Here is another comment we just received yesterday afternoon and I want you to learn from these comments.of how concern our website is in helping solve problems


Here is another comment we just received yesterday afternoon and I want you to learn from these comments.of how concern our website is in helping solve problems

“Can I have my 9E widths turn into 10E widths?

Well, my answer was Yes! You can take any of our 9E width (Found in the 9e Widths for Men) and SPECIAL ORDER then all into a 10 E width. It has to be ordered through our factor ( that we own two in China) and there will be an additional charge ( look at the Speical Order section for that information) and will take 4 to 5 weeks to get back to our warehouses.

I also explain to him that we have a 10E and 14E section of 3 styles for him to choose from and that is found in the Extra Extra Wide Widths found in the Men’s part of the menu.

Then he wanted to know if he can order new inserts ( he loves our inserts and says they make him feel like walking on a pillow all day long). I stated YES and go to the “Info for Health Feet” section of the menu and scroll down to “Inserts” and click on the selected bar and order by size.

What is great about our site is that 85 percent of our business is regular sizes and widths, but we have the advantage to work with people that need Narrow Widths 4A, 2A (for Women) and B Narrow for Men and Extra Extra Wide widths 9E, 10E, 14E for Men and Women.

Usually, narrow feet feel everything and our Heat Moldable Customized Inserts will offload all problems dealing with the bottom of their feet. More fuller widths individuals typically have more wear and tear on their feet, and these inserts differently offload all issues dealing with the bottom of their feet.

We are willing to help as many people to understand their problems, dealing with their feet and hopefully create a solution for them. Well help in being informative, and you don’t have to buy shoes from us – that how important, to us, in creating this concept of “to help the whole world to obtain Healthy Happy Feet.”

Now, different insight to our Heat Moldable Customized Inserts. When we can get you in the proper footwear, and hopefully you’ll allow these two items to be part of your new lifestyle, then these items will be working towards this success of keeping the disease out of your feet. We, at, can show you the proper footwear and the need to have the adequate inserts to keep any diabetes or edema (swelling) of aches and pain out of your feet. Footwear as to have fashion (that we have) but the shoe is to control upper support and off-load any problems that you have on the top of your foot. Now, if you have issues, on the bottom of your feet, then it is the job of the proper removable inserts to correct these problems. Everybody feels that it is the shoe that solves all of the issues for a person with diabetes or a person who has significant foot problems or needs more added support daily and that is not true. It takes two majors elements to off-loading, corrections, significant added support and develops combined circulation, that is a proper fitting and supporting shoe and those unbelievable heat moldable customized inserts. BOTH combinations are WHAT CREATES THE MAXIMUM SUPPORT AND BALANCE FOR YOUR FEET!

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