Now the added wedge is now $95.00 because since the producing of this video we have been able to lower the price.  All Special Orders are now $95.00 and to understanding what is meant by Special Order click on to https://dtfootwear.com/features/special-orders/

We want to help, and this video explains the advantage of having that extended bottoms where your foot sits in the footwear with no uneven balance.

The purpose of Dtfoootwear.com is to create that perfect fit, support, balance and never getting tired feet and all created by the proper width, length and those unbelievable heat moldable customized inserts that we provide FREE with every purchase of footwear for us ( 3 sets to last you’re a year period).

What makes our shoe line unique and more advanced than most footwear styles offer on the internet?

The construction is much more advance then any comfort line out there, and the video explains this more detail. We have the strongest Mid Section and Counter in the shoe world.These two elements create no added wear and tear on your feet and cut the additional mileage of abuse down to zero.

The inserts are the major advantage over all the footwear found on the internet today. These Heat Moldable Customized Inserts to conform to the foot, in time, an insert that set to every need and desire to give your foot full support and comfort. The inserts have that added thickest that creates that advanced comfort and support and in turn this develops that pillow effect as you’re walking on a pillow all day long. These inserts offload the heel and metatarsal area of the foot. It fills in the arch for added support and comfort- you can see the raised arch in the video and add that upper material that molds to your foot – wow what a balance of comfort and support. The inserts have a T-Bar for added support as well.

Because of the thickest of these inserts they usually do not fit in a normal comfort footwear. Most comfort footwear has not enough deep to handle these types of inserts. The toe box, the counter, the instep depth is too shallow.

Now besides our great selection of widths, one of the few lines that offer 9E, 10E and 14E on the internet.  We offer 3 set of this unbelievable Heat Moldable Customized Inserts (not at $240.00). We offer them to you for FREE, and we are the only website, on the Internet, that offers these inserts for FREE!!

We are one of the few footwear lines, on the Internet, that provides all widths and that is 9E,10E and 14E width for men and women. UNHEARD OF IN THE SHOE WORLD TODAY!

Can you men, that need a 5 to 6 in length find any shoes on the internet? Well, we have them for you. Can you men find a 20 length that is a dress shoe or casual look on the internet? Well, we got it for you.

We give free frt in the USA and usually pay half of the shipping all over the world. We have a way of creating Duty-Free in most cases.

Does your ankles have major discomfort becasue of swelling or a need brace. We got a shoe that will offload that problem

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  1. Anita Hendrickson says:

    I am interested in a pair of shoes. I have had numerous surgeries on both feet. They are now fairly straight. The problem I have is hammer toes, high arch on one foot and nothing I have tried is wide enough. They measured me at a size 6, 6E. It wasn’t nearly wide enough and the toe area was too narrow and not deep enough. Up until now I have always had to have custom made shoes that really didn’t fit either. A mold was always taken but they never fit.

    • Ron Heinlein says:

      Hi Anita, We usually like to put a person in a stretchable material upper to offload those hammertoe or bunion problems. The toe depth is no problem because we are a therapeutic line. The width we can go to 5E up to a 9e width if needed. Go to http://www.Dtfootwear.com and go to women’s section (shoe selection) extra extra wide width section – found at https://dtfootwear.com/product-category/womens/extra-extra-wide-width-style-womens/ the second photo is 628E that goes to a 14E width. Also found in the women’s section of Bunion and Hammertoes section or https://dtfootwear.com/shop-2/womens/styles-for-bunnions-hammertoes-and-edema/ any of these styles should work, Now go to the Proper Sizing Technique ( Home Page menu)and give your feet measurement by inches and the video will explain how and what is needed – then fill out the form below and send that to me. Only a one-time procedure but then I know what size I need to put you in your shoe. If you can text me a picture of both of your feet at 909 215 1622 this will help me in directing you in the correct shoes. This is a little effort on your part but I want to make sure we fit you proper and you get the most comfortable shoe!!

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