you
few more pictures will be forwarded under separate email.
kind regards
Panndu Kumble

Download all attachments as a zip file

  • left foot pandu kumble.jpeg
My reply back to his email:
(I’m sorry but the pictures of the videos did not transfer from the original email to this blog or I  copy and paste)
Hi Pandu,
Great email and GREAT pictures.
I want you to purchase one pair of shoes and then we can go from there.
I want to answers all your situations:
   1) You have an overlapping toe on the left because of the growth of the bunion that forces the ist flange to create that overlapping. To help but will not cure is to put a spacer on the 1st flange (ist toe) – this will help develop the neutral position of your first toe and in time ( could be a major time frame- this will help but your muscles and ligaments back into a normal or neutral position). You need to wear the spacer ever day and night.
2) Plantar fasciitis will take rest and until walking at this time you’ll increase the damage   – even with the best shoes in the world and I agree you need to walk for your total health but you need to get that fasciitis to heal and making this happen is going to be time and rest. Our inserts will help create a major support for this condition but the longer you have not obtain proper support – the more severe the fasciitis will get. At least your not running and if you go on walks – also try shorter distance ( to help offload the added pressure to your fasciitis and walker a bit slower, to begin with. So give the fasciitis time to heal and put less stress on your feet by walking less distance and create a slower pace.
3) Your feet do not look that bad (compare to what we see on a daily bases) and your have thickest in the toe and instep area that needs attention to determine a correct footwear
4) With the screws on the right 1st flange, we have to have a shoe that will give you wiggle room n the toe area and that has enough toe box space and upper flexible to offload any pressure over that toe and all the toes and the bunion.
5)  Let’,s talk about  your length –  10.4 inches is a 9 1/2 to a 10 in length and being the inserts will take some additional room I want to put you in a 10 and there are only 1/16 inch length differences between a 9 1/2 to a 10
6) Width: 5 1/4 is NO  NO 6E width ( We been doing this for over 30 years and if the measurement is correct a 5 1/4 in inches is a 9E to 10E width) GUARANTEE! The style I want you to purchase we will put you in a 10E width to offload the toes, bunion, overlapping toe, the thickness of your toes and instep and to give you that full wiggle room and then we don’t have your foot in a vice!!
7) How long will your new shoe last? I’ll let the video do the talking  How Long Should My Shoes Last?
8)  a video about suggestion with your Morton Neuroma:       What Is Morton Neuroma?
9) Questions and replies about your flat feet- let the video do the talking:  Solution To Flat Feet?
10)  Information about your plantar fasciitis and remember- all our videos are in layman terms and we go into general concepts:
11) What is the difference between us and Dr. Zin ( that is considered a comfort shoe or the shoes that you’ll see in this video)
How, there is a lot more video’s 196 if you want additional information – all found:
Now, you got to see me and my understanding of our footwear and the enthusiasm that I have in our product and service
12) Now, the shoe I want to start with and yes you can go walking with this shoe ( no running in the shoe) and will be the most comfortable shoe you have ever worn and that is   728E  Black in and size is 10 length and  10E width
We can do more styles but I want to start out here and see how it works first. and if this works then contact me and well go to the athletic, a bit dressier style,  and then a sandal style
13) Yes,  we can deliver to Colorado and the shipping is free and these unbelievable  Heat Moldable Customized Inserts  ( that you’ll fall in love with) of 3 sets are FREE as well. We will ship by Priority Mail and be at the location in 2 to 3 days once it leaves one of our 5 warehouses
Videos that explain in more detail: about this great inserts:  The Proper Sizing Technique – DTF – Designer Therapeutic Footwear
We will make this work- I promise but I need to get you in the shoe that will give you that perfect offloading procedure quickly and put in your the correct width and length especially.
Thank you,
Ron Heinlein  | President/Founder | Cell # 909-215-1622
            Designer Therapeutic Footwear Co.
Follow Us:| Facebook  | Twitter   | YouTube   | LinkedIn
Here’s some more information about our unbelievable products and our great service.

We carry sizes from 4A to 14E widths for Men and Women. Try to find all those sizes under one website! Yes, we do provide 9E 10E and 14E widths for Men and Women. Yes, we carry 4A (slender 8 styles) and 2A (narrow 42 styles) for Ladies and B (Narrow 8 styles) for Men as well. So to repeat this (this is how vital these widths are to our site) that is available: Slender’s, Narrow’s to Extra Extra Extra Wide Widths ( 7E 9E 10E 14E) for Ladies. Narrow’s to Extra Extra Extra Wide (9E 10E 14E)Widths for Men.

We have styles in Men’s 5 to 6 ( in length), and those are hard sizes to find.

We have extended bottoms for the protection of your plantar (bottom) of your feet, and there is no more hang-over, of your feet, dealing with our footwear.

We carry lengths up to a 20 for Men and 15 in Women’s.

Most of our styles are perfect for diabetics as well, but you don’t have to be a diabetic to fall in love with our footwear and inserts. 80 percent of our customers are individuals that need that added support (because their current shoe is lacking support and comfort and is very disappointing to them). They need the feeling of maximum support/comfort and the additional feeling of “walking on a pillow” all day long ( this pillow concept is from dealing with our unbelievable insert program) with their new footwear.

Again, receive 1 to 3 sets of Heat Moldable Customized Inserts (value up to $240) all for FREE – YES FREE!! Once you start wearing these inserts, you never go back to the conventional form of support. Most shoes and that is athletic, or comfort footwear provides poor supporting inserts.

Still, more advantages that has help us grow but I’ll put you to sleep




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